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IPC Megastacks May 2022 - 8K Mega Satellite Live Updates

IPC 8K Mega Satty: Check Out The Top 10 Winners

IPC 8k Mega Satty WinnersIndia Poker Championship (IPC) returns after a hiatus of two years. Day 1 of the series had a decent turnout with 95 entries locking horns. The Mega Satellite was a ₹8,000 buy-in event which had 10 exciting packages up for grabs worth ₹85,000 each. The top 10 grinders won packages to the IPC Megastacks May 2022 Kick-Off and Main Event.

Although the tournament started after an hour’s delay, the action was quite intense throughout. Gutshot sponsored pros, Dhirendra Kumar and Anant Purohit grabbed the limelight with their killer moves. Laksh Pal Singh, Kunal Patni, Gokul Raj, Chirag Sodha, Arsh Grover were among the popular names who were seen fighting for a spot in the top 10 list. 

Kumar fired two bullets and he still could not make it to the top 10 while Purohit successfully grabbed the package. Take a look at the top 10 of this Mega Satty event:

  1. Gagandeep Malik
  2. Anant Purohit
  3. Subodh
  4. Anish Arora
  5. Ritwik Khanna
  6. Shravan Chhabria
  7. Aayush Agarwal
  8. Abhijeet Kumar
  9. Jatin Bhayana
  10. Aditya Sushant

Day 2 of IPC Megastacks May 2022 has the 25K Kick-Off event scheduled at 5:00 PM. This tournament has put ₹50 Lakh on the table. This simply means that top pros from the fraternity will be seen battling it out like never before. See you tomorrow! 

Siddarth Lives The Dreaded Bubble

After a six-hour-long grind, Siddarth Singhvi‘s pocket tens proved to be fateful, as he busted at the 11th position, a place that every player dreaded at today’s event. Anish Arora shoved all-in preflop from the big blind, holding A9. Singhvi tanked before finally pushing his entire stack in. The board of Q 8 A J K gave Arora a higher pair (A-pair) and Singhvi bubbled the top 10 places at the 8K Mega Satellite event. The top 10 places will receive tickets to the 25K Kick-Off and 60K Main Event. 

  • Arora: A9
  • Singhvi: TT
  • Board: Q 8 A J K

Abhijeet Survives The Sushant Scare

With only two tables remaining at Level 15, With blinds at 3,000/5,000 Aditya Sushant bet 10,000 preflop in order to apply pressure on the short stack. Abhijeet Kumar went all-in with 26,000 (5 BB) with Ac Ks. The board then ran out with Tc 8h 2s Qs Kd and gave Kumar a double up with a King-pair. The board held no water for Sushant who lost the pot and chipped down. 

  • Kumar: Ac Ks
  • Sushant: 9s 6s 
  • Board: Tc 8h 2s Qs Kd


Tanking Failure For Saransh

Saransh Garg bet 10,000 chips from the small blind at Level 14, blinds 2,000/4,000, with Cowboys. Gutshot Pro Anant Purohit shoved all-in with his 66,000 stack holding pocket fours to put Garg under pressure. Garg tanked for a while before finally shoving his remaining little stack. The board opened to 6s 4c 6h and Purohit flopped a full house. The turn and river of 8h and 3d did no good to Garg and he exited at the twelfth spot. We can only imagine how disappointing it will be for Garg to be eliminated after being the preflop favourite and inching so close to the prize. 

  • Garg: Kh Ks
  • Purohit: 4s 4h
  • Board: 6s 4c 6h 8h 3d

Chip Counts For The Final 13!

During Level 13, we have an updated chip count of the top 13 players. Subodh is leading with a massive stack of 140,000 chips. 

Position Player Chip count
1 Subodh 140,000
2 Shravan  138,000
3 Aayush Agarwal 97,000
4 Abhijeet Kumar 88,000
5 Aditya Sushant 86,000
6 Gagandeep  72,000
7 siddharth Singhvi 62,000
8 Anish Arora 58,000
9 Ritwik Khanna 54,000
10 Saransh Garg 41,000
11 Anant Purohit 33,000
12 Chirag Sodha 28,000
13 Jatin Bhayana 22,000

IOPC June 2022 Schedule Out Now!

