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What is a Poker Freeroll?

Poker freerolls are those tournaments for which you don’t have to pay any buy-in amounts. Entry into these poker freeroll tournaments is free. The best part about playing poker freerolls is that there is no stress, no pressure to win and a player can completely focus on his/her gameplay. All a poker player has to do is to register on a poker platform and get going with the freeroll. The main advantage is that freerolls can give you a chance to make in the money (ITM), if you are in the top performing poker players and simultaneously players also get a chance to hone their poker strategies.

From the wide array of poker tournaments offered by the online poker platforms, freerolls are an utter favourite with the poker newbies. Not that the poker stalwarts like to stay away, but the budding poker players find it easy to test waters with poker freerolls.

The freeroll poker basics

Freeroll tournament has the same structure as the other poker tournament with the only differentiating point being that of the buy-in. Poker freerolls have varied levels, apart from offering increasing levels of blinds and ante bets. Poker freeroll tournaments reward the players in a number of ways. Apart from the prize money, the players also stand a chance to win tickets to poker tournaments with sky high buy-in amounts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freeroll Poker Tournaments

There are pros and cons attached to the poker freeroll tournaments. Poker freerolls are stress-free tournaments in a way that poker players can try out new strategies without the fear of losing money. Every poker player would love to save his bankroll in whichever way and play without the fear of loss. Secondly, there are not many players who pose a threat to you. The poker freeroll tournaments mostly have entries of players who have newly entered the mind boggling world of poker. So, there is no imminent threat to your bankroll. Play freely and win money in a hassle free manner. Further, when players try their hands at freerolls they can play different variants of poker. The Texas Hold’em being the mass favourite, there is Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 card stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, 5 card draw, 5 card Omaha, Chinese, Pineapple and others.

Now, coming to the disadvantages of playing freeroll tournaments. Since these poker tournaments attract poker newbies, the gameplay tends to become unpredictable. You seriously don’t know which side the ball will swing. The prize pool offered by poker freeroll tournaments are considerably low and nothing like those shiny bright high-value tournaments. Poker tournaments have some jaw-dropping guarantees on offer, and freerolls are the stark opposite of that. Sometimes, online poker platforms offer freeroll tournaments of lesser known poker variants which plays spoilsport for the poker players.

How Poker Freerolls Works

If you are about to play a freeroll for the very first time, here are a few tips that will help you sail through without any roadblocks. The points listed below will break it down for you when it comes to nailing a freeroll without breaking a sweat.

The Prize. The online poker platform which is hosting a poker freeroll will set a prize pool that will be distributed to the top performers who will make in the money. Prizes will include real money, tickets to high value tournaments, poker rewards and bonuses.

This prize pool could get divided among the top players or the title winner takes home the prize money all for himself.

The Stack.

When a poker freeroll begins, a player receives a free stack of chips to engage in the poker game. This stack is called ‘starting stack.’ All poker players kick-start the poker game with the same starting stack whatsoever.

The Gameplay. All the action and drama that occurs in a poker tournament is witnessed in a freeroll as well. This is why beginners in poker love these freerolls to such an extent. The end game of the poker freeroll tournament is to smash the opponent’s game by having the entire chip stack on your side.

The Structure. The poker freeroll tournament also has betting of antes and the blinds may shoot up as the freeroll goes deep. The straddle bet in poker is a rare occurrence in freeroll poker tournaments.

All freeroll poker tournaments can set its rules when it comes to time of play, the prize distribution, bounties given to the poker players on completion of certain levels or actions. For example if you bust a brand ambassador of a poker platform then you totally deserve a prize.

Freerolls Enable Players To Win Money?

If poker players are looking for a life-changing event to happen via the freeroll tournaments then let us tell you, that’s just a wild dream. You can happily leave that thought behind and get realistic about playing freerolls. The math is pretty straight forward when it comes to poker freerolls. Play a freeroll without any stress of bankroll management as there is no buy-in and nothing-on-the-line situation right in front of you. Play your heart out and if you play it smart then yes, make the money as well.


This depends on the poker platform you sign-up on. The online poker room may lay down some rules for the qualification process while others might just let you play with a simple sign-up.

Mostly the guarantees are low in freeroll tournaments. But yes if there is a guarantee then the winner will get a prize money. On some occasions, tickets to bigger tournaments are offered as prizes.  

No, freeroll tournaments are offered across different variants of poker.

Players can try different strategies in poker. Strategy should be in accordance to the situation present in front of the player.

Yes freerolls can be played on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

A player can indulge in a poker game without the burden of paying a buy-in and at the same time can play with different strategies without the fear of a loss. This helps a player to know what works for him/her when it comes to winning a game.

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Junglee Poker Welcome Bonus Up To ₹50,000