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Streaming Live: Aniruddha Joshi Tells All Streaming Live

27 Feb, 2021 Streaming Live: Aniruddha Joshi Tells All

Many enthusiastic poker players in India are doing their best to present the game in a positive light. As YouTube streaming is one of the most accessible ways to do so, a number of players have started their own channels on the platform. We got a chance to speak with Aniruddha Joshi who...

Streaming Live: Anujkumar Kodam on why streamers make a difference in poker Streaming Live

11 Feb, 2021 Streaming Live: Anujkumar Kodam On Why Streamers Make A Difference In Poker

The misconception of poker being a game of chance has slowly and steadily fallen away. One of the reasons for this is the uptick of poker content creators in the country that are making the game more relatable to the masses. The social media space has been a great way to educate people ...

Streaming Live: Poker Pro Sharad Rao Reveals All Streaming Live

05 Feb, 2021 Streaming Live: Poker Pro Sharad Rao Reveals All

As the game of poker continues to intrigue people across India, many poker players and platforms are now looking for different avenues to present the game’s content in a more appealing way. Over the years, streaming has become a popular medium for gamers to reach out to their audience. ...

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