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Daniel Negreanu Pulls Out All Stops In RIDICULING Garrett Adelstein Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 15 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 15 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 15 Oct, 2022

Daniel Negreanu Pulls Out All Stops In RIDICULING Garrett Adelstein

As the Robbi Lew – Garret Adelstein drama continues to flood the internet with people divided on whether Lew cheated or not, poker pro Daniel Negreanu from the very start has been vocal about his support for the female player. 

While the world was against Lew for allegedly having a device that showed her Garret Adelstein’s cards and accused her of cheating in the high-stakes game at Hustlers casino, DNegs stood by Lew and called out all those who falsely accused her without any proof. “KidPoker extended his support to Lew once again in his recent tweet, wherein he called her one of the best game theory optimal (GTO) players in the world. 

In his tweet he wrote “By definition, you can’t exploit game theory optimal play. You can, however, massively exploit human beings’ flawed implementation of solver outputs. The human brain is incapable of replicating truly GTO play. No one plays GTO. Except maybe @RobbiJadeLew.” (sic)

Coming back to Negreanu’s latest tweet, the pro weaved his praise for Lew in a rather intriguing manner. DNegs indirectly took a massive dig at Adelstein (who’s been a cry baby since Day 1), who was in utter shock after his suited connectors (8c 7c) lost to Lew’s J4o, on the board of T T 9 3 9 , even after running it twice to see a river of A . After losing the massive pot of $269K, the high-stakes player accused Lew of cheating in a live-streamed game. 

The six-time World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, who stated in one of his previous tweets that newbies have pulled off insane hands against him, supported Lew in the matter from the day this jaw-dropping news broke. 

One Twitter user named ‘AP AP’ asked Negreanu to provide an example of a time that he exploited someone’s flawed implementation of GTO, the poker pro replied to him asking him to watch the Super High Roller Bowl from start to finish.


Another user asked him about his take on the incident, he responded by sharing his words of wisdom, “Main takeaway is never accuse someone of cheating publicly without concrete evidence. If you do, apologize instead of doubling and tripling down”

The poker pro who’s a proud owner of a brand new Tesla Model S, again took a shot at Adelstein for accusing Lew publicly, and then keeping on with allegations even after realizing his mistake (as per his Adelstein initial report on the J4o hand). Negreanu had earlier also defended Lew by giving a befitting reply to Doug Polk, who joined Adelstein in accusing Lew (more like throwing shade). Polk, in one of his streams, claimed that Lew was allegedly hiding some kind of device in her pants (oh yeah, Polk did a 100% zoom into Lew’s expensive Versace leggings). Negreanu shared his take on Polk’s allegations by sharing detailed pictures of the Versace leggings and its design, which had no room for something to be hidden (except if Polk had a hidden third eye which told him otherwise).

Lew recently took a lie detector test and shared the results of the same on her Twitter handle. The LA based player also shared that she has submitted her mobile phone records to LA Times for verification and that more updates will follow soon. Stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine for all the latest updates on the Lew – Adelstein saga.

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