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Author: Donna Amo

19 May, 2022 IPC 100K High Roller Structure

The 100K High Roller has an enormous ₹1 Crore advertised guarantee and will see many top pros battling it out on the field. All the events of IPC Megastacks May 2022, including this one, are big blind ante tournaments. At this High Roller event, the blinds start at 500/500 and will incr...

19 May, 2022 Siddhanth And Umer Kiss Kick-Off Title Goodbye

Following Nikita Luther’s bust out, two more players bid goodbye to the 25K Kick-Off title, one of them being Day 2 chip leader Siddhanth Kripalani. While the action moved slowly, Mahesh Shamsundar played his cards right when he called Umer Fayaz‘s preflop shove with pocket ...

19 May, 2022 Shailender Sent Home In 16th Place

Tournament lives continue to be claimed at Level 20 of the event with players busting out one after the other. After a couple of players bet preflop, Mahesh Shamsundar proceeded to jam his 200,000 stack with pocket queens and was promptly challenged by Shailender Pradhay who shoved 425,...

19 May, 2022 Sunil Bad Beats His Way Out

The tournament has reached Level 20 and the bust outs continue to roll in with Sunil Chaudhary being the next to go. Preflop, Himanshu Chhikara shoved his entire stack holding pocket fives. Chaudhary being the short stack also went all-in with pocket queens. The dealer fanned out the ca...

19 May, 2022 Welcome To IPC Megastacks May 2022 100K High Roller!

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022! We are covering the live updates of the series from Casino Vegas at Hotel Mechi Crown in Jhapa, Nepal. Players will soon be queuing up to enter Day 1 of the 100K High Roller, which is all set to begin at [...

19 May, 2022 Kiran Busts In 22nd Place

At Level 19, players on Day 2 of the 25K Kick-Off event continue to bust out. Following the fast line of players exiting the tournament, Kiran Gurung was next to meet his end.  With only around 7 BB remaining, Gurung went all-in with pocket eights. His shove was called by Harsh Bubna wh...

19 May, 2022 Priya’s Tournament Life Comes To An End

The start of Day 2 of 25K Kick-Off already saw its next bust out in Priya Rajkumar. Rajkumar made it to Day 2 with a chip stack of 24,000 and with blinds at 6,000/12,000 at Level 19 she did not last too long.  Rajkumar went all-in preflop with 12,000 holding hole cards J 9. Himanshu [&h...

19 May, 2022 Faiz Launched Out By Rockets

The tournament has reached Level 18 and the blinds are 5,000/10,000. Table 6 witnessed another player get eliminated from the tournament as the 31st bust out of the night. The player in question is Faiz Alam, who had gone all-in preflop with 138,000 and cards A Q. The shove was called b...

19 May, 2022 River Gives Singhvi A Full Boat

Day 1 of the 25K Kick-Off is almost coming to an end with the action on the felts slowing down as the tournament approaches the money bubble. At Level 17, the preflop action saw Siddarth Singhvi bet 13,000 and Manish Lakhotia raised to 65,000 holding Q Q. Singhvi who had A 3 jammed and ...

19 May, 2022 Sameer Snatches Arsh’s Chips Away Big Time

With the end of the last break of Day 1, Level 16 of the event began with the blinds at 3,000/6,000. The action on Table 7 had Arsh Grover bet 12,000 with 9 9. Sameer Agarwal jammed with A K and Grover called. When the board opened to K 3 6 Q J, Grover’s pair […]

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