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India Poker Championship - Megastacks

IPC Megastacks May 2022 - 100K High Roller Live Updates

Alok Birewar Wins The 100K High Roller

Alok Birewar - IPC 100K High Roller The 100K High Roller at India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacsk May 2022 has finally come to an end with chip leader Alok Birewar clinching the title for ₹40,71,000. Both players shoved all-in and Birewar flipped a Q J , and Arsh Grover showed suited connectors (T , 9 ). The board opened to 5 Q A 7 J . On seeing the turn, both players came forward to wish each other ‘GG!’ as Birewar already flopped a Q-pair, and nothing on the river could save Grover. Grover was all smiles as he finished at the runner up spot for ₹31,00,000.

The two players went on a short 10-minute break before the heads-up and discussed a deal. The two pros would share the top two prizes and Birewar would grab a lion’s share of ₹38.4 Lakh since he had a greater stack while Grover would take home ₹31 Lakh guaranteed. The two then continued playing for an additional ₹2.31 Lakh, the trophy and IPC 100K High Roller title, of course! 

  • Grover: T , 9
  • Birewar: Q J
  • Board: 5 Q A 7 J

All You Need To Know About IPC 100K High Roller Heads Up

The third bust out in the much-awaited India Poker Championship was Faiz Alam. Post that, Arsh Grover and Alok Birewar will play a heads-up with the following chips:

  • Alok Birewar: 2.51 Crore (approx 63 BB)
  • Arsh Grover: 74.50 Lakh (approx 19 BB)

After a 10-minute conversation, chip leader Birewar and Grover opted for a deal but the players continue to play for the title. 


Faiz Alam Eliminated; Bags ₹16,72,400 At Third Spot

Alok Birewar shoved all-in and Faiz Alam made an all-in call with his remaining stack of 50,00.000 chips. Alam revealed a A K and Birewar showed A T . Alam was leading on the board of 3 J 6 6 . However, the T on the river gave Birewar two pairs (TT, 66) against Alam’s 6-pair on the board. Alam gladly walked out, wishing his fellow players all the best for the heads-up. The cheerful player claimed at the third spot for ₹16,72,400.

  • Alam: A K
  • Birewar: A T
  • Board: 3 J 6 6 T  

Siddhanth Kapoor Busts At The 4th Spot

After busting out fellow poker player and buddy Nikita Luther, Siddhanth Kapoor has made his way out of the FT, at the fourth spot. Alok Birewar bet 2 BB and Siddhanth Kapoor shoved all-in with his 8 BB.The board of 8 Q 7 8 T favoured Birewar as he got two pairs and Kapoor was left with just one on the board. Kapoor exited the FT at the fourth place and cashed ₹10,17,900
 in prize money.

  • Kapoor: K J
  • Birewar: A 7
  • Board: 8 Q 7 8 T  

Nikita Luther Gracefully Leaves At The 5th Spot

India’s only female WSOP bracelet winner and Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther has busted from the 100K High Roller FT. Her buddy Siddhant Kapoor called the all-in bet and showed pocket sevens. Luther displayed A 6 . The board revealed T 2 Q T 3 . Kapoor won the hand with a 7-pair, and Luther exited the table with a paycheque of ₹7,85,700. The last woman standing at the event did give her opponents a tough game. Good game girl!

“It was nice, I think everyone was short as Alok had all the chips. We kept going all-in, I went down to 7BB and jammed with Ace-six suited, so had to go with it,” Nikita Luther told the Gutshot Team while leaving the table. We can’t wait for this cheerful girl to crush at the Main Event. 

  • Luther: A 6
  • Kapoor: 7 7
  • Board: T 2 Q T 3

Stormy Action Inside And Outside Casino Vegas

The final table of the India Poker Championship 100K High Roller is going on and we already have two bust outs. Abhinav Iyer exited in the eighth position, who followed Bollywood start and Bigg Boss fame Aly Goni. While the intense action was going on inside, one of the side doors next to the final table barged open due to the stormy weather outside. 

It has been pouring heavily in Jhapa. The stalls and the hoarding outside were flying due to the heavy rains. Internet connectivity is also unstable in the casino due to the intense rainfall. 

If you haven’t watched the stream yet, then click on this link here:


Anuj Yadav Exits At 6th Spot

Anuj YadavShort-stacked at the beginning of the FT, Anuj Yadav shoved all-in with pocket sixes. Alok Birewar called from the UTG and the board displayed A 9 7 A Q , and Birewar showed pocket tens. The young pro busted at the sixth spot taking home ₹6,51,200 in prize money. Having started the FT with the shortest stack, ‘tittooTauji’ as he is fondly known, played exceptionally well, chipping up quite a few times during the FT. It was indeed a pleasure to watch Yadav grind throughout the event.