Ananth’s Run Comes To An End

On Table 7, Ananth Thakur, the short stack, shoved all-in preflop holding Jh Tc. Anant Purohit with his Ah Jc also pushed his stack in. The board displayed Qc 6d Ac Qd 7h, which gave Thakur a Q-pair on the board, however, Purohit got two pairs (AA, QQ) for the win. Thakur busted just three places short of winning the satellite tickets.

  • Thakur: Jh Tc
  • Purohit: Ah Jc
  • Board: Qc 6d Ac Qd 7h

Chirag Heads Towards The Exit

Chirag Heads Towards The ExitNational Poker Series (NPS) 2022 Main Event winner Chirag Sodha went all-in with 21,000. Anish Arora also throws in all his remaining chips in the pot and Sodha called the difference in chips. The board  ran out 4c 4d 8d 7s 7h. This gave eights up for Arora which eliminated his rival from the game.

  • Sodha: Ac 9c
  • Arora: Td 8c
  • Board: 4c 4d 8d 7s 7h

Dhirendra Powerless Against The Ladies

Dhirendra Powerless Against The LadiesAt Level 13 on Table 7, with the blinds going up to 1,500/3,000, Gutshot sponsored pro Dhirendra Kumar with just about 2 BB went all-in. Online reg Ritwik Khanna raised it to 4 BB and Saransh Garg jammed his entire 16 BB stack with Ladies. Khanna, very close to the top 10 decided to fold and watch the action unfold. A board of 4c 7s 9h 5h 2d did not help Kumar and he busted just a few places short of winning the Mega Satty ticket.

  • Kumar: Kh 2h
  • Garg: Qc Qh
  • Board: 4c 7s 9h 5h 2d

Wrong Timing! Bad Beat For Sameer

Subodh, with his ace and king suited, bet 8,000 preflop from the big blind at Level 13 – blinds 1,500/3,000. Sameer shoved his stack of 42,000 chips (14BB), and surprisingly Subodh with a very average 8c 5c hole cards called it off. The flop of Qh 9h 4s was safe for Sameer, however, the turn of 5s did the damage giving Subodh a 5-pair. The turn of Td did not improve Sameer’s hand, and he walked away from the table with a disastrous bad beat at a very crucial time. Subodh bagged a pot of 85,000 in the process.

  • Subodh: 85
  • Sameer: AK
  • Board: Qh 9h 4s 5s Td

Ace Kicks Anuj Out

WSOP Bracelet Winner Aditya Sushant Is HereAt Level 12 with blinds at 1,500/2,500, WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant bet 5,000 preflop with Ace-Queen suited which was called by Anuj Mishra who held Qd Js. The flop opened 9c Qs 8h and gave both players a queen-pair which hinted that a sure shot action was to follow post-flop. The action checked to the turn (4d). Sushant bet 4,500 and Mishra shoved his stack of 14,500 chips. After careful deliberation, Sushant tank called and the river (3h) did not bring anything to both the players. The pot then went to the WSOP bracelet winner who had an ace kicker and Mishra busted from the event.


  • Sushant: Ac Qc 
  • Mishra: Qd Js 
  • Board: 9c Qs 8h 4d 3h

We’re Down To 17 Players Now

From a field of 95 players, we have now reduced to only 17 active grinders. The action is getting intense with every passing minute. Players who make it to the top 10 positions can win 10 exciting packages worth ₹85,000 each. Players can win packages to the IPC Megastacks May 2022 Kick-Off and Main Event.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Poker Gods Against Pocket Rockets?

Poker Gods Against Pocket Rockets?On Table 6 at Level 12, preflop witnessed some firecracker moves. Shravan Chhabria went all-in with 11.5K, Aayush Arya called, Siddarth Singhvi raised to 35K which compelled Arya to fold. The board cards fell Th 5c 4c 7h 3h. Chhabria happily nailed the pot with a single card straight and Singhvi’s Pocket Rockets were rendered useless.

