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Donna Amo
Posted on 17 May, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 17 May, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 17 May, 2022

Bluff Fails?

On Table 6 at Level 3, online reg Harsh Dembla bet 600 preflop. Siddharth Mishra, co-founder of Hashtag Poker Productions called the bet while Gagandeep Malik raised 2,200 holding cowboys. Mishra called the raise and Dembla folded out of the action. The board on the flop was Js 9d 2h and Malik still in the lead, raised 2,200. Mishra proceeded to go all-in on the flop with hole cards Ah Tc, in a possible attempt to bluff Malik into folding his cards. However, Malik did not back down and called Mishra’s bluff. With nothing for him on the turn and river, Mishra was knocked out by Malik’s kings. 

  • Malik: Kc Kd
  • Mishra: Ah Tc
  • Board: Js 9d 2h Jc 4s


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