Yadav: 6 6

Birewar: T T

Board: A 9 7 A Q

Aly Out At 7th

Aly GoniIn order to apply pressure, the chip leader Alok Birewar shoved all in and Aly Goni with a short stack decided to call it before it was too late. Birewar showed 8 3 , and Goni flipped K 7 . The board ran 2 A 9 2 8 . The flop and turn kept Goni in the lead, however, Birewar rivered a 8-pair to send Goni away at the seventh spot for ₹5,64,000. However this was surely a superb play from the Bollywood celebrity

  • Birewar: 8 3
  • Goni: K 7
  • Board: 2 A 9 2 8

In Conversation With IPC 25k Kick-Off Winner!

Gutshot caught up with IPC 25k Kick-Off winner Mahesh Shyamsundar to ask him a little bit about himself and of course, his journey through the Kick-Off victory. It’s his international live poker debut and he managed to cash big in his first appearance itself. Here’s what he had to say: 

Abhinav The First Casualty On The FT

WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer shoved all-in pre flop. Faiz Alam called the bet from the small blind. Iyer flipped 6 6 , and Alam showed A K . The flop opened to 3 9 9 , and Alam flopped a flush draw. The turn of 4 completed his draw, and the river of 7 disappointed Iyer, as he stormed out of the table looking dejected. After all, busting on an FT of an event like the IPC High Roller is not a good feeling after all. He proved to be the first casualty on the table and walked out with ₹4,97,200 to his bankroll. GG, Iyer! See you at the Main Event.

Iyer: 6 6

Alam: A K

Board: 3 9 9 4 7

Watch the FT live-streamed on Gutshot Magazine’s YouTube channel here.

Anuj Yadav Doubles Up

Anuj YadavAnuj Yadav, the shortest stack holder, shoved all-in with 3 3 . He was called by Siddhanth Kapoor, who flipped A K . The board ran Q 7 J , giving Kapoor a straight draw. The 9 on the turn and 2 on the river worked no magic for Kapoor and Yadav won the pot with a 3-pair. What an amazing win for pocket three’s.

Our team spoke to Yadav during the break, and this is what he had to say, “The pay jump for next 2 places is not very significant, so I will make sure to be more aggressive and try build my stack”

  • Yadav: 3 3
  • Kapoor: A K
  • Board: Q 7 J 9

IPC 100K High Roller | Final Table Live Stream

Catch all the action of the IPC May 2022 100k High Roller Event with the final eight players battling it out for the top spot. Who will clinch the prized title and the lucrative 1st place prize of ₹43,32,400 or will it all end in a deal? Watch to find out: 

Celebrities To Grace The IPC 100K High Roller Final Table

The India Poker Championship 100K High Roller Final Table is set! This is one FT that every player wishes to grind in. Consisting of chip lead Alok Birewar, Faiz Alam, with the second chip lead, World Series Of Poker bracelet winners Abhinav Iyer and Nikita Luther, IOPC Leaderboard crusher Anuj Yadav, Final Table Series 2022 Main Event winner Arsh Grover, Bollywood star Aly Goni and Siddhanth Kapoor.

Take a look at their chips counts:

Player Chip Count
Alok Birewar 12,215,000
Arsh Grover 5,435,000
Abhinav Iyer 3,060,000
Siddhanth Kapoor 2,815,000
Aly Goni 2,620,000
Faiz Alam 2,335,000
Nikita Luther 2,240,000
Anuj Yadav 1,875,000

Varun Eliminated At The 9th Spot

Alok Birewar bet 240,000 and Varun Gupta called from the big blind. The flop opened to J 8 4 . On seeing the flop, Birewar bet 180,000, and Gupta shoved all-in with 1,275,000 chips since he flopped a 4-pair. The turn and river opened to A and Q and Birewar hit two pairs (AA, 88) on the turn. Gupta bubbled the FT and walked away at the ninth place for a handsome ₹4,33,300. The 8-max FT is now set with some of the top names from poker and entertainment ready to lock horns for the ultimate title.

  • Birewar: A 8
  • Gupta: T 4
  • Board: J 8 4 A Q  

Aly Doubles Up

Aly GoniCelebrity poker player Aly Goni bet 240,000 chips sitting with 9 9 and Faiz Alam raised 500,000 holding A Q . Goni shoved all-in with 1,310,000 and Faiz called. Aly flopped a set on the board of K 9 4 5 8 . Faiz lost a huge pot, and Goni doubled up. We can see a lot of cheers and applause for Gony around the table. Is he becoming the crowd favorite ?

