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Tag: Poker Dictionary

How Poker Happened to Me Part 2_1 Poker Dictionary

08 Sep, 2020 Gutshot Poker Dictionary – Straight Run

Not your normal straight! Here we come with a new word to help you amp up your Poker vocabulary. In general terms, a straight run means a direct attempt at anything without obstacles.  In poker, A straight hand or straight run refers to five consecutive cards of any suit. By consecutive...

Gutshot Poker Dictionary - Rainbow Poker Dictionary

31 Aug, 2020 Gutshot Poker Dictionary – Rainbow

Poker has been a part of  the Indian culture since years altogether. Several terms that we use in a poker game are common terms that we used in our everyday lingo but have a different meaning. For example, words like straight draw, river, backdoor, etc. We’re building a bank of ou...

Gutshot Poker Term - Dead Man's Hand Poker Dictionary

24 Aug, 2020 Gutshot Poker Dictionary – Dead Man’s Hand

Playing cards have been part of our culture for hundreds of years. At many occasions, people are superstitious or even if they don’t count themselves as superstitious, they do have little rituals, or charms, that they believe will put them in a better position to win. One of the most fa...

Gutshot Poker Dictionary - Backdoor Poker Dictionary

17 Aug, 2020 Gutshot Poker Dictionary – Backdoor

The game of poker is now world famous. Whether you are traveling, watching your favourite sitcom like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or simply browsing through your phone and happen to come across an advertisement starring MS Dhoni. Poker is everywhere. The age old card game has transformed and branched...

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