  • Chhabria: Ks 6c
  • Singhvi: Ac Ah
  • Board: Th 5c 4c 7h 3h

Gokul Shown The Door

After an uneventful preflop on Table 6, the first three community cards 9c Kd Qc fell on the board. Gokul Raj with Kc Ts bet 5,000 after he flopped a pair and a gutshot straight draw. Aayush Arya jammed his stack holding A-J suited as he had a high equity hand. Raj called. The turn (4c) gave Arya a nut flush, pretty much ending Raj’s tournament life. 

  • Arya: Ac Jc 
  • Raj: Kc Ts 
  • Board: 9c Jd Qc 4c 4d

Samay Bows Out Before Ananth’s Quad Queens

Table 4 witnessed an exciting hand, that every poker fancies. At Level 12, Samay Singh Modi, on the big blind with Ts 8s shoved all-in with his 31,000 chips (12BB) and Ananth Thakur enthusiastically called with his pocket queens. The board (Jc 5c Qd 5d Qs) only kept getting better with each street for Thakur. Three of a kind–> Full house–> QUADS to cause a huge loss to Modi. We’re sure Modi is wondering if jamming there was a good idea.  

  • Thakur: QQ
  • Modi: T8
  • Board: Jc 5c Qd 5d Qs

Kiran Bows Out

With the last three tables remaining on the floor, the action on Table 6 at Level 11 peaked as Kiran Gurang went all-in preflop from hijack position for 19,200 (9 BB) with premium hole cards – As Qh. Aayush Arya called with pocket sixes while the others folded. The cards 5h 9d 5c 4c 8h fell and delivered two pairs to Arya (66, 55) who eliminated Gurang from the tournament. It was quite a good fight by Gurang and we can’t wait to see him at his form in the upcoming events. 

  • Arya: 6d 6c
  • Gurang: As Qh
  • Board: 5h 9d 5c 4c 8h 

Ritwik Doubles Up Against The Chip Leader

On Table 6, Ritwik Khanna managed to double up his stack and rob some chips from the chip leader, Gagandeep Malik. Malik (Ac 9c) bet 2 BB (4,000 chips), and Khanna shoved all-in with his 28,000 chips holding Ah Qs. Malik called Khanna’s all-in. The community cards ran Th 4h 5c 5h 2s. Khanna easily doubled up, thanks to his queen kicker (55AQT).

  • Malik: Ac 9c
  • Khanna: Ah Qs
  • Board: Th 4h 5c 5h 2s

Gagandeep Malik Is Leading During Level 10

Gagandeep Malik is the chip lead at Level 10 with 90,000 chips. A few minutes ago, when on Level 9, he had 63,500 chips. At the end of Level 6, he was on the fourth position with respect to chip counts. Malik is closely followed by Anish Arora who has around 80-85,000 chips. We are down to three tables and some of the notables who might make it in the money are Harsh Dembla, Dhirendra Kumar, Chirag Sodha, Gokul Raj among others. 

A Double Dhamaka For Aditya

WSOP Bracelet Winner Aditya Sushant Is HereIn this hand, preflop saw all the action unfold. Aditya Sushant went all-in with 16,000 chips and popular grinder Chirag Sodha snapped with his Cowboys. To the dismay of Sodha the ace on the flop gave Sushant the top pair. With no help on the turn and river for Sodha, Sushant got the much needed help and India’s first WSOP bracelet winner continues to stay in the hunt.

  • Sushant: As Qd
  • Sodha: Kh Kc
  • Board: 5h 7h Ac 7c 9s

Rishab Doubles Up To Build A Fighting Stack

Rishab Malik, the short stack on Table 7, had a dream hand at Level 10, blinds 1,000/1,500. Malik did just what a short-stacked player would do. He shoved his remaining stack of close to 9 BB preflop, holding pocket fives. Samay Singh Modi called from the big blind. The board showed 7h 2d 9c Jd 3d, and Mailk doubled up with his five-pair, while Modi, with intentions of busting the short stack, ended up giving away some decent chips holding Q3 of spades.

  • Malik: 5s 5h
  • Modi: Qs 3s
  • Board: 7h 2d 9c Jd 3d

Higher Kicker Does The Trick

Higher Kicker Does The TrickNot every hand has 007 action unfolding and this hand is just about that. Mohan Singh bet 2,500, Anuj Mishra went all-in with 14.6K chips and online reg Rishab Malik called. Singh resigned from the hand to let the other two lock horns. The community cards fell 2d 3d 8s 2c Qh. This gave Mishra and Malik top pair but the former’s ace helped him ship the pot. 

