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Poker Dictionary

26 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Implied Odds

Poker players are well known for using jargon that is not common knowledge. Among the hundreds of terms used every day, ‘implied-odds’ are directly related to your bankroll. Today, we will look at the poker term ‘implied odds.’  What are implied odds? Implied odds are the amount of mone...

Poker Dictionary – House Rules Poker Dictionary

25 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – House Rules

Every poker room has its own specific set of poker rules referred to as ‘house rules.’ Poker rooms usually print their rules and hang them near the entrance or have it on their website for the players to read. Why are these house rules needed? House rules are needed because every poker ...

Poker Dictionary - Backdoor Straight Poker Dictionary

25 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Backdoor Straight

Whether you’ve been playing poker for years or have started playing recently, you will always come across some poker terms that you haven’t heard before. The poker universe is vast and so is the vocabulary of the game. To equip you with the common and uncommon poker terms, we have a pok...

Poker Term - Action Button Poker Dictionary

22 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Action Button

There are several variants of poker that have evolved over the years. Not just the game, even the vocabulary has evolved with new terms getting added to the list. Not knowing poker terms and phrases may leave you confused in a conversation about the poker game. To equip you with all the...

Poker Dictionary - Age Poker Dictionary

21 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Age

If you have ever played poker or had a poker conversation with anyone about poker, you will know how vast the game of poker is. Also, if you are unaware of these terms, you will find yourself completely baffled and lost. To save you from such situations, we at Gutshot, look forward to e...

Poker Dictionary – Advertise Poker Dictionary

18 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Advertise

Poker is a complex, yet fun game. The world of poker is full of interesting words and phrases which have interesting meanings. Be it specific poker cards, a combination of cards, poker hands or strategies, everything has been given a unique name. Let’s discuss one such term given to a p...

Poker Dictionary – Jackson-Five Poker Dictionary

18 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Jackson-Five

Poker terms have had several popular culture references. Starting from Dolly Parton, Anna-Kournikova, Barbara-Hutton there are several terms that are named after famous people. Today, we will look at one such term. Jackson Five is a poker term used to describe the hole cards ‘J 5.’ Who ...

Poker Dictionary – Acepots Poker Dictionary

15 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Acepots

The more you know in poker, the better you get. Apart from the things you can learn in poker, it is important to understand the terminology around the game, since poker terms are a part of the learning process. Players can do this by reading about poker terms online. Today, we are going...

Poker Dictionary - Darth Vader Poker Dictionary

11 Nov, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Darth Vader

Poker terms can be easy and quick to grasp, especially when the explanation is as simple as the term we are talking about today. This time let’s talk about ‘Darth-Vader.’ At first, this term reminds us of something related to the classic Star Wars movies. In poker, poc...

Poker Dictionary – Dark Bet Poker Dictionary

25 Oct, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Dark Bet

Poker players flock to online sites every day, and poker is gaining solid ground in India. People belonging to this industry use a particular set of terms to describe steps in the game and more. In the latest Poker Dictionary article, we will shed light on the term called Dark Bet. In P...

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