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List Of All IOPC Main Event Winners Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 19 Jun, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 19 Jun, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 19 Jun, 2022

IOPC Main Event Winners List

India Online Poker Championship (IOPC), one of India’s most prestigious online poker tournament series is known for getting bigger and bolder with every successive edition. With the increasing series guarantee, the Main Event of every edition also keeps getting bigger and better, both in terms of participation and the guarantee of course. 

And with that, the top prize of the Main Event winners has also increased over the years. So let’s have a look at the previous IOPC Main Event winners list, who will inspire you to ace your poker game and to be one of the champions who shine bright in the IOPC Hall Of Fame.

Edition Name of the winner GTD Entries Prize money won
July 2016 Abhishek Jalan     ₹3.78 Lakh
January 2017 Nitin Jain     ₹7.3 Lakh
July 2017 Rajesh Mahapatra     ₹12.04 Lakh
January 2018 Yash Brijwasi ₹1.5 Crore 1,470  ₹37.5 Lakh
July 2018 Sangeeth Mohan ₹1 Crore 1,011 ₹19.28 Lakh
January 2019 Ashish Munot ₹1.5 Crore 1,354 ₹37.50 Lakh
July 2019 Srihari Bang ₹2 Crore 2,842 ₹48.56 Lakh
January 2020 Anurag Srivastava ₹3 Crore 3,490 ₹59.33 Lakh
July 2020 Harshit Sanghi ₹3 Crore 4,081 ₹47.33 Lakh
January 2021 Laksh Pal Singh ₹3.5 Crore 3,985 ₹51.8 Lakh
July 2021 Vaibhav Temani ₹3.5 Crore 3,758 ₹57.26 Lakh
January 2022  Amit Gehani ₹3.5 Crore 3,938 ₹56.40 Lakh
June 2022 Saurabh Rohila ₹4 Crore 4,721 ₹53.78 Lakh
January 2023 Aditya Agarwal ₹5 Crore 5,030 ₹57.73 Lakh
June 2023 Utkarsh Vaish ₹5 Crore TBU ₹56.20 Lakh

Abhishek Jalan – July 2016

IOPC Jul 2016 Main Event Winner - Abhishek Jalan

Abhishek Jalan

Abhishek Jalan aka ‘Abhishekj’ was the first-ever IOPC Main Event crusher, who took down the title at a young age of 21-years. He opted for a heads-up deal with Keshav Chadha and walked away with ₹3.78 Lakh. This Varanasi-based player is one of the first mascots of the IOPC series. Know more about Jalan and his victory here

Nitin Jain – January 2017

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Nitin Jain

Sometime in March 2021, the entire Indian poker industry was talking about a boxing match between poker pro Aditya Agarwal and Nitin Jain aka ‘DarkWorld.’ The latter is the IOPC January 2017 Main Event crusher who pocketed ₹7,30,000 in prize money. 

Rajesh Mahapatra – July 2017

The IOPC July 2017 Main Event title was claimed by Rajesh Mahapatra, who cashed a top prize of ₹12.04 Lakh.

Yash Brijwasi – January 2018

Yash Brijwasi aka ‘kajuman’ shipped the fourth edition of IOPC in January 2018. He clinched the title and took a lion’s share (₹37.5 Lakh) share of ₹1.5 Crore prize pool. He defeated the ‘bulldog’ in the heads-up apart from emerging on top of the 1,470 entries at this event. Read all that you need to know about Brijawasi’s victory here

Sangeeth Mohan – July 2018

Sangeeth Mohan speaks about poker and life off the felts_3

Sangeeth Mohan

Sangeeth Mohan aka ‘Nangaanaach,’ one of the most respected players in the Indian poker circuit took down the IOPC July 2018 Main Event and bagged prize money worth ₹19.29 Lakh. Sangeeth Mohan spoke to us about his victory and said, “I only played the Main Event that year because I was playing cash online and I had screen space open for one more table. I decide to autopilot it on the side while I was playing cash. In a few hours, my cash tables broke and I realized I was deep in the tournament and focused on it only after that.” Mohan beat mystery player ‘JaiBalaji’ in the heads-up after overcoming a 1,011 entry-field at the ₹1 Crore GTD event.

Ashish Munot – January 2019

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Ashish Munot

Ashish Munot aka ‘Donkey 07’ won the IOPC January 2019 Main Event title after beating Ram Kakkar in heads-up, and took home ₹37,50,000 for his efforts. The total 1,354 entries at these event generated a final prize pool of ₹1.5 Crore GTD. Want to know more about this champion? Click here.

Srihari Bang – July 2019

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Srihari Bang

At the age of 20 years, Srihari Bang aka ‘banbang99’ became the cynosure of attention when he won the IOPC July 2019 Millionaire Main Event. Taking home He took home ₹48.56 Lakh, he became the youngest player to win an IOPC Main Event. “IOPC has been uplifting and setting new high standards for the Indian poker every year. Always excited to be a part of this,” he said about his victory. 