  • Mishra: As Qd
  • Malik: Kd Qc
  • Board: 2d 3d 8s 2c Qh

Chirag Delivers 3X Damage

In a four-way action on Table 5, Chirag Sodha with pocket tens, raised 2,500 preflop and three other players who had hole cards Ad Qh, Ac Ks, and As 9s went all-in one after the other. Sodha then shoved his remaining stack of 27,200. In a brilliant twist of fate for Sodha, his dimes held up and eventually won him the massive pot with two pairs (TT, 66) after the board 6c 3d 4h Ts 6s held no water for the other three.

  • Sodha: Th Tc
  • Opponent 1: Ad Qh
  • Opponent 2: Ac Ks
  • Opponent 3: As 9s
  • Board: 6c 3d 4h Ts 6s

Dhirendra Shows Kanishka A Straight Door

On Table 4, at Level 9 – blinds 600/1,200, popular Kaniska Samant was busted at the hands of Gutshot Pro Dhirendra Kumar. Samant bet 1,400 and Kumar called. The flop opened to 9h Js Kd, and both players checked, even though Kumar had the absolute nuts. On the turn of Ah, Kumar improved his straight and bet small with 2,000 chips. The river opened to 3d, and Kumar again bet small (3,000) from the big blind position hoping that Samant would jam. At this point, Samant, who held AQ, did exactly that by shoving his remaining 6,000 chips into the pot, banking on his queen kicker. But to Samant’s dismay, Kumar won the pot and eliminated the former with a T-A straight. 

  • Samant: AQ
  • Kumar: QT
  • Board: 9 J K A 3

Sadly Aces Have Cracked

On Table 6, Vineet Kumar with a short stack of 2,500 chips went all-in preflop with his pocket aces. Avijit Jaiswal with his Kc Js called it and in a horrible turn of events for Kumar the flop read 9d Jc Jd which gave three of a kind to Jaiswal. The 7c and 7d on the turn and river did not help Kumar and finally for the first time in this tournament we saw aces getting cracked! GG to Kumar!

  • Kumar: Ac Ah
  • Jaiswal: Kc Js
  • Board: 9d Jc Jd 7c 7d

Dexter Mercado Saves The Day

Dexter MercadoTournament Director Dexter Mercado’s eagle eye spot saved Siddarth Singhvi from losing a massive pot. 

On Level 7 at Table 9, Gutshot sponsored pro Anant Purohit limped preflop while Siddarth Singhvi raised 1,800 holding pocket kings. Ankit Bhartia and Purohit called. When the community cards Kc Jd Ac ran out, Bhartia immediately flopped a straight with his Q-T suited. Purohit with his straight draw jammed 5,800. Singhvi went all-in with 12,400 and Bhartia called. The turn (7h) and the river (7s) gave Singhvi a full house but he almost lost the pot to Bhartia as the dealer mucked his cards assuming that Bhartia’s straight won the hand. However, Mercado intervened and saved Singhvi from a costly mistake by the dealer. Gutshot pro Purohit was busted.

  • Singhvi: Ks Kd
  • Bhartia: Qd Td
  • Board: Kc Jd Ac 7h 7s 

Chip Count Update!!!!

At the end of break time, we spoke to the registration team and confirmed a total Mega Satty tournament entry count of 95 entries. When we last checked, there were around 45 players active, Post Level 6, Abhijeet Kumar is the chip lead with 50k chips followed by Faiz Alam with 38,200 chips. Here are the recent chip counts:

Position Player Chip count
1 Abhijeet Kumar 50,500
2 Faiz Alam 38,200
3 Awakash 33,000
4 Gagandeep 33,000
5 Peter Abraham 29,800
6 Sherpa Dorjee 28,500
7 Shekhar Agarwal 27,000
8 Saransh Garg 25,000
9 Harshad Barve 23,300
10 Aditya Sushant 23,300
11 Shravan Chhabria 19,800
12 Rishabh Malik 18,300
13 Thakur Anand 17,600
14 Rishabh Dalmia 16,800
15 Sameer 16,700
16 Dhirendra Kumar 16,700
17 Anant Purohit 16,000
18 Kanishka Samant 15,200
19 Deepak 14,500
20 Varun 12,100
21 Navneet 11,000
22 Simer 10,000
23 Vineeth 8,500

