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WATCH: Doug Polk's Video On Daniel Negreanu Turns Into A World-Class Fu*k Up Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 24 Oct, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 24 Oct, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 24 Oct, 2022

WATCH: Doug Polk’s Video On Daniel Negreanu Turns Into A World-Class Fu*k Up

Doug Polk has been grabbing headlines for quite some time now. But majorly Polk’s media coverage has been credited to his degenerate-like behaviour being on full display on social media. Why degenerate? Read on to know why Polk is one of the worst trolls you will ever come across on Twitter.

Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk

The world knows and so do poker gods that Daniel Negreanu and Polk lock horns the first chance they get even though they both have reportedly buried their hatchet (hard to believe). In 2020, ‘KidPoker’ reportedly beat the Upswing Poker founder’s ass in a game that left the latter fuming. 

While the memories of the ‘more rake is better’ scandal were still fresh in everyone’s mind, Negreanu replied to Nick Schulman’s tweet saying that Polk got spanked like a petulant kid. And the three-time World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner retaliated with an Academy Award worthy video blasting DNegs. 

This wasn’t the end of Polk’s skulduggery. While sharing the video on his Twitter handle, Polk threw shade at users commenting on Schulman’s post and also called them ‘c*cksuckers’ and shared a link to the controversial video.

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The viral video which raked up shit storm on Twitter ended in Polk getting trolled brutally. That post had such an impact that Rob Yong even said that he will never get on the wrong side of Polk. Matt Glantz called Polk’s video demeaning DNegs vicious. The comments section was flooded with users calling out Polk for his despicable act of making a video just to fulfill his agenda of shaming ‘KidPoker’ on social media.

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Doug Polk’s video on Daniel Negreanu

Academy Awards do have a category for best editing and that’s for a legit reason. Good editing adds more punch to a film and this was proven correct by Polk. The video shared by the Austin-based poker pro was all things impeccable edits but the agenda behind making the video was filled with hatred and disrespect for Negreanu. There was no escaping from the shameful act and Polk got caught badly in the fire he ignited to burn Negreanu. 

Though this incident happened in 2020, the jitters are felt even today. Many Twitter users speak about Polk and Negreanu’s frenemy status, but the recent poker cheating scandal involving Robbi Lew and Garrett Adelstein yet again proved that the two pros are still at loggerheads.     

Check out the video

Twitterati reacts on Doug Polk’s video

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