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Poker Pro Bryn Kenney Accused Of Running Cult-Like Cheating Operation Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 06 Aug, 2023
By Donna Amo
On 06 Aug, 2023
By Donna Amo
On 06 Aug, 2023

When Bryn Kenney Was Accused Of Running A Cult-Like Cheating Operation

It seems like the poker community is experiencing its fair share of cheating scandals in recent days. Following an interview in Doug Polk’s podcast, Martin Zamani accused Bryn Kenney, the number one player on the All Time Money List, of running a cult-like online poker cheating operation.

Kenney, who has live poker earnings of close to $65 Million (Hendon Mob) was in the spotlight amidst this cheating accusation. The topic was the centre of the 80-minute-long discussion between Zamani and Polk.

Just earlier that day, Zamani shared a twitter thread regarding the situation. Starting off the thread, Zamani called out Kenney for allegedly colluding on GG Poker’s satties with this ‘horses,’ which is a term given to poker players that are receiving monetary backing to play cash games and tournaments.

Polk also stated that he was threatened with legal action by Kenney’s attorneys if any kind of misinformation was spread that would negatively affect the player. However, Polk continued on with the interview in the next 10 minutes, much to the excitement of the poker community.

You can take a look at the full interview here:

Just earlier in the week, Ali Imsirovic, the 2021 GPI Player of the Year was accused by Alex Foxen, Justin Bonomo, and Chance Kormuth for colluding in live poker tournaments. They also accused him of using real-time assistance (RTA) tools to help him play online.

Martin Zamini vs. Bryn Kenney

Coming back to the Twitter thread, Zamini also admitted he was a part of the group that allegedly cheated players out of potentially millions of dollars. He stated that he now wants to make it right and hence is outing Kenney. Zamini met Kenney through WPT champion Dennis Blieden, who is currently serving six and a half years in prison for committing a $2.7 Million embezzlement scheme.

Some of the cheating tactics that were pointed out by Zamini were, forced collusion in satellites, use of real-time assistance (RTA), and ghosting, among a few. During the podcast, it seemed like Zamini was giving the impression that Kenney ran some kind of cheating cult.

Many of the poker players that were a part of the online cheating schemes were told to do cooperate or otherwise be kicked off the staking situation. This also supposedly included living the kind of lifestyle Kenney wanted the players to lead which included following a Vegan diet and obeying his orders.

According to Zamani, players would be criticised if they failed to live up to the standard. One example of this that he mentioned was when a player snuck out to eat Taco Bell and was then subsequently reprimanded for doing so.

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Polk then asked Zamani about the tweet mentioning a painful ritual involving a Shaman, which Kenney insisted he meets. Zamani replied, “She (Shaman) talks to me for a little, and she goes, ‘I was the warlord’s wife, I’m a killer, I’m a thief, I’m a liar, but I tell you these things straight to your face.” This account was his first interaction with the Shaman.

We talk about stuff, and she goes, ‘I think you need to cleanse yourself. We’re gonna do the Kombo, it’s called Kombo, it cleanses you, it’s good for you, it’s a little violent. She takes incense to your skin and it blisters up. She then cuts off the blister with a knife so your pores are open and then she takes the poison from the frog and puts it on you,” Zamini continued. Zamani had not given his consent to the shaman to perform this so-called frog ritual on his body.

More To The Story

While the Shaman incident has no connection to the poker cheating scandal, it gives an insight into the cult-like environment in which players under Kenney are reportedly kept. However, despite Zamani’s accusations, proof of his claims still needs to be produced. So, while he may share further details about the accusations, we are merely repeating what he claims to be true.

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