Dhirendra Busts And Re-Enters Before The Break

Dhirendra Powerless Against The Ladies

On Table 8 at Level 6, just a few minutes before the end of late registration, Gutshot sponsored pro Dhirendra Kumar bet 1,000 preflop with 8d 6d. Himanshu Chhikara called his bet from the button position while the rest on the table folded. The flop 9d 7d As opened to favour Chhikara with an Ace-pair. Kumar, who had a straight flush draw, check on the flop and Chhikara raised 2,500 on the 6,000 pot. The Gutshot pro then check-raised to 7,000 prompting Chhikara to go all-in. Kumar called the remaining 19,000. However, Kumar who wasn’t able to complete a straight or a flush on the turn or the river, busted out of the table. He promptly re-entered the mega satty after this. 

  • Chhikara: Ad 5d
  • Kumar: 8d 6d
  • Board: 9d 7d As Jh 6h 

End Of Late Registration

Level 6 of the India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks 2022 got over. Break time ends which means late registration has ended. Some of the notable players who registered in the last few minutes were Kanishka Samant, Arsh Grover, Sumit Sapra and Samay Modi. We are waiting for the final number of entries. Once we get the final entry count, we will update about the same. 


Peter Shows Ankit The Door

On Table 5, at Level 6, just before the end of late registration, Ankit Jajodia shoved all-in preflop with his stack of 5,700 at 300/500 blinds holding Ah Ts. Peter Abraham raised all-in, pushing his 6,400 chips into the pot, holding As Qh. The rainbow board ran 2c 5h 3d Ks Ac, and Abraham’s queen-kicker busted Jajodia’s T to claim the pot of approximately 16,400 chips.

  • Abraham: As Qh
  • Jajodia: Ah Ta
  • Board: 2c 5h 3d Ks Ac

IPC Director Peter Abraham Joins The Game 

India Poker Championship Director, Peter Abraham joined the game on Level 5. The blinds were 200-400 and the ante was 400. Abraham will surely add his flavour and years of experience to the ongoing game. 



Double Bust Out For Ritwik

Online grinder Ritwik Khanna scored a double bust out on Table 7 at Level 5, Blinds 200/400. Deepak Tamang and Anuj Mishra shoved all-in following Khanna’s all-in action preflop. Khanna had 10,100 chips, Mishra had 6,000 chips, while Tamag had 9,400 chips. The board opened to Jh 9s Qc 5c Jc, and Khanna (6d 6h) sent away Mishra (Kc 5s) and Tamang (Ac Ks) with his higher pair (66), just 10 minutes before the end of late registration. 

  • Khanna: 6d 6h
  • Mishra: Kc 5s
  • Tamang: Ac Ks
  • Board: Jh 9s Qc 5c Jc

Kunal Patni Busts, Re-enters Immediately

UPDATE: Preflop, Patni called off Shekhar Agarwal’s (Ah Kd) All-in with his As Jc and busted with no help on the board. 

Adda52 Gaming Pro Kunal Patni busted on Level 4 when the blinds were 200-300. Although his bust-out hand is still not available, our reporters have already spotted him re-entering the event. Looks like Patni is here with a plan! 


Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther Arrives

Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther just made a classy entry and has successfully made heads turn. She is India’s only female pro to have a WSOP bracelet to her name. Although she entered a while ago, we haven’t seen the New Delhi-based pro on the table yet.

Ashok Pawar Fires Four Bullets Already?

IPC Megastacks 2022 has witnessed some insane action. Within just 20 minutes into the game, Ashok Pawar fired four bullets like a terminator. Also, who is he? What is his play like? Only time will tell what other action will unfold on the live felts. 

We’re on Level 4 and there have been around 67 entries so far among which eight to nine are re-entries. After the next two levels, there will be a 10-minute break which will also be the end of registration. 

