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Tag: Poker Dictionary

Poker Dictionary - After-Hours Game Poker Dictionary

18 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – After-Hours Game

While multi-table tournaments (MTTs) are a favourite among poker players, there are times when there’s nothing better than sitting down with some close friends for a game of poker. Not only is it fun to play with friends, but these private games are also less stressful. These games are ...

Poker Dictionary - Jacks To Open Poker Dictionary

16 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Jacks To Open

Poker is a versatile game that has several variants. While some variants such as Omaha, Chinese poker, Pineapple poker are well-known, certain games like jacks to open are still not known to the masses. Today, we will be looking at learning about Jacks To Open. This game is played like ...

Poker Dictionary – Advantage Player Poker Dictionary

12 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Advantage Player

There are poker players of different kinds. Some are recreational players while some are professionals. However, if a player knows the game well and is ready to utilise any advantage that he/she can get, then that player can be called an advantageous player. Let us learn a bit more abou...

Poker Dictionary - Blind Raise Poker Dictionary

11 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Blind Raise

Ever felt lost during a poker conversation? Don’t worry we have all been there. The world of poker is so vast that it’s difficult to know every single thing. However, it is not impossible. Through our Gutshot poker dictionary series, we are making sure you know every or at least most (b...

Poker Dictionary - Bankroll Poker Dictionary

11 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Bankroll

The poker universe is vast and expansive. There is so much to learn and understand about poker as you dive deeper into the game. And some things in poker are such that they not only help you on the poker table but off the tables, in real life too! In this article, we will look […]

Poker Dictionary – Add-on Poker Dictionary

11 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Add-on

There are different types of poker tournaments hosted with some having features like re-buys and add-ons. In this article, we’ll be looking at the poker term ‘add-on’ which is used in poker tournaments. It is interesting to learn what these terms mean and how understanding them can affe...

Poker Dictionary – Aces Over Poker Dictionary

09 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Aces Over

There are a lot of interesting terms in poker that are used when playing the game. Some are direct references to the hands while some refer to certain moves or forms of gameplay. Learning about these poker terms can help improve your poker game as they make it easier to follow instructi...

Poker Dictionary – Act Poker Dictionary

08 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Act

In poker, for the game to progress, players need to perform actions like calling, raising, betting, or folding. This means players need to ‘act’ during a poker hand. Let’s learn a little bit more about this poker term. What does the word ‘act’ mean in poker? When it’s time for a player ...

Poker Dictionary - Ace-To-Five Poker Dictionary

08 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Ace-To-Five

Ace to five is a lowball variant where straights and flushes have no value, and the best possible hand is 5-4-3-2-A regardless of any suit. In this particular variant, Aces are considered to be the low cards. This hand is also referred to as a bicycle or wheel. A wheel is a slang for th...

Poker Dictionary – Active Player Poker Dictionary

05 Jan, 2022 Poker Dictionary – Active Player

Just like how hands and certain plays are given a name in poker, so are the poker players involved in the game. In this article, we’re going to be looking at a poker term that alludes to a kind of poker player. This poker term is called an ‘active player.’ Let’s learn more about this [&...

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