  • Goni: 9 9  
  • Alam: A Q
  • Board: K 9 4 5 8

Raju Bows Out Before The Queens; Out At 10th Spot

Arsh Grover bet 250,00 from the UTG position and was called by Raju J. The flop opened to A 4 5 , giving Raju a flush draw with his J 8 . The player immediately shoved all in anticipation of getting another club card on the board. However, the turn and river showed spades instead and sent Raju to bite the dust at the 10th place with a payday of ₹3,74,900. Grover’s Queens led him to victory.

  • Grover: Q Q
  • Raju: J 8
  • Board: A 4 5 3 A

Bagai Says Bye Bye!

Pranav BagaiThe 11th place bust out was Poker Sports League, CEO and Founder, Pranav Bagai who exited the tournament after his Q T failed to fetch him the winning hand. He was knocked out by Siddhanth Kapoor, who has been on a roll busting players after players. Bagai went all-in preflop with 605,000 and Kapoor jammed his stack with A K . The board showed 9 2 3 A J and Kapoor took the pot with his Ace-pair. Bagai’s 11th place finished fetched him a payout of ₹3,74,900. 

  • Kapoor: A K
  • Bagai: Q T
  • Board: 9 2 3 A J  

Raj’s Rule Comes To An End

Raj TalwarIn a short time, actor and DJ Siddhanth Kapoor managed to knock out many players and has already claimed his next victim. At Level 21, Kapoor bet 2,100,000 preflop with pocket sevens and Raj Talwar raised 6,260,000 with K 4 . The flop brought T 7 K and Talwar checked. Kapoor bet 200,000 as he flopped a set and Talwar went all-in with his remaining stack of 1,160,000 as he had a King-pair. The turn and river gave 5 and 8 which did not make a difference and the pot went to Kapoor. Talwar busted in 12th for ₹3,74,900.

  • Kapoor: 7 7
  • Talwar: K 4
  • Board: T 7 K 5 8

Chaitanya Reddy Talks About His Experience at IPC Megastacks

From New Jersey to Hyderabad to Jhapa, Nepal, Chaitanya Reddy has quite an interesting story to tell. It’s been a fun journey for him and he’s loving the vibe at Casino Vegas for the India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 series. Our team caught up with him for a short interview yesterday: 

Kunal Bows Out At The 13th Spot

Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther shoved all-in preflop holding A 9 . Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni made an all-in call with hockey sticks. The board of 9 8 T 5 3 did not improve Patni’s hand as he held on to his 7-pair. Luther flopped a 9-pair and won the hand with a better pair, busting Patni in the 13th place. The investment banker-turned-poker pro took home a pay cheque of ₹3,17,900. So, to shorten it for you, Spartan Poker Pro beat Adda52 Game Ambassador.

  • Patni: 7 7
  • Luther: A 9
  • Board: 9 8 T 5 3

Two Pairs Defeat Sundeep

There was a three-way action at Table 8 which involved Varun Gupta, television actor Aly Goni, and Sundeep Sharma. Gupat bet 200,000 preflop and Goni shoved 840,000 into the pot as he had K J . Sharma, the shortest stack of the three went all-in as well, and Gupta also jammed with his big stack and a side pot was formed.

At showdown, the board ran out with 2 7 K J 6 and Goni’s two pairs (KK, JJ) fetched him the main pot and busted Sharma in 14th place for ₹3,17,900. Despite losing the hand, Gupta collected the side pot and stayed in the game. 

  • Goni: K J
  • Gupta: A T
  • Sharma: K 3  
  • Board: 2 7 K J 6  

The ‘Paaji’ effect in Casino Vegas

Other than the ambience, grandeur and entertainment in Casino Vegas, the hospitality is what players love the most. The all-day long buffet not only keeps our stomach content but our hearts as well. The pillar behind these services is ‘Paaji’ as he is fondly called by players. Paaji is like a mother, keeps our tummy full all the time. Every couple of hours, he ensures that the players, IPC crew and the ‘hard-working’ live reporting team is well fed. He is especially known for roaming around the casino asking almost every person if they wish to eat something. Players like Dhaval Mudgal and Siddharth Mishra were all praises about the spectacular hospitality. 


Ayush Out Of High Roller Race

The next bust out was Ayush Garg who had a good run in the tournament, ultimately finishing in 15th place for ₹3,17,900. Garg went heads up against Siddhanth Kapoor after he and Kapoor went all-in preflop. The board ran out 5 A 2 9 Q and Kapoor with a Big Slick eliminated Garg ending his tournament life. 