Harshad Barve’s Big Slick In Action

Harshad Barve’s Big Slick In ActionIndia Online Poker Championship (IOPC) July 2021 Blaze of Glory winner, Harshad Barve is making some amazing moves. On Table 5 at Level 4 (blinds 200/300, and ante 300), preflop action saw Barve betting 800 which was called by Shekhar Agarwal, Kunal Patni and Ankit Jajodia. On the flop (9c 4s 2d), Barve with As Ks opted for a c-bet of 1,100 which got called by Agarwal (9s 9h) who hit three of a kind while the other players chose to fold. Turn (3s) saw Barve going all-in with 7,300 chips with a flush and straight draw (12 outs) and getting called by Agarwal again. The river of 5h gave Barve a straight beating Agarwal’s trips whose nuts on the flop were destroyed by a runner runner outcome.

  • Barve: As Ks
  • Agarwal: 9s 9h
  • Board: 9c 4s 2d 3s 5h

Kicker Ends Lohar’s Run

Table 8 saw some interesting action on Level 4, Blinds 200/300. On the flop of Jc 6d 5s, Gutshot Pro Dhirendra Kumar bet 600 chips, and Chandan Agarwal raised to 1,600 chips. Kumar and Anil Lohar called and the turn showed a 5d. This time Agarwal bet 2,700 chips; Lohar called and Kumar folded. Lohar shoved all-in on the river of Kh, while Agarwal called. At the showdown, Agarwal flipped As Js to eliminate Lohar’s Jd 9h, thus winning the pot with two pairs and an ace kicker.

  • Agarwal: As Js
  • Lohar: Jd 9h
  • Board: Jc 6d 5s 5d Kh

Bluff Fails?

On Table 6 at Level 3, online reg Harsh Dembla bet 600 preflop. Siddharth Mishra, co-founder of Hashtag Poker Productions called the bet while Gagandeep Malik raised 2,200 holding cowboys. Mishra called the raise and Dembla folded out of the action. The board on the flop was Js 9d 2h and Malik still in the lead, raised 2,200. Mishra proceeded to go all-in on the flop with hole cards Ah Tc, in a possible attempt to bluff Malik into folding his cards. However, Malik did not back down and called Mishra’s bluff. With nothing for him on the turn and river, Mishra was knocked out by Malik’s kings. 

  • Malik: Kc Kd
  • Mishra: Ah Tc
  • Board: Js 9d 2h Jc 4s

Anant Purohit Doubles Up

Anant Purohit Doubles UpGutshot sponsored pro, Anant Purohit’s game is going strong. Why? Well, on Table 9 at Level 3 (blinds at 100/200, and ante 200) preflop action saw Ankit Bhartia betting 1,300 with Ad Qc and Purohit going all-in with pocket fours (3,500 chips). Bhartia did not spare a thought and made the all-in call. The community cards fell 9s Kc 3s Ts 8d. The poker Gods were clearly watching over Purohit who doubled up in the process. Are we surprised? Not really!

  • Purohit: 4d 4s
  • Bhartia: Ad Qc
  • Board: 9s Kc 3s Ts 8d

Sameer Takes Out Kiran

The action on Table 4 continued with blinds 100/100 and, ante 100. On one of the hands, Kiran Gurang bet 600 preflop with hole cards J-7 suited. Sameer Agarwal and Anish Arora called his bet. The flop opened to 8c 9d Jx and Gurang with his top pair and straight draw bet 1,100. The action repeated as Agarwal and Arora called his bet once again. Everyone checked on the turn (Kc) and the river opened to Qs. With blinds at 100/100, Gurang shoved 3,500 in the pot with only Jack-pair which was an unfortunate move for the player as Agarwal swooped in to take the pot with a straight on the river and busted Gurang in the process. 

