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DPT Main Event Winners Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 18 May, 2024
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 18 May, 2024
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 18 May, 2024

DPT Main Event Winners

Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) has been one of the most popular and sought-after live poker tournaments in the country. The success of the event is evident from the tremendous participation and applause the event has got from the poker fraternity year after year. The series is hosted at least twice a year, thanks to the high demand among the players for this event. 

There have been several players who have flaunted their impeccable skills and etched their names in poker history with their wins. In this article let us take a walk down the memory lane and recall all the spectacular victories of the Main Event winners who defied all odds to claim the titles. Below listed are all the players who have won the DPT Main Event till date.

Deltin Poker Tournament Winners List

Edition Main Event Winners Entries Prize Money Winning Hand
DPT January 2016 Raghav Bansal 102 ₹30,60,000 K Q
DPT August 2016 Vikas Singh 235 ₹17,60,000 A 3
DPT November 2016 Gautam Sachdeva 161 ₹13,04,000 A A
DPT April 2017 Mayank Agarwal 294 ₹25,45,100 A 2
DPT July 2017 Nitin Gupta 300 ₹28,06,600 K Q
DPT September 2017 Haresh Kukreja 179 ₹18,71,000 A K
DPT February 2018 Dainik Mehta 293 ₹23,19,000 K 6
DPT July 2018 Awnish Singh 457 ₹35,04,000 Q 4
DPT February 2019 Ankit Kapoor 286 ₹22,50,000 A J
DPT August 2019 Rishabh Vekaria 448 ₹30,00,000 9 9
DPT April 2022 Sumit Lalchandani 602 ₹35,64,000 K 5
DPT November 2022 Abhishek Paul 710 ₹55,13,434 K Q
DPT July 2023 Vasu Bansal 642 ₹53,76,000 J 5
DPT Oct 2023 Sahil Chutani 258 ₹20,19,109 J 5

DPT January 2016:

Raghav Bansal

Raghav Bansal

Poker pro Raghav Bansal became the first ever DPT champion by nailing the DPT January 2016 Main Event. Bansal clinched the victory for a prize money of over ₹30 Lakh after beating Akash Malik. The runner-up settled for a pay cheque of ₹18,87,000. The Main Event was the biggest event of the series with a guarantee of ₹1 Crore, which was shared by the top 12 places. The ₹1,00,000 buy-in event recorded 102 entries. The final table of six included some of the top names like Dhaval Mudgal (3rd, ₹13,26,000), Rishabh Jhunjhunwala (4th, ₹10,20,000), Abhay Bokadia (5th, ₹7,14,000), and Madan Kumar (6th, ₹5,61,000). 

DPT August 2016:

Vikas Singh

The Main Event of the DPT August 2016 edition recorded 235 entries and generated a final prize pool of ₹70.50 Lakh which was eventually distributed among the top 24 players. Vikas Singh was the ultimate champion and grabbed a handsome amount of ₹17.60 Lakh in prize money for his first place finish. Rahul Agrawal finished second for ₹10.90 Lakh on the final table of nine consisting of Shyamrag C (3rd, ₹7,90,000), Naren Prakash (4th, ₹5,86,000), Gaurav Chauhan (5th, ₹4,40,000), Archit Saraogi (6th, ₹3,35,000), Bharath Jayprakash (7th, ₹2,60,000), Gaurav Chauhan (8th, ₹2,05,000), and Shaleen Luhadia (9th, ₹1,65,000).

DPT November 2016:

Gautam Sachdeva

Gautam Sachdeva

The November edition saw a total of 161 entries at the Main Event who generated a prize pool of ₹48,30,000, out of which the top 18 places took home a portion of the prize pool. Gurugram-based Gautam Sachdeva clinched the title for ₹13.04 Lakh. The three-way action ended with Kanishka Samant finishing second for ₹8.21 Lakh, and Nitin Jain taking the third place for ₹6.16 Lakh. Vikas Mantri (4th, ₹4,83,000), Pranay Kapoor (5th, ₹3,62,200), Anup Palod  (6th, ₹2,65,700), Akash Masand (7th, ₹1,81,000), Dhaval Mudgal (8th, ₹1,44,900), and Ankit Wadhawan (9th, ₹1,08,700) also finished on the final table at the event. 

