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Ace Race

04 Dec, 2018 Kavish Kukreja wins final edition of Ace Race Leaderboard

The Ace Race Leaderboards on Adda52 were turning out to be extremely popular ones, with three installments being hosted every month and a total of INR 15 lakh being given away in guaranteed prizes. Players loved the format as it meant consistency for just ten days, as sometimes you may ...

Pranav Khandalkar wins Go Goa; tops Ace Race on Adda52 Ace Race

22 Nov, 2018 Pranav Khandalkar wins Go Goa; tops Ace Race on Adda52

This has been a fantastic year in online poker for Pranav Khandalkar so far. In fact, he has stepped up his game particularly in the last few months. The rise to fame began in May this year, when he shipped the Millionaire on Spartan and since them, he has been winning across all major ...

Siddarth Singhvi wins Adda52 Ace Race Leaderboard AGAIN Ace Race

01 Nov, 2018 Siddarth Singhvi wins Adda52 Ace Race Leaderboard AGAIN

Most of the top Indian poker companies host monthly leaderboard competitions where players get the chance to be rewarded for their consistency. Basically, these act as added incentive to keep playing and winning. Adda52 too hosts a monthly leaderboard competition called the Ace Race Lea...

Akshay Nasa Ace Race

22 Oct, 2018 Akshay Nasa aces October’s Ace Race 2 Leaderboard

There are a few initiatives that give people an added motivation to do something. In online poker in India, the top companies use methods like reward systems, leaderboards and other offerings. One such offering from Adda52 is the monthly Ace Race Leaderboards, where players can win from...

Siddarth Singhvi Ace Race

11 Oct, 2018 Siddarth Singhvi wins Adda52 Ace Race 1 Leaderboard

There’s always added incentive to play poker on the biggest online platforms in India. Apart from high-guarantee tournaments, there are plenty of promotions, bonuses, offers and leaderboard competitions where users get rewarded extra. The Ace Race Leaderboard competition is one su...

Akshay Nasa Ace Race

03 Oct, 2018 Akshay Nasa wins September’s Ace Race III on Adda52

As you all know Ace Race is a leaderboard promotion by Adda52 which has a giveaway of INR 15 Lakh for the whole of the month divided into three parts equally for a period of 10 days each. The INR 15 Lakh guarantee is also split into three parts making it INR 5 Lakh every ten days with t...

fourteenk Ace Race

22 Sep, 2018 ‘fourteenk’ wins September’s Adda52 Ace Race II

The Ace Race Leaderboard is a month-long promotion on Adda52 which guarantees a total of INR 15 lakh. But it comes with a twist as the Ace Race is divided in three phases of ten days each with the guarantee splitting into 3 way too. So, every ten days INR 5 lakh is up for grabs for play...

Pradeep Singh wins Adda52's Ace Race I Ace Race

12 Sep, 2018 Pradeep Singh wins Adda52’s Ace Race I

Adda52 is one of India’s most respected poker websites and they have unique ways of rewarding their most loyal users. They have a promotion known as Ace Race Leaderboards, where a total of INR 15 lakh is given away to the top performers in Adda52’s featured tournaments durin...

Naren Purohit wins Adda52 Ace Race III Leaderboard Ace Race

04 Sep, 2018 Naren Purohit wins Adda52 Ace Race III Leaderboard

Most of the top poker companies in India look for new ways to reward their users and Adda52 is one of the leading sites in the country, so they do their share of innovation as well. The recently launched the Ace Race Leaderboard, which is a monthly promotion that runs in three installme...

Goonjan Mall wins Adda52's Ace Race II Ace Race

23 Aug, 2018 Goonjan Mall wins Adda52’s Ace Race II

Most of India’s top poker companies are running since years because of their loyal user base. Thus, these companies always search for ways to improve their users’ experiences on their respective platforms, while also looking for ways to constantly reward these users. An exam...

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