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What Is A Poker Game?

Poker game is a card game in which poker players wager as per the poker hand they each hold. There are certain rules and regulations that a poker player has to follow in order to play the card game. A poker game makes use of a standard card deck and the players indulge in various rounds of betting. A poker newbie might get baffled by the rules and other things that exist in poker. But don’t you worry. One can always learn poker from scratch. In a poker game, a player has to make the best hand out of the cards available. The player will be dealt with two cards and the remaining cards will be chosen from the board. The cards in the hands of the poker player are called ‘hole cards’ whereas the cards on the board are called ‘community cards.’ Now a poker players job is to make the best hand using hole cards plus any three community cards. When a player utilizes only the community cards, it is called playing the board. The poker game also involves hand rankings. In a poker game the highest ranking belongs to the royal flush. This is followed by straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, one pair and high card.

Dealer In Poker

In poker game, dealers have the authority to control the action that takes place during a game. A dealer can urge the player to act during gameplay, also announce the actions of a player on the table, and the dealer also gets to correct those players who aren’t following the rules of the game. Further dealers also have the responsibility to manage a pot during a game. With respect to the blinds, too, are the same, including four rounds of betting, starting with the ‘Forced Bets.’ This is important to get the ball rolling so that there is some money in the pot to play for. The player to the left of the dealer is usually the first to put out a small blind.

The Dealer Button

After every player has picked one card which is kept face down, the player with a high-value card (Aces) gets to be the dealer for one hand. When the hand is complete, the current dealer will pass the dealer button to the player sitting on his left, and this continues after every hand. 

Betting In Poker

Betting in poker game also involves chip management, a key practice. There could be one round of betting or multiple. The basic rule is to maximise your wins by betting strategically on a good hand and minimizing the losses when you get a bad hand. The players then have to post an ante and then have a chance to either call a bet or raise the bet. The players who wish to remain in the game without actually betting anything go for the check option. A poker player as per the poker rules also has a right to fold, if he/she feels the game is not theirs to play. When a player folds, then he/she will have to wait for the next deal. After the final round of betting, the players remaining get into a showdown and the player with the best hand wins.


If you have been following the online poker news, then you would be aware of the several poker rooms that are available online. At present, these poker rooms in India offer only Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and OFC poker game variations. By knowing the rules of poker games, you will be able to enhance your play and win huge pots. Thus, make the most of this guide on how to play online poker games, and get started by downloading the poker software of your choice, sign up, and play now!

History Of Poker Game

When one gets down to looking up the history of poker, search results will point out how the game was played in New Orleans in America in 1829, with a deck of 20 cards. This discovery was reported by an English actor called Joseph Cowell. From there on people started taking interest in the game. As time went by the poker game then became a card game that people want to learn. Many beginners search for learning methods, books and strategies of poker online. Some newbies even look for poker card rules, poker tournaments and poker news online, to get a better understanding of the game. How to play poker online could be the most obvious online searches among poker enthusiasts.

Types Of Poker Game

There are many types of poker game played across the globe. Popular variants of poker include, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Omaha, Badugi, Chinese Poker, Horse, Razz, Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker, Short Deck and Pineapple.

Among the widely played variants, the most popular one remains, Texas Hold’em. Here’s how to go about it.

How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker Game?

  • Each player is dealt two cards face-down, referred to as “pocket” or “hole cards.” Once the two cards are dealt to all players, the betting begins. Here, you have the option of calling a small blind, a big blind, folding, or raising the bet.
  • Divided into three stages; in the first stage, three community (board) cards are revealed (face-up) after the first round of betting is completed. This is called the ‘FLOP.’ This is followed by another round of betting, at the end of which the fourth community card is revealed called the ‘TURN.’
  • The fifth community card is revealed after the last round of betting and is called the ‘RIVER.’ After the last betting, players who are still in the game will reveal their hand, and the one with the best poker hand wins

Basic Rules Of Poker Game

Every variant will have its specific rules, but some fundamentals will always remain the same across variants. Remember the hand rankings. For example: A particular hand in No-Limit Texas Hold’em will start with each player being dealt two cards facedown. These are hole cards.

Next up, players will have the options to choose from either bet, call, raise or fold based on their hand. A player will win a hand by making use of their two-hole cards and five community cards which open on the board to create a winning hand. Post the distribution of cards, a round of preflop betting will take place. Every round is known with a different name like flop, turn and river.


Poker game has many variants, but the easiest variant of poker is the No Limit Texas Hold’em. This type of poker game is usually recommended to beginners.

Yes, learning the poker game is easy. Poker is not a complicated game and can be learnt and played by anyone. Once a player memorizes the hand rankings and the basic rules of the game, it is very easy to master it.

Poker game is popular not just for the huge money involved but its considered to be very engaging in nature. Many people enjoy the poker game because they find the mathematical aspect of the game.

No, poker is not a game of luck. There is a lot of skill required to play poker. Players need to be able to make the best decisions while playing the poker game. Reading people is also an important skill to have in poker as it helps you play the game better.

Texas Hold’Em can be easily be considered as the best poker game as it is played in the World Series of Poker.

You can learn to play poker by checking online websites or by playing with friends and family. The objective is to form the best five cards using the two cards dealt and the community cards.

There is no card suit that is considered the highest. All suits hold the same value.

Yes. Everyone can earn money by playing poker on real money gaming platforms.

Different forms of poker can be learnt and played online. Books are also available which have a detailed description with respect to learning the game and also various strategies to nail the game.

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