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Tag: Poker Dictionary

Poker Dictionary - Face Card Poker Dictionary

19 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Face Card

If you have been familiar with poker or had any encounter with the game, you must have realised that the game of poke has several terms and jargon that are not only new but also interesting to know. In our poker dictionary series, we look forward to sharing with you some interesting ter...

Poker Dictionary - Cold Call Poker Dictionary

19 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Cold Call

Calling in poker refers to matching a bet but have you heard of cold calling? It’s a term used when a particular player, who doesn’t have any money/chips invested in the pot, calls after there’s been a bet or raise. For example, when Player A, who is in the under the gun (UTG) position ...

Poker Dictionary - California Lowball Poker Dictionary

19 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – California Lowball

Poker Dictionary lovers, here’s an article that will help you familiarize yourself with the extraordinary world of poker. This time, it is ‘California Lowball.’ Now you may wonder, why are we so obsessed with California? Mind you, these are just two terms associated with Californi...

Poker Dictionary - Call Poker Dictionary

19 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Call

If you are a fan of poker and are still not clear with the concept of ‘calling,’ then fret not. Here’s an article to help you understand all of it. In poker, calling refers to the action of ‘calling a bet.’ Read further to know more about this action in poker What is Calling? Calling [&...

Poker Dictionary: Ace Poker Dictionary

18 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Ace

The game of poker is a vast ocean filled with strategies, life lessons, and poker terms. There’s a of stuff that can be uncovered when studying or learning poker. In this article, we’ll be looking at the poker term called ‘Ace.’ The term ‘Ace’ is not only associated with poker but with ...

Poker Dictionary - California Games Poker Dictionary

13 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – California Games

The poker term for the day is ‘California Games.’ What does that mean? Is it a game played only in California or does the game have to do with more than just the name? Keep reading! California Games is a set of Asian games, some of which resemble games of poker. In this part...

Poker Dictionary - Acey Deucey Poker Dictionary

13 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Acey Deucey

Poker players usually have to learn and get themselves acquainted with the jargons used while grinding. With or without their knowledge each of them ends up becoming a true blue logophile. We’re helping you get acquainted with more quirky and fun terms, in order to become one of the clo...

Poker Dictionary - Early-Position Poker Dictionary

12 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Early-Position

Poker is an interesting game, and so are the technicalities and details of the game. The deeper you dive into the game, the more there is to learn about the game. But before you dive deeper, it’s essential that you are well versed with the basic terms and jargon used in the world of pok...

Poker Dictionary - Eagles Poker Dictionary

08 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Eagles

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of poker, or you’ve been playing the game for a while now, the game of poker makes sure you have something new to learn every day. Poker terms and jargons seem endless and there’s always a term you’ve never heard before.  Today, we will talk...

Poker Dictionary - Hole Cards Poker Dictionary

05 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Hole Cards

If you’re just starting out in the world of poker, you will come across several words and terms as you learn the game. These words are specific to the game and you must be well acquainted with them before you dive deeper into the game. To help you get equipped with such terms, we, at [&...

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