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Online / Live Poker Tournaments

Asia-Pacific Schedule

Planning on spending some of your bankroll in the next major online poker tournament? Or want to schedule an international poker trip? Get the complete list of upcoming Asia-Pacific tournaments as well as upcoming live majors here!

WPT Prime Taiwan Championship (August 2024)

WPT Prime Taiwan Championship (August 2024)Live

  • Dates8 Aug - 21 Aug
  • Venue Taiwan
GTD - -
Asian Poker Tour – Taipei Poker Classic (September – October 2024)

Asian Poker Tour – Taipei Poker Classic (September – October 2024)Live

  • Dates27 Sep - 7 Oct
  • Venue Taiwan
GTD TWD 150 Million
Red Dragon Poker Tour (August – July 2024)

Red Dragon Poker Tour (August – July 2024)Live

  • Dates26 Jul - 4 Aug
  • Venue Jeju Island
GTD KRW 1.68 Billion
PokerBaazi – Indian Poker Masters (August 2024)

PokerBaazi – Indian Poker Masters (August 2024)Online

  • Dates4 Aug - 25 Aug
  • Venue PokerBaazi
GTD ₹ 60 Crore
Natural8 India – Hourly Freerolls

Natural8 India – Hourly FreerollsOnline

  • Dates1 Jun - 30 Jun
  • Venue Natural8 India
GTD ₹ 10,000 daily
APPT Cambodia (November 2024)

APPT Cambodia (November 2024)Live

  • Dates15 Nov - 25 Nov
  • Venue Cambodia
GTD $ 1,080,000
PokerBaazi – G.O.A.T (October 2024)

PokerBaazi – G.O.A.T (October 2024)Online

  • Dates1 Oct - 11 Oct
  • Venue PokerBaazi
GTD ₹ 25 Crore
PokerCircle – Feature Tournament

PokerCircle – Feature TournamentOnline

  • Dates22 May - 30 Jun
  • Venue PokerCircle
GTD ₹ 2 Lakh daily
PokerStars – European Poker Tour Barcelona (August – September 2024)

PokerStars – European Poker Tour Barcelona (August – September 2024)Live

  • Dates26 Aug - 8 Sep
  • Venue Casino Barcelona
GTD - -
PokerStars – European Poker Tour Cyprus (October 2024)

PokerStars – European Poker Tour Cyprus (October 2024)Live

  • Dates9 Oct - 20 Oct
  • Venue Merit Royal Diamond Hotel Casino & Spa
GTD - -
World Series of Poker 2024 (May – July 2024)

World Series of Poker 2024 (May – July 2024)Live

  • Dates28 May - 17 Jul
  • Venue Las Vegas
GTD $ -

Throughout the year, there are multiple live poker events held across the Asia-Pacific region especially in places like Macau, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, Manila, Australia and more. If you’re planning on being a part of these international tournaments, you can get all details on this page such as buy-in amount, series dates, venue, guarantee and much more, which will help you plan your poker travels. Gutshot Magazine’s tournaments page also lists down some of the highest value online poker tournaments that take place in India and on which platform each one takes place.

Benefits of playing online poker tournaments

The poker game is being played for years now across the globe. Since the time poker became popular, many poker platforms have cropped up. Poker enthusiasts took to the casinos in large numbers and the poker fever has been growing exponentially ever since. As low/mid-stakes poker players cannot always afford international trips to prestigious festivals, the online felts have proved to be a blessing.

Various online poker platforms offer exciting poker tournaments and series for players. This online platform presents a plethora of opportunities for all the poker admirers and players to play with much ease. Take a look at the benefits of online poker below.

Play and earn at home:

The upside of online poker is that one can sit at home and enjoy the game while also earning big! A new poker player will get to interact with pros and learn from their brilliant poker skills. 

Flexibility: This is yet another advantage of playing poker on the digital felts is the flexibility it offers. You can start and pause your game at your convenience. You can use different devices like PC or mobile phones. In casinos you cannot leave the poker game if it’s a tournament, only cash games allow for a player exit.

Offerings: Online poker has a lot to offer when it comes to cash bonuses, rewards, instant cashback, and sign-up bonuses. Online poker opens an arena where one can easily enjoy playing cash games, poker tournaments, Sit and Go, and so on.