DPT February 2017

Mohammad Imran Khan

Mohammad Imran Khan

Mohammad Imran Khan, a Delhi-based player primarily known for his online poker prowess, made a remarkable debut in the live tournament scene by winning the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) February 2017 edition 35K Main Event. Khan’s victory earned him a staggering ₹28.3 Lakh.

The Main Event finale witnessed an intense heads-up battle between Khan and Neelabh Baranga, with the latter finishing as the runner-up and pocketing ₹17.3 Lakh. The final hand saw Baranga moving all-in with A7o, while Khan confidently called with pocket tens. The board presented Qh 6c Kh 4c 3s and Khan’s pocket pair held strong, securing him the coveted title and the substantial prize money.

Khan’s triumph was made even more remarkable by the fact that this was his first-ever live tournament appearance. His ability to navigate the high-pressure environment and outmaneuver seasoned live players showcased his exceptional talent.

DPT April 2017:

Mayank Agarwal

Mayank Agarwal

The 35K Main Event of the DPT April 2017 edition had a guarantee of ₹70 Lakh which was surpassed for a final prize pool of a whopping ₹1,01,87,100. The top 30 places out of the 294 entries cashed at this event, with Kolkata’s Mayank Agarwal emerging at the top and walking away with ₹25,45,100 in prize money. The event ended in a deal between Agarwal and Haresh Kukreja for ₹18,90,000. Yohan Patel (3rd, ₹11,21,000), Anant Kumar (4th, ₹8,15,000), Ganesh Kompella (5th, ₹7,13,000), Atul Khanna (6th, ₹5,60,000), Tanuj Moorjani (7th, ₹4,58,000), Kanishk Bansal (8th, ₹3,05,000) and Jayram Nirama (9th, ₹1,78,000). 

DPT July 2017:

Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta

300 entries contributed a whopping ₹1.05 Crore final guarantee that was shared by the top 30 players. Nitin Gupta dramatically busted the final four players to clinch the title for a top prize worth ₹28,06,600. The runner-up was Kiran Kumar, who cashed ₹17,15,200. Other players at the final table included Rajesh Goyal (3rd, ₹11,43,500), Rajesh Rajpoot (4th, ₹8,31,600), Eka Vedantham (5th, ₹7,27,770), Sachin Chandani (6th, ₹5,71,800), Guneet Kwatra (7th, ₹4,67,800), Himanshu Thukral (8th, ₹3,12,000) and Ankush Aryan (9th, ₹1,81,900)

DPT September 2017:

Haresh Kukreja

The Main Event of the DPT September 2017 edition gathered 179 entries of which the top 18 players cashed the min-cash. The lion’s share of the final prize pool of ₹62,65,000, was clinched by Haresh Kukreja, also known as ‘Kavish.’ Kukreja took home ₹18,71,000 in prize money. At the runner-up spot was Varun Iyer, who pocketed ₹11,78,000. Romit Advani (3rd, ₹8,83,600), Prashant Singh Bhutoria (4th, ₹6,93,000), RG (5th, ₹5,19,800), Kapil Arora (6th, ₹3,81,200), Amit Kumar (7th, ₹2,59,900), and Mayank Jain (8th, ₹2,07,900) also cashed on the final table of this event.

DPT February 2018:

Dainik Mehta

The February 2018 Main Event had 293 entrants and the final prize pool stood at ₹1.02 Crore. Dainik Mehta, topped the table for ₹23.19 Lakh. Mehta beat Arjun Arora in the heads-up session and the latter took home a pay cheque of ₹15,28,600. Avinash Tauro finished third for ₹9,86,200, while Abhijeet Shetty and Aditya Sushant busted at the fourth and fifth place for ₹7,64,300 and ₹6,21,300, respectively.

DPT July 2018:

Awnish Singh

Out of the total of 457 entries in the Main Event, the top 49 places took a piece of the final prize pool (₹1,59,95,000). Awnish Singh took the lion’s share of ₹35,04,000. Singh, who was relatively new at that time, beat Vidur Singhal in heads-up. Singhal settled for the runner-up position for an impressive ₹22,74,000. Other pros like Bhuvan Bansal (3rd, ₹14,60,000), Sailesh Lohia (4th, ₹11,28,000), Ankur Sehgal (5th, ₹8,66,000), Rugal Advani (6th, ₹6,88,000), Gautam Raju (7th, ₹5,46,000), Mukunda Dasharathy (8th, ₹4,31,000) and Raunak Modi (9th, ₹3,45,000) also were seen on the final table of this event.