  • Kapoor: A K
  • Garg: A 3
  • Board: 5 A 2 9 Q

Abhilash Busts In 16th Place

Abhilash KumarOn Table 1, Kunal Patni jammed his stack preflop with A 5 and Abhilash Kumar called with Ace-King suited from the big blind. The board opened to 5 9 A 3 8 and the pot was taken by Patni who hit two pairs (AA, 55). Kumar’s Big Slick disappointed him and he said goodbye to the High Roller title and busted in 16th place for ₹2,64,100. 

  • Patni: A 5
  • Kumar: A K
  • Board: 5 9 A 3 8

Mahesh Bows Out In 17th Place

Mahesh ShamsunderThe High Roller eliminations continue and 25K Kick-Off winner Mahesh Shyamsundar was shown the door in the 17th position for ₹2,64,100. 

At Level 20, Shyamsundar shoved his stack of 780,000 with hole cards A 4 after a previous bet of 160,000 was made by Alok Birewar. After a few minutes of tanking, Birewar finally made the unorthodox decision to call Shyamsundar’s raise holding Deuces. However, it all worked out for Birewar when the board at showdown had T A 8 K 2 giving him a set on the river. So, although Shyamsundar had an Ace-pair on the flop he was eliminated from the event.

  • Birewar: 2 2
  • Shyamsundar: A 4
  • Board: T A 8 K 2

Anita And Rajashekhar Out At 18th And 19th

Anita HassanandaniAs soon as the money bubble burst, the next few bust outs happened within minutes. Bollywood actress Anita Hassanandani  bet 200,000 preflop with a little slick in hand. Arsh Grover raised 475,000 with pocket kings. The board showed 3 J 2 4 2 and Grover won the hand with two pairs (KK, 22), and Hassanandani bid farewell at the 19th spot for ₹2,12,200.


  • Hassanandani: A Q
  • Grover: K K
  • Board: 3 J 2 4 2  

Rajashekhar PuttasettyOn Table 6, Rajashekhar Puttamsetty shoved all-in preflop with 160,000 chips and he was called by Alok Birewar. The community showed A A 3 7 8 , giving Birewar a full house with A 7 on the turn. Puttamsetty with A 9 busted at the 18th spot and had a payday of ₹2,64,100

  • Puttamsetty: A 9
  • Birewar: A 7
  • Board: A A 3 7 8

Faiz Alam Grinding In IPC High Roller Has Over 4 Million Chips

Faiz Alam, who is grinding in the IPC Megastacks is one of the players with a massive chip stack of 4.9 million chips. Some of the top chip stacks from across the floor are: 

Player Chips
Faiz Alam 4,905,000
Arsh Grover 3,050,000
Raj Talwar 2,300,000

No High Roller Title For Ankit

Ankit Wadhawan Right after Victor busted in 21st place, it was Ankit Wadhawan that exited the tournament in the 20th spot. He and Alok Birewar went head-to-head after they jammed their stack in the pot. The board opened to 7 K T T Q and gave Birewar two pairs (QQ, TT). This spelt the end of Wadhawan’s run in the High Roller tournament and he was out in 20th place for ₹2,12,200.

  • Birewar: Q A
  • Wadhawan: A 7
  • Board: 7 K T T Q

Victor’s Rockets Fail To Launch

VictorWith the bursting of the money bubble, players who made ITM can now heave a sigh of relief. Right after Dhaval Mudgal busted as the bubble boy, the next one to go in 21st position was Victor from Belarus. In the hand, Raj Talwar bet 120,000 preflop with K Q . Victor moved all-in with a premium hand A A and Talwar called his shove. At the showdown we had cards T 9 5 4 J open on the board and unfortunately, Victor’s aces cracked as Talwar won the pot with a 9-K straight. Looks like this is not the best day to have rockets. Victor finished in 21st place for ₹2,12,200.

  • Talwar: K Q
  • Victor: A A
  • Board: T 9 5 4 J

Dhaval Becomes The Bubble Boy

Dhaval MudgalThere is nothing more unfortunate than being a bubble boy in a High Roller event, but that was the sad reality for poker pro and musician Dhaval Mudgal. Holding K 2 chip leader Faiz Alam shoved his stack into the pot and Mudgal with Ace-Queen suited called the shove. With both players’ stacks now in the pot, showdown began and brought cards 9 3 8 K 6 . Things were going fine for Mudgal though it was a flop full of hearts and Alam had 2 . The turn gave Alam a King-pair and with the river having nothing, Mudgal busted in the 22nd position as the bubble boy. See you at the Main Event Mudgal!  

