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Jeremy Ausmus FAILS To Pull An Adelstein  Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 20 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 20 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 20 Oct, 2022

Jeremy Ausmus FAILS To Pull An Garrett Adelstein 

The Robbi Lew – Garrett Adelstein drama had the entire poker fraternity divided. While some backed Adelstein that Lew was involved in cheating, others stepped up in support of Lew against the allegations. 

Recently, five-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Jeremy Ausmus was playing an online WSOP $7777 event, wherein he finished second to a relatively new and lesser-known player by the name Jared Strauss. Post the game, Ausmus shared a post on Twitter wherein he openly implied about some kind of alleged cheating from the new player Strauss. In other words, he tried to do what Garrett Adelstein did after he lost to J4o against Robbi Lew. 

Ausmus first sarcastically congratulated Strauss, and later took an ugly dig at him saying “I look forward to battling him in the live high rollers as it’s obv that’s where he belongs despite most of his live results being in $60 south point birds.”

The comment section was filled with mixed reactions from his followers. One of the users named ‘Ronnie Bardah’ rightly pointed out that Strauss had played 5K live buy-in events as well and has cashes in another 7,777 event. He questions why Ausmus has not spoken about that and has specifically mentioned about south point tourneys. 

Another user wrote “I kinda wish more people would enter the $60 Southpoint birds AND 5k live and online tourneys. I was playing $8 sit go’s while 12 tabling 600nl on Stars at one time. Maybe people just like to play poker?” Ausmus quickly replied by trying to justify his accusations by saying “But what if a lower stakes player shows up and you can’t see them cause it’s online and they nail every spot like their Stephen Chidwick? You think you might want some people to know about that?” The five-time bracelet winner, who was in anticipation of his sixth at the event, hinted at the possibility of cheating because the event was online.

Poker player and YouTuber Joey Ingram asked Ausmus if he had heard back from the WSOP officials on the matter, to which Ausmus replied saying, “Not that I’m aware and sounds like no one ever hears from them.  Also was not aware this often happens after high rollers on WSOP. I guess I’ve been off Twitter when those things happened” (sic)

Realizing his accusations did not hold water without proof, he posted another tweet the next day trying to justify saying, “Want to be clear I’m not saying with certainty the guy who won was being ghosted or RTA’ing. Just saying there are some cheaters out there and the biggest lead is solver-esque sharp play + limited results.  People playing in these events def keep an eye out for these things now.” (sic)

The same day he posted another tweet talking about the ‘negative energy from people.’

The next day after finishing 10th at a Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) event at Bellagio, he posted an update of his achievement, along with taking a dig of course. He dragged chess champion Magnus Carlsen into the drama when he said, “These guys obv weren’t being ghosted. So the only logical conclusion is they were using those new anal vibrating devices like they got Magnus with. Cuz I’m a big shot pro and I ALMOST NEVER LOSE. #asscheats” (sic) He further added a disclaimer saying “Contains Sarcasm.” (sic)

Users did not miss the opportunity to make Ausmus realize his mistake. Several users replied to his tweet questioning his self-awareness and education about the game.

We wonder if it has become a trend among the established pros to accuse new/relatively lesser-known players of cheating if they lose against them. If that’s the case, the game of poker may be losing its essence of appreciating skills faster than we think. 

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