Observation skills: Engaging in a poker game is a great exercise to improve memory and concentration. It helps in the development of a more strategic approach to the day-to-day issues one faces. The players need to make a quick decision while bearing pressure at the same time. Better decisions are made when a player is confident of his/her skills.

Do more hands lead to more money? In online poker, you can sit on more than one table on screen at once. In a short span of time, you can end up playing more hands in one session than you can in a live poker tournament scenario.

Poker is exponentially expanding in the country, especially on the online front. Poker paves a way for players where they can access faster gaming and hands per hour.

For more news on poker tournaments, poker games, playing poker as well as updates from the gaming industry around the world, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com and stay tuned!

Poker Rules And Regulations

If you are a newbie in the world of online poker, then you should learn from some tutorials and get familiar with the poker rules and regulations to get a basic understanding. In most cases, playing online poker becomes easy once you get accustomed to the poker rules. These include the knowledge of online poker hand rankings, different types of poker games & their variations, dealing cards, betting rounds, among others.

Let’s take a look at how to play poker mainly, Texas Hold’em. We will focus on the poker rules and regulations and how to go about the game.

What are poker rules and regulations all about?

Before we dive into the poker game and the poker rules, here are a few things you need to pay attention to.

There are many poker rooms available online. However, if you are a beginner, then Spartan Poker is a great choice. This platform is 100% legal, secure, and the app can be downloaded on Windows & Mac, Android or IOS.

What Poker Games Can You Play?

1. Texas Hold’em Poker

This is a popular poker game in the world. Many poker rooms offer this variant of a poker game at different stake levels. This one can be played with 2-10 players on a singular table and every variant has its set of rules. Poker rules are pretty easy to learn and memorize. 

The poker rules for Texas Hold’em are quite simple, and the goal is to have a winning hand consisting of five cards. One can use both the hole cards and three community cards, or use one hole card and four community cards, or use no hole cards and simply go with the five community cards, known as ‘Playing the Board.’

2. The Dealer Button

Every player picks one card, later on, the player with a high-value card becomes the dealer for just one hand. The current dealer will then pass the dealer button to another player sitting on his left side.

3. The Blinds

To begin the poker game, two players have to post small or big blinds, which are also called ‘Forced Bets.’ The player to the left side of the dealer usually gets to put out a small blind.

How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker Game?

The poker rule states each player is dealt with two cards face-down, known as pocket or hole cards. Once the two cards are dealt with, the betting process begins. Here a player gets to choose between calling a small blind, a big blind, folding, or raising the bet.

As per the poker rules in the first stage, three community cards are revealed (face-up) after the first round of betting. This is known as ‘FLOP.’ This is followed by another round of betting, at the end of which the fourth community card is also revealed known as the ‘TURN.’ The fifth community card is then revealed post the last round of betting, known as the ‘RIVER.’

After the last bet players who survive the game will reveal their hand, and the one with the best poker hand becomes the winner.


To enter a poker tournament, you need to pay a buy-in after which a certain amount of poker chips will be given to you.

In poker tournaments, there is a particular guaranteed prize pool and a buy-in amount that is set. When players pay the buy-in, that money is what goes into the prize pool out of which the players who make it in the money get paid.

Ideally you should enter a poker tournament when it starts but every tournament has a certain time post which a late registration period begins where players can register and play in the tournament.

The benefits of playing poker tournaments are as follows:

  • You can learn the poker game and practice daily to better your gameplay.
  • You also get to socialize and get to know other players.
  • There are multiple online poker rooms that a player can choose from.
  • Tournaments constantly run around the clock.
  • You can learn the game faster.
  • There are better bonuses when playing online.
  • The games are much faster and therefore you can play more hands.

No, there is no limit and you can take part in as many poker tournaments that you like.

The buy-in for poker tournaments start from minimum INR 110 and goes upto thousands of rupees.

Practicing regularly and learning from every game is very important to do better in tournaments.

Yes. Online poker tournaments are legal. Online poker is safe and it is best if the player chooses to play the game on trustworthy poker platforms.

There are no specific timings for which a poker tournament to last

One can run deep by playing with patience and in a composed manner in any game

You cannot define how hard or easy it is to win a poker tournament as there are various parameters that are considered while playing poker.

Natural8 India

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