  • Alam: K 2
  • Mudgal: A Q
  • Board: 9 3 8 K 6

No Further Vikas For Vikas Shah

IOPC July 2021 leaderboard topper Anuj Yadav bet 330,000 preflop and Vikas Shah shoved all-in with his 295,000 chips. Faiz Alam called the bet and the board of J 8 9 3 led to all three players checking. Alam bet 425,000 on the river of A , and the players called. Shah showed A Q , but Alam showed J 9 to win the pot with two pairs (JJ, 99). On realizing his cards held no value, Yadav mucked. Shah busted just before the payouts started. GG, Shah!

  • Shah: A Q
  • Alam: J 9
  • Yadav: Mucked
  • Board: J 8 9 3 A

Dhaval Mudgal Is The IPC 100K High Roller Bubble Boy

MPL Poker Pro Dhaval Mudgal is the bubble boy of the 100K High Roller event. The rest of the 21 players have made it in the money. A min-cash of ₹2,12,200. He had a chip count of 517,000 and was one of the top stacks from yesterday. Day 2 of the tournament was also quite significant for Mudgal until he busted as the bubble boy. 

There was a lot of uproar in the casino as players did not expect Mudgal to get busted on the 22nd position. 

Nishant Shown The Door

The event has reached Level 18, and Nishant Sharma became the next player to exit the tournament. Sharma and Alok Birewar went preflop all-in and the board opened to 4 5 8 6 8ccj id=”Diamond”]. Birewar who had A 2 as hole cards, hit a flush on the turn and Sharma who had K 6 lost the hand and soon exited the tournament. Busting out so close to the money must have surely been painful for the poker player. 

  • Birewar: A 2
  • Sharma: K 6
  • Board: 4 5 8 6 8ccj id=”Diamond”]

Last 24 In The IPC 100K High Roller Field

There are only 24 players in the IPC 100K High Roller field. With three more bust outs, we would finally get the list of players who would make it in the money. We are at Level 18 of the tournament, and the action is getting fiery with every passing minute. There are a total of 32,600,000 chips in play and the top 24 contenders are fighting for an up top prize of ₹43,32,400 and of course the IPC 100K High Roller title. 

Shravan Kicked Out By Anita

Things are getting interesting at the 100K High Roller as we approach the money bubble. While players will dread the busts outs during this stage, they are unavoidable and with that, we bring you another bust out of the day. Anita Hassanandani and Shravan Chhabria have been going head-to-head for some time now and at Level 18, Hassanandani with just 7BB once again went all-in with 340,000 holding A Q . Chhabria called the shove and the showdown began. The community cards were 5 4 2 T 3 and Hassanandani doubled up after hitting a one-card straight on the river. She busted Chhabria in the process whose Hockey Sticks did not do the trick. Seems like its going to be Anita’s day. 

  • Hassanandani: A Q
  • Chhabria: 7 7
  • Board: 5 4 2 T 3  

Vishal’s Nickels Sends Him Home

At Level 17 of the tournament, players were sitting with an average of 30BB stack. With just 25 players left, Vishal Ojha jammed 15BB with his pocket fives from the small blind to Arsh Grover‘s 12BB raise with A J . The board had an Ace on the flop itself and with no help on the turn and river, Ojha busted out of the mega tournament just 5 places away from the money. GG Ojha!

  • Grover: A J
  • Ojha: 5 5
  • Board: 2 Q A K J

Siddarth Bids Adieu

In a preflop all-in situation, we had Sandeep Sharma (8 8 ) call off Siddarth Singhvi‘s (K K ) jam.The board ran 7 5 2 A and Singhvi was pretty much on track to double up till the dreaded river showed a 8 and his kings could not hold against Sharma’s three-of-a-kind.

These are the moments when you want your monsters to hold and we are certain Singhvi will walk away quite dejected.

  • Singhvi: K K
  • Sharma: 8 8
  • Board: 7 5 2 A 8

Nikita Loses Chips To Anuj

Nikita LutherAnuj Yadav is making a steady headway into the IPC 100K High Roller event. On Table 3, at Level 17 (blinds 20,000/40,000, ante 40,000), Preflop action saw Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther locking horns with Yadav with her 9s 7 and Yadav was fighting with his Dimes. The community cards fell 3 J A 8 6 . The Dimes did the trick for the IOPC July 2021 leaderboard champ.

