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When Daniel Negreanu Gave Zero F**ks About Ebony Kenney's Accusation Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 20 Sep, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Sep, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Sep, 2022

When Daniel Negreanu Gave Zero F**ks About Ebony Kenney’s Accusation

You cannot make an accusation against a six-time World Series of poker (WSOP) bracelet winner and get away with it unscathed. All this gets more fatal if you’ve fired your bullets on Twitter without showing proof. Get ready to be corrected, trolled or even called out! The micro-blogging site is not a very forgiving space if you leave loose threads and forget to tie them up with solid evidence. Confused about what we are talking about? Let us take you back in time.

Nostalgia alert for Daniel Negreanu fans

It was the summer of 2022 (May), when Ebony Kenney thought of something really wonderful to share on Twitter, but that thought quickly turned into a nightmare when she targeted the mighty Daniel Negreanu. Kenney, who recently took a pay cheque worth $1.7 million from the $200K Triton Poker event, reportedly stated that DNegs stared at her non-stop while grinding. 

The female pro said that while grinding alongside DNegs in a 2008 / 2009 poker game at Foxwoods, Negreanu stared at her and on confronting him on the same he even admitted to it. Kenney got a lesson on what happens when you take a shot at someone like Daniel Negreanu without giving a shred of evidence to substantiate the claim. 

Ebony Kenney’s tweet on Daniel Negreanu

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Many Twitter users reacted to Kenney’s staring accusation and some even trolled her. A couple of curious souls on Twitter tagged ‘KidPoker’ and asked his comment on the matter. Like we stated in our headline DNegs had zero f**ks to give about Kenney making a serious allegation. According to a pokernew.com report, the GGPoker Ambassador had denied the accusation at that time. 

In the Twitter thread, the female pro also stated how it was her first-ever $10K event and couldn’t believe she sat next to the Poker Hall of Famer and how it all ended on an ‘uncomfortable’ note. Kenney made sure to add that she somewhat felt relieved that her journey in that tournament ended early because of this situation she faced with Negreanu. 

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The Miami resident said in her continued post, “He just says,”Yeah I’m staring,” & never stopped. My stint in this tourney was short lived as I didn’t know how to fold aces. The sting of busting the tournament was overshadowed by the relief I felt of not having someone directly next to me openly gape at me the entire time.” Did Kenney stop there? Apparently not. As per pokernews.com, Kenney said that Negreanu was ‘detrimental to attracting’ female players in the poker circuit. 

Twitterati responded to staring allegation

Come September 2022, Kenney again took a dig at ‘KidPoker’ and called him a bully on Poker Life Podcast which is hosted by Joe Ingram. She added, “What I’m saying with Daniel Negreanu is he has a platform. When he gets called out, he just attacks and is a bully.” To further clarify, the American pro reportedly stated that she’s not looking to ‘cancel’ Negreanu but would like to sit down with him and discuss how to get more female players in the game. 

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Photo Credit: PokerGO and Poker.Org

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