  • Agarwal: Kd Ts
  • Gurang: Jd 7d
  • Board: 8c 9d J Kc Qs

It’s A Double Bust Out For Anuj

At Level 2 – Blinds 100/100, on Table 7 saw an interesting play, busting two players in the same hand. Thakur Anand Mohan Singh (Ks 5s) bet 300 preflop, and was called by Shravan Chhabria (Ah Kh) and Anuj Mishra (Ad 2h). The board ran Qd As 2s, giving everyone something to play for. Mishra bet big (1,500) with his two pairs, leading to Singh calling the bet with a flush draw, while Chhabria shoved all-in for his 3,500 chips with his top pair and top kicker. The turn of 8d led to Mishra going all-in with his 8,000 chips. Singh also shoved all-in with his 1,200 chips. The river opened to Ac giving Mishra a much-needed full-house and he busted both his opponents.

  • Mishra: Ad 2h
  • Chhabria: Ah Kh
  • Singh: Ks 5s
  • Board: Qd As 2s 8d Ac

WSOP Bracelet Winner Aditya Sushant Is Here

WSOP Bracelet Winner Aditya Sushant Is HereWorld Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Aditya Sushant was seen on the floor of Casino Vegas. We are all excited to see this highly acclaimed pro arrive looking all pumped up but calm as ever. Sushant is India’s first WSOP bracelet winner. Sushant stands on the 8th position in India’s all-time money list. This Chennai-based player was also featured on the cover of Gutshot’s June 2019 e-magazine

Other notable players who were spotted in the casino are Saransh Garg, Harsh Dembla, Gagandeep Malik, Paawan Bansal, Abhishek Jalan. 

River Blesses Abhilash Kumar

River Blesses Abhilash KumarThere ain’t no bigger joy than the river blessing you. At Level 1, on Table 7, Abhilash Kumar (As Ah) bet 600 preflop which got called by online reg Ritwik Khanna (Ks Qd). Flop (2h 5c Qc) witnessed Kumar betting 500 and Khanna calling again. On the turn, Qh fell and Kumar bet 1,100 was raised to 2,500 by Khanna with his three of a kind and Kumar took the all-in route with 2,400 (too hard to fold pocket aces there) only to be snap called. But wait! Destiny had other plans as Ac fell on the river and gave Kumar a full house. With Pocket Rockets, Kumar took down a pot.  

  • Kumar: As Ah
  • Khanna: Ks Qd
  • Board: 2h 5c Qc

Straight To The Pot

On Table 4 with blinds 100/100, Caroline D’Souza bet 600 preflop from the small blind. Anish Arora just called 600 with pocket kings instead of 3-betting. The flop opened to a wet board of Ad Th Qc. Action checked to the turn (Qd) and D’Souza bet 1,600 while Arora called once again for 1,600 with his difficult to fold kings and possible straight draw The poker Gods blessed Arora with a straight on the river as a Jh opened up and he took a massive pot of 9,800 down while D’Souza mucked (probably with an Ace-pair).

  • D’Souza: Mucked
  • Arora: Kx Kx
  • Board: Ad Th Qc Qd Jh

Level 1 Underway – Dhirendra Starts With A Bang

On Table 8, Gutshot Pro Dhirendra Kumar had a great start. Kumar (Qh) bet 1,200 preflop at 100/100 blinds. He was called by Ashish Bisht. The flop ran 3h Qc 7s giving Kumar the top pair and he c-bet 2,000. Bisht again called to see the turn of Ac. This time Kumar shoved all-in with 4,000 chips, and Bisht folded. The river ran another ace, and Kumar won the pot with two pairs (QQ, AA). It seems like Kumar certainly has some winning on his mind. 

  • Kumar: Qh Xx
  • Board: 3h Qc 7s Ac Ax

Anant Purohit In The House

Gutshot Pro Anant Purohit has arrived in Casino Vegas. He is ready to take down all the titles up for grabs at the IPC Megastacks May 2022. Purohit looks all set to slay the live felts, so make sure you are tuned into Gutshot Magazine.

Girl Power On IPC Felts

The IPC 8K Mega Satellite has begun and so far we have over 45 registered players in the field. While mostly dominated by men, some much-needed girl power has begun to trickle in. So far, among the female contingent, we have Monica Bisht, Caroline D’Souza, and Natasha Singh who have registered for the event and have taken their seats on the tables.

Cards Are In The Air

The Tournament Director has finally said, “Shuffle up and deal,” and the cards are being dealt to the players at the 8K Mega Satellite. This marks the official start of India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022. The tournament begins with 46 players in the field. Let the game begin!

