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APT Jeju 2024 Schedule Out, $3+ Million GTD! Poker

29 Feb, 2024 APT Jeju 2024 Schedule Out, $3+ Million GTD!

The much-awaited schedule for Asian Poker Tour’s (APT) second stop of 2024 is finally out. The live poker brand will host its second series of the year, APT Jeju 2024 at the uber luxurious, Landing Hotel & Casino located in Jeju Shinhwa Resort. The series kicks off on 26th April 202...

Junglee Poker Dhina Dhin Dha Tournament Series ₹6 Crore GTD Poker

29 Feb, 2024 Junglee Poker Dhina Dhin Dha ₹6+ Crore Tournament Series

The virtual poker tables are buzzing with anticipation as Junglee Poker rolls out the red carpet for its grandest event yet – the Dhina Dhin Dha tournament series. With Bollywood’s evergreen star, Anil Kapoor, as the brand ambassador, this series is all set to deliver a blockbuster poke...

Meet Natural8 India’s APT Taipei Tournament Chip Leader, Akshat Sharma Poker

28 Feb, 2024 Meet Natural8 India’s APT Taipei Tournament Chip Leader, Akshat Sharma

If you have been grinding online for a while now, you must surely know of Akshat Sharma. This poker pro participated in the India-exclusive tournament for APT Taipei 2024 by Natural8 India and took the numero uno spot. The game was paused when the final table was set with the top 6 play...

Resorts World Genting Immediately Closes Two Casinos! Casino

28 Feb, 2024 Resorts World Genting Immediately Closes Two Casinos!

Resorts World Genting (RWG), a prominent entertainment and hospitality destination in Malaysia, has announced the immediate temporary shutdown of two of its three casinos. Effective from today, Genting Casino 1 (Circus Palace) and Genting Casino 2 (Hollywood) will be closed until furthe...

From Construction To Poker, Vikaash Shah Has Crossed A Solid Bridge Poker

28 Feb, 2024 From Construction To Poker, Vikaash Shah Has Crossed A Solid Bridge

Vikaash Shah is a well-known name in the Indian poker circuit with some impressive runs in both live and online poker. With Natural8 India offering an India-exclusive tournament for APT Taipei 2024, there was no way Shah would have missed it. This semi-professional poker player particip...

Poker Coach Alex Fitzgerald on Filling the Holes in Your Gas Tank Poker

26 Feb, 2024 Poker Coach Alex Fitzgerald On Filling The Holes In Your Gas Tank

“Be aware of the holes in your gas tank.” These words, seemingly mundane at first glance, hold profound wisdom. They resonate not only in the context of poker but also in the intricate game of life. It’s basically telling you to be cognizant of weaknesses you may possess in life or in y...

A23 Poker: The Game Changer In Online Poker Poker

26 Feb, 2024 A23 Poker: The Game Changer Of Online Poker In India

Online poker is a popular and exciting way to enjoy the thrill of card games from the comfort of your home. However, not all online poker platforms are created equal. Some may offer limited features, boring tournaments, or low rewards. That’s why you must check out A23 Poker, the ...

WPT Global KO Series ₹2 Million+ GTD; 23rd February to 3rd March 2024 Poker

26 Feb, 2024 How To Win Big In The WPT Global KO Series?

Are you ready to take your poker skills to the next level and compete for more than $2 Million in total guarantees? If so, you don’t want to miss the WPT Global KO Series, the most exciting and rewarding online poker series of the new year.           View this post on […]

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Gutshot Magazine provides the latest news from the real money gaming arena. The brand offers the latest news updates when it comes to poker, rummy, esports, fantasy sports, online gaming and gambling from across the globe. Readers can get their daily dose of poker news from Gutshot Magazine’s website. The news platform also offers premium news stories and features on their monthly e-magazine. Gutshot Magazine is your one-stop show for all the latest poker news.

Within the gamut of poker news, we cover both national and international news related to poker tournaments, poker tournaments series and all the latest happening in the world of poker. We also cover feature stories based on players and tournaments from all across the globe. Avid poker news buffs can come to Gutshot Magazine’s website and also follow us on our social media handles to get the latest poker news.

