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Top 10 Poker Rooms In Las Vegas Casino
Donna Amo
Posted on 25 Sep, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 25 Sep, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 25 Sep, 2022

Top 10 Poker Rooms In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has long been called the ‘Mecca of poker,’ and for good reason. Situated in the state of Nevada, the city is right at the centre of live poker action in the United States and possibly even the world. The city hosts a large number of live poker rooms and attracts those who want to experience the live poker scene in its full glory. With more than 20 of the top poker rooms, the options are endless.

So, if you’re thinking of taking a trip to ‘Sin City’ anytime soon, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 poker rooms that you must visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a poker player or just want the live experience, these venues are just what you’ve been looking for. Let’s dive in!

1. Wynn

Starting off the list is the poker room hosted in the Wynn/Encore property. There are 28 tables in the room on the Encore side of the venue, which can expand significantly when Wynn’s hosts some of its biggest poker tournament series. The poker room is popular for hosting some of the city’s biggest prize pools. One example is the first edition of the Wynn Millions event in July 2021. The event has a $10,000 buy-in and there were a total of 1,328 entries that participated. Andrew Moreno shipped the tournament, and the went home with a $1.46 million pay cheque.


Even cash game lovers will enjoy the No-Limit Hold’em cash tables at Wynn. Regular running games in the poker room include $1/$3 stakes with a $500 max buy-in and $2/$5 which has a $1,500 max buy-in. Both of these games are known to have some of the biggest max buy-ins in Las Vegas. Pot-Limit Omaha enthusiasts can also find cash tables with $1/$2 with a $1,000 max buy-in and the $5/$5 with a $2,500 max buy-ins.

2. Aria

Poker pro will be familiar with the Aria poker room as it is one of the major poker hotspots in the city. The venue is popular among the cash game pros in Las Vegas and has one of the most consistent player traffic in the Las Vegas Strip. The poker room has 24 tables and players can play a variety of stakes which run around the clock.


There are also multiple No-Limit Hold’em tables like $1/$3 with a $300 buy-in and $2/$5 with a $1,000 max buy-in. One can also find high stakes games like the $5/$10 with a $3,000 max buy-in and the $10/$20 which has an uncapped max buy-in. The Aria poker room is a haven for Pot-Limit Omaha players as it has multiple PLO cash games running at any given moment.

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3. Bellagio

If you’re more into high-stakes poker, then the Bellagio is where you need to go. The poker room is a long-time staple for the high-stakes poker scene in Las Vegas. The place is a must-visit for any poker enthusiast heading to the Strip. The Bellagio poker room has a 37-table capacity which is more than most poker rooms in the area. Currently, all the tables are meant for cash games which could turn away those who are looking for multi-table tournaments.


The setup at Bellagio is a dream for cash players as it has the most consistent run for high-stake games. If you find yourself there, prepare to also spot some of the world’s top poker pros grinding it out at the tables as it hosts the popular high roller area called the ‘Legends Room.’ The room has mixed games with one of the highest limits in the world. Poker variants like Stud and Omaha Eight or Better are also hosted. The iconic poker room was central to the live poker scene in Vegas even before the poker boom of the 2000s. But be prepared to wait for some time to get in as the Bellagio has some of the longest waitlists in the city.

4. Resorts World

As one of the more recent additions to the Strip, Resorts World has ticked most of the boxes when it comes to creating a top-notch poker venue. It has 30 tables and runs tournaments with $160 buy-in daily. The place also has a few $1/$3 No-Limit Hold’em cash games with a $400 max buy-in running. The venue opened in June 2021 and is the Strip’s newest mega-resort. The property is also the most expensive built, with a cost of $4.3 billion. The poker room is one of the best in terms of staff and comfort, however, has a lack of consistent games running in the place. There are also No-Limit Hold’em cash games like $2/$5 with a $1,200 max buy-in, and mixed games are also occasionally available.

Resorts World

The room is one of the three places that use PokerAtlas which allows players to directly get on the waitlist through an app. This helps them avoid calling the poker room which is the usual process. There is also a self-serving kiosk where players can order food from any restaurant in the casino and pick it up when it’s ready or even have someone bring the meal to you.

