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Poker Dictionary - Eagles Poker-Dictionary
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 08 Oct, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 08 Oct, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 08 Oct, 2021

Poker Dictionary – Eagles

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of poker, or you’ve been playing the game for a while now, the game of poker makes sure you have something new to learn every day. Poker terms and jargons seem endless and there’s always a term you’ve never heard before. 

Today, we will talk about one such poker term, that may not be very common but can always come in handy during a poker conversation. Our poker dictionary series aims at equipping you with common and even the not-so-common poker terms, that you can learn and use effectively to show off your love for the game. Let’s learn about ‘eagles’ in poker. 

What is ‘eagles’?

Well, no, not the high-flying bird, of course! ‘Eagles’ in poker refer to the fifth suit in a 65-card deck. We know exactly what you’re thinking! 65-card deck? No, we’re not kidding nor is it a typing error. While a normal deck of cards consists of 52 cards with four suits, there also exists a 65-card deck with five suits.

The 65-card deck has an additional suit which is represented by a red and black star. The deck is also known as a Stardeck, by the name of the fifth suit. This fifth suit is also known as eagles. The eagles include 13 cards, just like the traditional deck. 13 cards of five suits makes the 65-card deck.

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Why ‘Eagles’?

The five-suited deck has been existent for more than 500 years. The deck progressed with time and the fifth suit got several names and symbols over the years. In 1937, in the US, the deck was published with the fifth suit represented by a green eagle. This deck was popularly known as the Eagle deck back then. However, over the years, the green eagle was replaced with a star.

Use of ‘eagles’

While a poker game with a 52-card deck can generally be played with seven players in one hand, eight players can play a hand with a 65 card deck. Additionally, since the variety of cards increases, the players can deal the cards for a longer duration without shuffling. While playing with a 65-card deck, additional hands come into picture such as five-of-a-kind and a Super straight. The addition of the fifth suit also introduces interesting variants of traditional Bridge, Spades, Hearts and Solitaire games.

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