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Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 01 Dec, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 01 Dec, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 01 Dec, 2023

Game Of Gold Ep 9: Olga Is Unpredictable Against Charlie

In episode 9 of the popular poker reality show Game of Gold, Olga Iermolcheva went all guns blazing against Charlie Carrel. The episode began on a fighting note where Charlie is seen in a war of words with David Williams, and Andy Stacks playing mediator to no good. 

The fight was about who goes first in the round against Iermolcheva. Williams ended up calling Carrel selfish who was busy explaining EV to his team. Williams was in no mood to listen to his EV explanation or why his reasoning to go first was not selfish and indeed was a good decision. 

Williams explained why he does not appreciate going last every time. He went last against Koon and also against Josh Arieh in previous rounds. This player explained why he likes pressure but not every round he would like to go last since the burden of getting through lies on his shoulders. 

Understandably, Williams should get a chance to go first or second after going last multiple times, but looks like Carrel got his way. He did go first and battled it out with Iermolcheva. 

The game starts off with Iermolcheva and Carrel battling it out. The female pro also got his rival to fold a good hand when she raised him on a deuce. This became a talking point back in the room with Carrel’s team members. 

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In a hand when Iermolcheva got dealt with Ac 2h and her opponent had Kc 6s, the Ukrainian player goes all-in with her remaining chips 360K and she tells Carrel to use his time coins to think about the hand. But he makes the call without making use of the time coins and teases her with a flip of the coin to see who will win. 

Well, it was not that funny for Iermolcheva who was under a lot of pressure. This was shown at the start of the episode when she was termed as too ‘negative’ by her team member Lucas Robinson. 

Nikita Luther did try to understand and diffuse the situation but Iermolcheva was not buying it and kept saying that their team was in a bad spot. Luther was seen having a conversation with Robinson about how the cards were unfair and they never had good cards. 

Coming back to the hand, Carrel called and the board read Td Ks 9d 4d 4s. This was game over for Iermolcheva. Robinson went up next against Carrel and said to Luther that he is confident about his game. The episode ended with Carrel’s elimination as he threw in an all-in bet of 1 Million chips which did not work out well for him. Luther and Iermolcheva celebrated Robinson’s win over his rival. For more news and updates, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Telegram.

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