  • Luther: 9s 7
  • Yadav: T T
  • Board: 3 J A 8 6

Anant Bows Out At 28th Place

Anant PurohitThe next bust out was another Gutshot pro Anant Purohit who bet 80,000 holding pocket rockets and Raj Talwar called. Talwar with J 7 flopped two pairs on the board of J 5 7 and the former IPC Main Event winner immediately bet 130,000. Purohit shoved his 600,000 all-in banking on his aces, but unfortunately the turn and river of 9 J , did no magic for him. On the other hand, Talwar rivered a full house (JJJ, 77) to send Purohit at the 28th place, just seven places away from the ITM. What an unfortunate time for aces to crack. 

  • Purohit: A A
  • Talwar: J 7
  • Board: J 5 7 9 J

Anita Hassanandani On Being at IPC Megastacks May 2022

Also a big poker lover, Bollywood actress Anita Hassanandani registered to the IPC 100k High Roller yesterday and guess what?! She’s still in as we’re approaching the money bubble. Around 28 players are still in the game. 

For now, take a look at our interview with her yesterday where she talks about IPC Nepal May 2022 and how life has changed after recently becoming a mother: 

Dhirendra’s Little Slick Succumbs To Nikita’s Big Slick

Dhirendra KumarSpartan Poker pro Nikita Luther bet 60,000, and Dhirendra Kumar shoved all-in with his 495,000 chips (approximately 17 BB), holding A Q . Luther called the bet with A K . The board of 2 6 7 9 T favoured Luther and Kumar bowed out at the 29th place.

  • Kumar: A Q
  • Luther: A K
  • Board: 2 6 7 9 T

Shravan Robs Anita Of A Double Up

On Table 2 at Level 16, Shravan Chhabria bet 60,000 preflop and was called by three players. The flop gave 6 Q T and the action checked to the turn. When the turn 5 opened, Anita Hassanandani bet 125,000 and Chhabria folded while the rest folded. The river 4 came and gave Hassanandani a nut flush and she went all-in. However, Chhabria back out from the hand and prevented Hassanandani from getting a massive double up. Hassanandani must really hate the 4 for dropping on the river. 

  • Hassanandani: A 8
  • Chhabria: NA
  • Board: 6 Q T 5 4

Vatsal Loses To Chhabria, Exits Tourney

Vatsal KumarAt Level 16 on Table 2, Kumar Vatsal jammed 155,000 preflop holding K Q  and was called by Shravan Chhabria who held A Q . The board opened to T A 5 T 5 and gave Chhabria the pot after he had two pairs (AA, TT). Vatsal then exits and unfortunately, there will be no FT for Vatsal this time. 

  • Chhabria: A Q
  • Vatsal: K Q
  • Board: T A 5 T 5

Celebrities Grinding Deep In IPC 100K High Roller

The game has been quite intense, after eight hours yesterday, we are already seeing the players grinding since four hours Level 14 of the 100K High Roller, has several celebrities playing their best hands. Siddhanth Kapoor, Anita Hassanandani, Aly Goni, Abhilash Kumar among others are crushing it. Can’t wait to see them make it big in the event. 

All these players have been on the live felts of IPC since a day or two. The High Roller is one such event that most players look forward to and this tournament is no different. 

Aly Steals The Pot From Abhinav

The preflop action on Table 13, during Level 14, saw all-in and call from India’s first solo WSOP bracelet winner, Abhinav Iyer and Bollywood actor Aly Goni. The board showed K 6 Q 7 9 . Iyer flopped a K-pair with A K and Goni flopped a set to win the pot for  a three-of-a -kind (666). A win against Iyer will surely boost Goni’s confidence to run deep in the tournament.

  • Iyer: A K
  • Goni: 6 6
  • Board: K 6 Q 7 9

Arsh Steadily Grove-ing His Stack

Avinash bet 35,000 preflop, and Arsh Grover called. On the flop of Q 5 A , Avinash bet 80,000, which was again called by Grover. The turn of 9 saw checks from both players. The river 8 saw Grover bet 125,000, as he rivered a flush and Avinash shoved his 7,75,000 all-in. Grover called and flaunted A J , to win the pot and bust Avinash with a flush. 

  • Grover: A J
  • Avinash: Mucked
  • Board: Q 5 A 9 8

Anuj Turns Bad News For Shardul

Anuj YadavAt Level 15 with blinds 10,000/25,000, ante 25,000 two popular names from the poker industry locked horns. Yes, we are talking about Shardul Parthasarathi and Shravan Chhabria. Preflop action had Chhabria betting 55K and the PSL Season 4 Kolkata King’s captain threw in all his tournament chips. The board ran out K Q 2 A J . Chhabria was blessed with a straight (A-T) and Parthasarathi was sent packing. 