5. South Point

With a 30-table setup and consistent player traffic on any given day, the South Point poker room is the ultimate poker destination for the locals. The venue offers three to four daily tournaments, which include $60 and $150 No-Limit Hold’em events. Once a week on Thursdays, the place also hosts a $60 buy-in Omaha Eight or Better tournament.

South Point

There are also seasonal freerolls that have six-figure guarantees that are meant for players who have up to 100 hours of play in a given three-month span. Most of the South Point poker tables are occupied by Las Vegas locals who are seeking to get an entry into freerolls that reach $300,000 in guarantee. No-Limit Hold’em cash games are hosted at all times with stakes at $1/$2 ($300 max buy-in) and $2/$3 ($600 max buy-in). If you have the time, then these seasonal freerolls are worth the value and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

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6. Red Rock

Unlike other poker rooms on the list, the Red Rock is one that is situated a little far from the Strip. Visitors will need to drive about 20 minutes west of the Strip to enter the Red Rock poker room. The 20-table poker room offers a distinct experience from the regular poker rooms in the Vegas Strip. One will find mostly locals grinding in the tables of this poker room. Cash games running in Red Rock feature $1/$2 NLHE ($300 max buy-in) and at least one $2/$5 ($1,000 max buy-in) game. There are also Limit Hold’em games at $4/$8 stakes that run most times.

Red Rock

For locals, Red Rock is a great pick as it does not host many tourists, unlike the other poker rooms. This means players can expect to face some familiar opponents during most of their poker sessions. As a regular, there are also many Station Casinos Rewards that one can rack up.

7. Orleans

Another local hotspot is the Orleans poker room which has 34 tables and is one of the highest capacity live poker rooms in Las Vegas. Players can always expect to find a $1/$3 No-Limit Hold’em ($500 max buy-in) cash games in operation. But what makes it even more special is the non-NLHE games that the property offers. You can enjoy $3/$6, and $4/$8 Limit Hold’em, which run for most times of the day, along with $8/$16 Omaha Eight or Better.


For tournament lovers, the Orleans also has a couple of daily events and even regular special tournament series. For example, it hosted a series that featured an $800 buy-in NLHE Main Event with a $500,000 guarantee. This is an exciting place for the locals and a great place if you want to experience the local talent.

8. Venetian

The history of the Venetian poker room is not perfect. In the past many players boycotted the poker room when it was under Sheldon Adelson’s ownership as he held a crusade against the legalization of online poker. However, the Venetian is not under new ownership and has a lot to offer players.


Weekday nights at the Venetian have many $1/$3 NLHE cash games with $300 max buy-ins running regularly. It has 32 tables and is one of the bigger poker rooms in the Las Vegas Strip. Frequently occurring series include the Venetian Deepstack and the MSPT series. The poker room is mostly overlooked by pros but is frequented by recreational players.

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9. Caesars Palace

When anyone thinks of Vegas, Caesars Palace is almost always thought about. This legendary property on the Strip is all about the experience. Caesars Palace has a long history with poker, and while the 15 table poker room may be a little smaller than some on the list, it continues to be a great place for poker players to visit.

Caesars Palace

The poker room is located at the heart of the resort’s nightlife which is good for cash game players who are looking to play against tourists for a late-night grind. The poker room hosts five daily tournaments with buy-ins $100 and $150. There are also cash games at Caesars Palace which include a $1/$3 NLHE game with a $300 max buy-in.

10. Golden Nugget

Looking for an old-school Las Vegas experience? Then head to the Golden Nugget. With 13 tables, the Golden Nugget poker room has a cosy set up and is one of the only places to play live poker in downtown Las Vegas. Located away from the Vegas Strip, the Golden Nugget has a different feel. The top attraction of the poker room is the $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em cash game which has an uncapped maximum buy-in.

Golden Nugget

With such low stakes and an uncapped buy-in, the action on the felts is a unique experience. In this poker room, it won’t be uncommon for players to play with four figure buy-ins or even bigger. It is also one the only poker rooms in Las Vegas where $100 bills play and it’s not uncommon to see players seated with stacks of chips and bills. So complete your Vegas experience by heading to this hidden gem in the city.

With that we conclude our top ten list. If you think we missed out on some venues or agree with this list, then let us know! For more interesting top 10 picks, keep reading Gutshot Magazine. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Telegram.

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