DPT February 2019:

Ankit Kapoor

Ankit Kapoor

The event attracted 286 entries and crowned Ankit Kapoor as the winner. Kapoor took home ₹22,50,000 for his first place finish. The top winner beat Mayank Jaggi in the heads-up clash.

DPT August 2019:

Rishabh Vekaria

The Main Event of the August 2019 edition was nailed by Rishabh Vekaria for ₹30 Lakh. The event saw participation from 448 entries, for a prize pool of ₹1. 56 Crores, which was shared by the top 56 finishers. Ankur Sehgal finished runner-up for ₹21,00,000 at this event. Other final tablist included top names like Anup Palod (3rd, ₹13,80,000), Tarun Goyal (4th, ₹49,30,000), Amit Tejura (5th, ₹7,10,000), Samit Mehta (6th, ₹5,80,000), Paawan Bansal (7th, ₹5,00,000), Siddarth Singhvi (8th, ₹4,00,000) and Anmol Chawla (9th, ₹3,00,000).

DPT April 2022:

Sumit Lalchandani

Sumit Lalchandani

After a two-year hiatus, DPT returned in April 2022. This edition had 602 entries battling it across one online flight and three live starting flights leading to the Main Event. The top 72 players cashed in this event. A final prize pool of ₹1,88,47,950 was created. Sumit Lalchandani claimed the coveted title, and walked away with a career-best of ₹35,64,000. Sandeep Gupta finished in the runner-up spot and had a payday of ₹25,10,600. Other pros including Ankit Wadhawan (3rd, ₹16,14,400), Mohit Bohra (4th, ₹1,195,600), Nikita Luther (5th, ₹8,96,200), Neeraj S (6th, ₹7,18,100), Kshitij Kucheria (7th, ₹5,98,800) and Aditya Singh (8th, ₹4,77,500) were also seen in contention at the final table.

DPT November 2022:

Abhishek Paul

Abhishek Paul

Abhishek Paul won the DPT November 2022 ₹45K Main Event. The well-known poker player took home a pay cheque of ₹55,13,434 for his top place finish. Paul beat another live poker dynamo Anand Thakur. The runner-up added ₹33,73,849 to his bankroll. The final table of this coveted DPT Main Event also had pros like Abhishek Goindi (₹18,25,197), former IOPC Main Event winner Laksh Pal Singh (₹14,52,589), Mohit Mehta (₹8,06,347) and Archit Khandelwal (₹11,14,913). This event recorded total entries of 710 which generated a final prize pool of ₹2,91,10,000.

DPT July 2023:

Vasu Bansal

Vasu Bansal

Vasu Bansal emerged victorious to take home the Main Event trophy and a pay cheque of ₹53.76 Lakh at DPT July 2023. Bansal struck a deal with second place finisher Krishna Khaitan who added ₹40 Lakh to his bankroll. Both players agreed to lock a prize money of ₹40 Lakh each and then played for the additional sum and trophy. Bansal ultimately won the title and bumped up his total winnings from this event. The final table of the DPT July 2023 Main Event saw popular names like Rubin Labroo (₹18,69,504), Arjanveer Singh Chadha (₹5,55,000), Shravan Chhabria (₹23, 36,880), and Nishant Kumar (₹7,30,275). This event had 642 entries resulting in a massive prize pool of ₹67,177,900.

DPT October 2023

Sahil Chutani

One of the notable pros from the Indian poker circuit, Sahil Chutani shipped the Main Event of the DPT October 2023 edition. The ₹50K buy-in tournament saw Chutani beat Archit Khandelwal to ship the top spot for a sum of ₹20,19,109. The runner-up added a sum of ₹14,38,027 to his bankroll for his second place finish in the coveted tournament. The total number of entries in the Main Event stood at 258 with the top 33 places getting paid. The min-cash paid was ₹1,17,390 and the final prize pool generated was ₹1,16,10,000.

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