Parthasarathi:  3 3

Chhabria: A T

Board: K Q 2 A J

Easy Double Up For Nikita

Nikita Luther At Level 15, on Table 3 Darjee Sharpa bet 100,000 preflop with Q 9 and Nikita Luther jammed 400,000 with A 7 and Sharpa called. The board ran out 2 6 K 8 3 and Luther doubled up her stack Ace-high card. This double up will certainly boost Luther’s chance of shipping the 100K High Roller. What do you think?

  • Luther: A 7
  • Sharpa: Q 9
  • Board: 2 6 K 8 3

Anuj Shows Abhishek The Door

Anuj YadavOnline reg Anuj Yadav with his A K raised to 3 BB and Abhishek Jalan jammed his of 14 BB with his pocket eights. The board ran A 6 7 7 J and that was enough for Yadav to bust Jalan. We are going to see a lot of push and shoves as the blinds keep increasing.

  • Yadav: A K
  • Jalan: 8 8
  • Board: A 6 7 7 J

Sarla Eliminated

SarlaSarla’s double up just a few hands ago did not help in grabbing a spot in the money of the 100K High Roller event. On Table 2 at Level 14 (blinds 10,000/20,000, ante 20,000) Varun Gupta raised to 40,000 chips and Sarla went all-in with her 11 BB stack. Gupta called it off with his pocket tens. The flop ran 6 Q J and with no Ace on the flop it was time for Sarla to exit the tournament.

  • Gupta: T T
  • Sarla: A 4
  • Board: 6 Q J 7 9


Laksh’s Snowmen Melts Away His Chances

After a quick 15 minutes break, players were back on the grind. Blinds at Level 14 were 10,000/20,000 and India Online Poker Championship January 2021 Main Event winner Laksh Pal Singh bet 40,000 preflop with pocket eights. His bet was raised by Alok who put 110,000 in the pot holding J J which was called by Singh. The first three cards brought nothing for the two and Singh checked on the flop. Alok bet 80,000 and Singh went all-in for 435,000. The turn 7 and river 3 also did not get them anything and Alok took the pot with his Hooks. With the field dwindling down, it was sad to see Laksh Pal Singh head to the exit door of the tournament.

  • Alok: J J  
  • Singh: 8 8
  • Board: 7 9 4 7 3

Rajasekhar Puttamsetty Leads The IPC 100K High Roller

During Level 13, when the blinds were 8,000/16,000, there were 47 players grinding for the massive High Roller prize money and title. Rajasekhar Puttamsetty is leading with a crazy volume of 2 million chips.








Take a look at some of the chip stacks from a across the table:

Player Chips
Rajasekhar Puttamsetty 2,000,000
Kunal Patni 1,910,000
J Raju 1,721,000
Siddhanth Kapoor 1,700,000
Deepankur Gupta 1,200,000
Pranav Bagai 1,098,000
Varun Gupta 1,040,000
Nikita Luther 780,000
Sandeep Sharma 740,000

IOPC June 2022: Double Up Your Winnings With Two Leaderboards

Sarla Doubles Up

SarlaOn Table 2 at Level 14 (blinds 10,000/20,000, ante 20,000), preflop action saw Pranav Bagai open 2 BB with his pocket kings. Sarla with her A 3 took no time to jam her 19 BB stack with an Ace in hand. Bagai called it off, sitting pretty confident. However, his hopes to bust Sarla were crushed on the flop as Sarla hit the nut flush. Though Bagai hit a King on the river, his set was not good enough for Sarla’s flush and she got a crazy double up.

  • Bagai: K K
  • Sarla: A 3
  • Board: J 8 5 9 K


Tanay Doubles Up

Tanay HargunaneyAt Level 14, with blinds at 10,000/20,000, ante 20,000, Tanay Hargunaney found a good chance to double up against Vatsal Kumar’s (IPC Megastacks May 2022 25K Kick-Off final tablist) pocket sixes. Preflop action saw Hargunaney shoving his chips with Th 8 and Kumar made the call. The board ran out 8 K 2 J 7 . This gave the poker coach an 8-pair against Kumar’s lower pair. 

  • Hargunaney: T 8
  • Kumar: 6 6
  • Board: 8 K 2 J 7

Manish Busted

Raju B shoved all-in preflop with 9 Q , this was followed by Manish Lakhotia also shoving his 230,000 chips into the pot with A 5 . The board ran 7 4 J 2 9 , gave Raju, a 9-pair to sent away Lakhotia. Raju certainly had his heart in his mouth until the 9 showed up on the river.

