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Game Of Gold EP 8: Maria Ho Rules Till YoH ViraL Arrives Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 28 Nov, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Nov, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Nov, 2023

Game Of Gold EP 8: Maria Ho Rules Till YoH ViraL Arrives

Poker After Dark’s Game Of Gold is only getting intense with each passing episode. The poker reality show which airs on GGPoker’s YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 PM UTC (5:30 PM IST) sees top pros from the international circuit lock horns in multiple rounds. 

In episode 8 which released on Monday, 27th November, viewers got to see how Maria Ho ruled the felts on Game of Gold. She entered first after consulting with her teammates German pro Fedor Holz and Josh Arieh. Ho, first went up against ‘Jungleman’ Dan Cates who couldn’t hold water against her bluffs and had to bow out after playing some hands. 

Ho seems to be in a chatty mood and Cates was responding to the table talk as per his mood. Ho, at one point called Cates rude for not answering a question the female pro asked. The table talk was cute but Cates was visibly miffed when he had to fold a hand against Ho as he couldn’t decide whether it was a bluff or not. When he busted, Cates did ask Ho about bluffing to which she replied saying, “Yes.”

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This was an insult to injury and Cates walked away knowing he made the wrong call by folding a winner. Next up was Kyna England who battled the fierce and aggressive Ho on the table. 

England’s demeanour on the table was like a chicken who was scared to death to go up against a lioness which was Ho. She chickened out in a hand which was a clear winner but Ho’s bet sizing killed her vibe and England folded. 

Ho did not let England survive long and wrapped up the game with her in a few hands. This did not go down well with her team members, YoH ViraL and Cates, who looked disgruntled to say the least. Ho was ruling thanks to her bluffing skills and also that the board was favouring her time and again. Now it was time for ViraL to come and play his game and oh boy he did. 

He more or less started off by killing Ho’s vibe when it came to bluffs. In a hand which Ho thought she nailed it, had ViraL going all nuclear. 

Maria Ho vs YoH ViraL

ViraL had J9s and Ho had 63s. The former raised to 60K and Ho responded with a 3-bet with 240K. ViraL, whose real name is Johan Guilbert, threw in the chips to make the call. The dealer fanned out a flop of J 2 A . Ho was sitting with a flush draw and her rival had Jack-pair. Ho bet 170K and ViraL matched. 7 came on the turn to do nothing for either player, but Ho was eager to hit that spade flush. Ho bet 520K hoping her opponent would fold but he called to see the river of 9

This was game over for Ho and game on for ViraL. Ho checks the river and ViraL did what he could do best to fight the female pro—bet 1.1 Million chips. Ho did not think much and folded. This was a blow Ho did not dream of but was delivered masterfully by her heads-up rival.

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