After overpowering a field of 2,842-entries, and finally beat Goonjan Mall aka ‘gmtesting’ in heads-upto claim the title. The event saw the advertised guarantee of ₹2 Crore being surpassed as the final prize pool stood at ₹2,93,80,000. Read more about Bang’s victory here

Anurag Srivastava – January 2020

Anurag Srivastava

Anurag Srivastava aka ‘Norman Bates’ won the IOPC Millionaire Main Event after emerging on top of the total 3,490 entries. In the heads-up he beat Wilson Yomso aka ‘PokerBadger’ to claim the ultimate title for a top prize of ₹59 Lakh. Talking about his victory, Srivastava says, “IOPC January 2020 was a great experience for me, it was also a very good start for the year. Hope to have a good IOPC in January 2021 also. The previous IOPC had a bunch of good value tournaments.”

The event surpassed its advertised guarantee of ₹3 Crore and recorded ₹3.49 Crore as the final prize pool, thanks to the 3,490 entries. Want to know more about Srivastava and his Main Event victory click here

On the same day, Srivastava also took down another title on Adda52, APOS Millions

Harshit Sanghi – July 2020

Thursday Round Up: Laksh Pal Singh, Harshit Sanghi Among Last Night’s Title Winners

Harshit Sanghi

Harshit Sanghi aka ‘HeroCaller’ won IOPC July 2020 Main Event after he struck a deal with Kunal Bhatia aka ‘Alex52’ in the second place and Sumit Sapra aka ‘Sands Myth’ at the third spot. Sanghi took home a whopping ₹47.33 Lakh. The Main Event of this edition had a total entry-field of 4,081 entries, who helped crush the initial guarantee of ₹3 Crore and record a final prize pool of ₹4.08 Crores. You can know all about Sanghi and his victory here

Laksh Pal Singh – January 2021

Laksh Pal Singh

Laksh Pal Singh

Laksh Pal Singh aka ‘LuckyBhai$’ ruled the virtual felts of Spartan Poker when he shipped the IOPC January 2021 Main Event after beating Avijit Jaiswal heads-up and crushed the title for a prize of ₹51.8 Lakhs. He overcame a entry-field of 4,000 to emerge victorious. The event had an advertised guarantee of ₹3.5 Crore to record a final prize pool of ₹3.98 Crore. Know more about Singh and his IOPC title here

Vaibhav Temani – July 2021

IOPC July 2021 Main Event Winner - Vaibhav Temani

Vaibhav Temani

Vaibhav Temani aka ‘AllinPavBhaji’made headlines in the July of 2021 after he beat one of India’s top pros Aditya Agarwal in the heads-up to nail The Crown Main Event. He pocketed a gigantic prize money of ₹57,26,064, a gold badge, a diamond badge, and a coveted diamond studded 18K gold crown and the ultimate title, while Agarwal settled for ₹33,20,756. The event saw participation from 3,758 to surpass the advertised guarantee of ₹3.5 Crore and recorded a final prize pool of ₹3.75 Crore. Know more about Temani and his win, click here

Amit Gehani – January 2022

Amit Gehani

Amit Gehani

Banker cum poker player Amit Gehani aka ‘Kavipri’ claimed the IOPC January 2022 title and pocketed a career-best ₹56,40,288. This Dubai-based player became a star overnight after he walked away with a diamond-studded 18K gold crown, beating a total of 3,938 entries across starting flights. The ₹3.5 Crore GTD of the event was surpassed to generate a final prize pool of ₹3,93,60,000. Gehani beat Ashish Munot, a well-known name in the Indian poker circuit to take home the crown. Munot cashed ₹34,59,744 for his runner-up finish. Read more about the IOPC January 2022 Main Event here

Saurabh Rohila – June 2022

Saurabh Rohila

Saurabh Rohila

The 13th edition of IOPC held in June 2022 was shipped by Saurabh Rohila. The Bengaluru-based player nailed the top spot for ₹53,77,936. He beat an entry-field of 4,721 entries across all starting flights. The event had an advertised guarantee of ₹4 Crore, which was crushed as the final prize pool of ₹4.72 Crore was recorded. Interestingly, the IIT Delhi graduate also recorded more than 20 cashes in the same edition of the IOPC. To know more about Rohila and his IOPC June 2022 Main Event victory click here

Aditya Agarwal – January 2023

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Aditya Agarwal

Poker veteran made it to the list of IOPC Main Event winners after taking down the title at the IOPC January 2023 edition of the series. And mind you, his Main Event journey wasn’t an ordinary one. He carried four stacks with him to Day 2 of the event and cashed from three of them, and nailed The Crown with the remaining one. He struck a heads-up deal with Arsh Grover to take home the title, the diamond-studded gold crown and a pay cheque of ₹57,73,214. Grover took the runner-up spot for ₹48,35,055. It was an indeed special one for him as he finally got his hands on the crown after narrowly missing it to Vaibhav Temani during IOPC July 2021. 

Utkarsh Vaish – June 2023

Utkarsh Vaish

Utkarsh Vaish aka ‘kidpokerNJ’ took down the title after striking a heads-up deal with Goonjan Mall aka ‘PresentSIR’. Vaish claimed the title and pocketed a massive top prize of ₹56,20,217, along with a diamond-studded gold crown. Vaish snatched away the title from final table chip leader Mall, who added ₹44,49,782 to his bankroll. Mall brought two of his stacks to the final table and cashed at the eighth spot and second spot, respectively. Know more about Vaish’s victory here

IOPC keeps getting bigger and better with every passing edition and promises to grow in the future too. To know more about the upcoming IOPC editions and timely updates, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

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