  • Lakhotia: A 5
  • Raju: Q 9  
  • Board: 7 4 J 2 9

Kanchan Bids Goodbye To High Roller Title

Kanchan SharmaWith the tournament now on Level 13 and blinds at 8,000/16,000 short-stacked players are having a bit of difficulty surviving the barrage of hits by players on the chip advantage. On Table 3, female poker pro Kanchan Sharma bet 32,000 preflop with hole cards A T . The action checks on the flop J 3 7 . The turn brings a K and Kanchan bets another 40,000. Sandeep Sharma called the raise and the river card opened 4 . Kanchan who only had a high card decided to bluff her opponent to fold. However, Sandeep didn’t and instead called the shove and won the hand with his King-pair. While we were really rooting for Kanchan to shine through, it looks like we will have to wait for the rest of the tournaments. 

  • Sandeep: A K
  • Kanchan: A T
  • Board: J 3 7 K 4

Sweet Victory For Arsh

Arsh GroverAt Level 13 with blinds 8,000/16,000, ante 16,000,  when you ship a pot against a pro player, the victory is further sweetened. After a lot of initial action, on the river the play boiled down to Arsh Grover and Kunal Patni. The Final Table Series champion (4th edition) with his Big Slick fought Patni’s As Qc on a board of 6 6 7 3 A . Grover’s King kicker prevailed (won a 60+ BB pot) and Patni’s Queen fell short.

  • Patni: A Q
  • Grover: A K
  • Board: 6 6 7 3 A

Siddhanth Rivers A Straight  

Siddhanth KapoorAt Level 13 on Table 11, with blinds 8,000/16,000, ante 16,000, Udit Kejriwal with Kc Td bet 35,000 preflop and the other three players called. On the flop (K 3 T ), Kejriwal bet 75,000, Siddhanth Kapoor (A Q ) and one other player called. Turn was checked by all players. River saw some steamy action wherein, Kejriwal bet 80,000, Kapoor raised to 5,75,00 and Kejriwal made the outrageous all-in call. The turn and river revealed 8 J respectively.  For the Kapoor boy it was an A-T straight after the river blessed him but for his rival it was time to bid adieu. 

Kejriwal: K T

Kapoor: A Q

Board: K 3 T 8 J

Mehta Heads To The Exit Door

PSL founder Pranav Bagai limped preflop holding 5 6 , and Aman Mehta with A Q bet 32,000; Bagai called the bet and the rainbow board showed 4 5 8 . Bagai, who flopped a pair bet 51,000, and Mehta shoved his remaining 182,000 chips banking an an Ace-high hand. The turn and river gave both players a pair on the board (9 9 ). Bagai, however got two pairs (99, 55) and showed Mehta the exit door.

  • Mehta: A Q
  • Bagai: 6 5
  • Board: 4 5 8 9 ) 9

Chip Counts on Level 12 Of IPC 100K High Roller

The IPC Highroller is going on in full swing. Take a look at the chip counts from across the table during the first break:

Players Chips
Kunal Patni 2,136,000
Vishal Ojha 1,350,000
Deepankur Gupta 1,300,000
Abhinav Iyer 1,160,000
Arsh Grover 1,155,000
Varun Gupta 1,150,000
J Raju 1,100,000
Anita Hassanandani 1,050,000
Siddhanth Kapoor 1,015,000
Mithun Mahesh 940,000
Faiz Alam 780,000
Nikita Luther 710,000
Pranav Bagai 700,000
Kumar Vatsal 680,000
Nishant Sharma 610,000
Anant Purohit 310,000


Akhilendra Doubles Up

Akhilendra Singh, who was the first bust out of the day, doubled up during Level 13 on Table 1. Siddarth Singhvi bet 33,000 preflop holding K J . Singh, with less than 10BB, raised all-in to 149,000 and he was called by Sighvi. The board opened to A Q J 6 6 , and Singh showed Q K to double up with a Q-pair.

Singh had re-entered the tournament immediately after busting out within the first five minutes of the game. Seems like his second bullet is here to stay!

  • Singhvi: K J
  • Singh: Q K  
  • Board: A Q J 6 6

Harsh Exits

Harsh Bubna shoved all-in with 135,000 chips holding K 9 , and Faiz Alam from the big blind called with suited connectors (J Q ). The board of Q 4 7 6 8 gave Alam a Q-pair on the flop, while Bubna was left with nothing. 

  • Bubna: K 9
  • Alam: J Q
  • Board: Q 4 7 6 8

River Turns Villain For Aditya

Aditya SushantWith blinds at 10,000/25,000, ante 25,000 Nishant Sharma with his A 5 decided to jam his 18 BB stack from the big blind to be called off by Aditya Sushant with his A