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Streaming Live: Anujkumar Kodam on why streamers make a difference in poker Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 11 Feb, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 11 Feb, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 11 Feb, 2021

Streaming Live: Anujkumar Kodam On Why Streamers Make A Difference In Poker

The misconception of poker being a game of chance has slowly and steadily fallen away. One of the reasons for this is the uptick of poker content creators in the country that are making the game more relatable to the masses. The social media space has been a great way to educate people about the mind sport. Many poker brands are now turning to players to make sure that the poker game grows and is visible on social media.

We got a chance to talk to streamer and poker pro Anujkumar Kodam about this new approach to increase the presence of the game. Originally from Hyderabad, this IIT KGP and IIM Calcutta graduate was introduced to the game during a visit to his friend’s hostel. In 2017, Kodam took home the title of PokerBaazi’s INR 1 Crore GTD The Moneymaker online tournament where he took home INR 30.4 Lakh in winnings. The 31-year-old player’s dedication to poker was noticed by PokerBaazi who then invited him to host a few streams on their YouTube channel. Here’s our conversation with this veteran poker player and content creator.

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How did you get into streaming?

“I realised it is better to be true than right at what you do. I like being vulnerable and putting myself out there. Streaming gave me an opportunity to do just that which is why I got into it in the first place.”

What’s your streaming schedule like?

“I stream most Saturdays on PokerBaazi, some on and off poker on my channel. The content on my channel is mostly on conversations about poker, mindset, life and some poetry.”

You can check out Kodam’s channel here.

Tell us about your streaming experience with PokerBaazi.

“Streaming with PokerBaazi has been one of the most fun things I have done. What is great is the community we have organically built that consists of people who just want to learn, share, and grow with each other. PokerBaazi has been doing a great job, onboarding some top players to share their game and help grow the community.”

How do you think the lockdown has impacted the landscape of streaming in India?

“A lot of people finally found the time and an outlet to do what they want to do. Streaming has been the same, there have been some crushers like 569 poker, JD saz, Aniruddha Joshi, cyflopse, vdp, mip, Akshay, bootcamp, and many more. All of them are doing a great job in promoting the game while being themselves.”

Can a game like poker benefit from live streams?

“Yes, definitely. Streaming poker makes it a shared experience. It’s an affordable way for people to learn. It helps good players find the recognition they deserve and even platforms gain visibility through it. It’s a win-win if we find the right combo.”

Besides poker, what other games do you enjoy streaming on?

“Not much of a gamer, but like I said I do put out streams with people from different areas, I’ve done streams with Nick Howard, Krishna Prasad, Matt Hunt, who are into performance coaching. I also plan to do some more in the future.”

Lastly, do you have any streaming projects that players should watch out for in the coming future?

“Yes, I’ve recently started this interview series called The Real Game. The premise of the game is that in life we all play games of our own, through which we discover and transform ourselves, we talk about the games, the discovery and how the game for oneself is evolving. I intend to have a bunch of people from different areas in there, in fact, I just did one today, you can check it out here.”

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