Few Minutes To Go!!!

The clock is ticking. India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 is all set to kick start in the next few minutes. Everyone at Casino Vegas in Hotel Mechi Crown (HMC) is ready and awaiting the first event – 8K Mega Satellite to commence. With players seated at the poker tables, all eyes are on the Tournament Director, Dexter Mercado, to utter the words, “Shuffle up and deal!”

Gutshot Sponsored Pro Dhirendra Kumar Is On The Floor

Just a few minutes ago, Gutshot Pro Dhirendra Kumar made an entry in Casino Vegas. He was spotted having a conversation with Amin Rozani, MD and CEO, Spartan Poker. Parth Jain, Poker vlogger and content creator immediately threw a question at Kumar about his plan for IPC Megastacks May 2022. Kumar said, “I’m all pumped up and ready to ship not one but two IPC titles.”

We have patched him up and he is pumped to crush titles. 

Our Favourite Poker Celebrities Are Here!

Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni, FTS 3.0 Main Event winner Ankit Wadhawan, India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) January 2021 Main Event champ Laksh Pal Singh, National Poker Series 2022 Main Event winner Chirag Sodha, Gutshot Pro Dhirendra Kumar, Rishab Malik, and Anish Arora have arrived at Hotel Mechi Crown, Jhapa, Nepal.

The registration desk is overflowing with pros, players and poker fanatics. Poker stars who have descended so far are fabulously adding to the glamour quotient of the 8K Mega Satellite tournament. The floor is ready and players are waiting to crush it already.

It’s Not At 4 Folks! IPC 8K Mega Satty Delayed!

D-Day is here! The much-awaited India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 kick-starts today. The tables are set at Casino Vegas in Hotel Mechi Crown, Jhapa, Nepal. The grand venue is ready to host the bigwigs from the poker industry. Here’s an update. The event has been slightly delayed as the players are still on their way owing to the delay in flight arrivals. Can’t wait for the poker stars to descend at the casino and play their best hands.

Welcome to the IPC 8K Mega Satellite

IPC Megastacks May 2022 - 8K Mega Satellite Live Updates

Are you ready for yet another spectacular edition of India Poker Championship (IPC)? Yes? Then gear up for IPC Megastacks May 2022. Here we are at Casino Vegas in Jhapa, Nepal waiting for the 8K Mega Satellite to kick-start. Want in on all the action but wondering how? Worry not. Gutshot Magazine will bring to you all the latest updates as they happen from Hotel Mechi Crown.

The Mega Satellite is a ₹8,000 buy-in event which has 10 exciting packages up for grabs worth ₹85,000 each. Players can win packages to the IPC Megastacks May 2022 Kick-Off and Main Event. The 8K Mega Satellite tournament features a late registration period which will conclude at the end of Level 6. Big blind ante format will be followed for all IPC May 2022 events and the 8K Mega Satellite tourney will follow suit.

Ante will be in play from Level 2 to Level 6. Blinds start at 100/100 and scale all the way up to 5,000/10,000. The event will have three 10-minute breaks at the end of Level 6, Level 9 and Level 13, respectively. Each level will last for 20 minutes each. The starting stack given in this event will be 10,000 chips. For those who don’t wish to burn a hole into their pockets, the 8K Mega Satellite tournament is the perfect opportunity to grab a package to the marquee tournaments of IPC Megastacks May 2022.

Furthermore, if you win, it is not just about the Kick-Off event, but you also get a shot at the highly anticipated IPC Main Event. If this doesn’t scream a golden chance, then we don’t know what will. For those looking for latest updates on IPC May 2022 events, stay glued to Gutshot Magazine’s website and social media handles. We will be getting you all the drama and action as it unfolds. 

Place Winner Name Prize
1 Gagandeep Malik ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
2 Anant Purohit ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
3 Subodh ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
4 Anish Arora ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
5 Ritwik Khanna ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
6 Shravan Chhabria ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
7 Aayush Agarwal ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
8 Abhijeet Kumar ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
9 Jatin Bhayana ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)
10 Aditya Sushant ₹85k package (IPC Main Event + Kick Off)

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