There are many tournaments that are taking place across various poker platforms. Both Indian and international poker platforms are offering some high value tournaments for poker players, both for pros and newbies. Tournaments series like India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) and Final Table Series are very well-known in the Indian poker circuit. Poker players always look forward to participating in these tournament series as they offer massive guarantees. The poker game as we all know is a very thrilling one.

Aspiring poker players look for poker games through which they can get some great learnings. Online poker took prominence after live tournaments came to a halt due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Online poker news generated had players winning big in these online poker tournaments. All the poker platforms across the globe had to adapt to the new online poker system, owing to the pandemic. Now, everyone who is enthusiastic about poker will play poker online, and will wait till live tournaments are held more frequently.

Good news is that some international poker brands have slowly steadily kick-started getting the live poker tournaments rolling. Many poker players are eagerly looking forward to seeing what the live tournaments feel like in a post lockdown era. The poker news fraternity is also looking forward to covering some action packed poker tournaments.

Poker news is also covered with respect to some major business happenings across the globe. Be it mergers or acquisitions, these business deals include massive money. Readers are intrigued to know how the global poker scene is shaping up with these business deals. The poker platforms are expanding their bases, and gradually adding more value for the players as well.

Poker news is read widely, and makes for some interesting read as well. Poker new sites also cover in-depth analysis of some high value tournaments that are hosted globally. Many poker players take these poker news stories as their study material on a regular basis. Poker news is all the more important as it tells you, which poker platform or poker player is making headlines. The growth of the poker scene, both national and international becomes very crucial to track. 

In India there are some poker platforms that always make headlines. Poker rooms like Spartan Poker, PokerBaazi, Adda52, Natural8, Calling Station, PokerStars India, 9stacks among others always get covered due to the popularity aspect and how poker players flock their sites to play poker.

Poker news also comes from players venturing into different arenas like poker commentary, live-streaming and poker coaching. Many veteran poker players in India have taken to poker coaching as it gives them immense joy to coach budding poker players. Poker news comes from poker tournaments which have an underdog winning poker tournaments that nobody expected. The poker news is always thrilling to read as it covers the complete low down of what went down on various poker felts.

Online poker is also expanding its wings. Earlier poker players preferred the live poker set-up. But, due to the pandemic lockdown, players had to adapt to the regular online poker tournaments. There are many poker sites in India and abroad who are competing daily with each other to make sure that poker news is disseminated quickly and regularly to millions of readers out there.

Gutshot Magazine offers the latest and up-to-date poker news. Readers can find information about poker tournaments, online poker sites, and exclusive stories and a lot more. Readers can also sign-up via Gutshot Magazine to various affiliate brands listed in the website’s poker rooms tab.

Talking about poker news and its importance it is crucial to also look at the legality of the poker game. States like Goa and Sikkim are allowed to have casinos and the union territory of Daman. While other states like Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala and Telangana do not allow online poker. State governments have the right to construct the legislations for their respective states. The legislations are different in various states.

Even after the Supreme Court defining clearly what is a game of chance and what is a game of skill, the state governments have gone ahead to put in place the legislation as per their will. The final ruling to allow or disallow online gaming stays with the head of state. There has been a lot of furore about the state governments making different rulings. The operators in the online gaming industry have specifically voiced their displeasure. In states where online poker is allowed, the online poker platforms have witnessed growth in terms of user base and revenue state the news reports.

Many poker platforms in the country have been steadily witnessing growth as more and more people come on board. The poker tournaments have seen their advertised prize pools getting crushed. The poker fanatics across the country are heavily participating in online poker tournaments. The poker community in India is growing and the number of professional poker players is also seeing a sharp rise. The Indian poker community is making headlines with their winnings and achievements and poker platforms too are making sure that players get a best-in-class experience while playing the poker game.

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Junglee Poker Dhina Dhin Dha Tournament Series ₹6 Crore GTD

Junglee Poker Dhina Dhin Dha Tournament Series ₹6 Crore GTD