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Women Power – Sonia Singh Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 19 Feb, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 19 Feb, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 19 Feb, 2021

Women Power – Sonia Singh

The poker community in India is full of enthusiastic young minds with a ceaseless love for the game. While a lot of the spotlight shines on players and the brands, today we wanted to focus on the people behind the scenes that truly make sure everything runs seamlessly. One among them is the talented Sonia Singh, Assistant Marketing Manager of PokerHigh.

Currently residing in Delhi, this 24-year-old is a self-acclaimed poker fanatic and has been working for the sport since her graduation from Sri Venkateswara College in 2018. She is a spitfire when it comes to her work and is a force to reckon with. Singh has been associated with PokerHigh since the start of her career. “This was my first job ever and I am lucky to have worked with really bright and fun people. I have also learned a lot here,” she reveals. Singh further adds “I have also worked across functions and my love for poker has grown with the company.” 

Women Power – Sonia Singh

When asked how often she plays poker, “Not as much as I’d like. I stay super busy, but I try to squeeze in an hour or two when I get the time,” she confesses. Guided by her boss and mentor, Siddhanth Sumon, the gritty poker lover Singh is one woman whose hard work can be spotted easily through her steady success on the poker platform. Owning a lot to her mentor for the growth, she also highlights an important point about the Indian poker community. She states, “Strong relationships are important. It is a very close-knit industry; I was fortunate as I got the chance to interact with a lot of players and poker enthusiasts both on and off the felts. These folks eat and sleep poker.” 

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Even with the evident growth and success of the poker industry in India, the game is still riddled with prevailing misconceptions that have hindered it from truly reaching its full potential. Keeping this in mind, we asked Singh the one thing she thinks should change in the Indian poker industry. “Acceptance. I think poker is still seen from a negative lens in India. Although the game has made significant strides as a skill-based game, a lot needs to be done to enhance awareness among the masses,” she replied. 

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Today, 19 February, also happens to be Singh’s birthday. Turning 24 is certainly a milestone worth celebrating, so we asked this bubbly poker enthusiast what her birthday plans were, “I don’t have one yet! It’s mostly going to be work but then again, you can hardly call poker work,” she replies candidly. Along similar lines, we also asked her a wish she hopes would come true, “I wish to be a poker commentator, travelling the world and being a part of the biggest tournaments from across the globe. This human dynamo also added, “I want to say ‘hello, my babies!’ I like Joe Stapleton, he’s extremely funny and I’d love to do what he does one day.”

Women Power – Sonia Singh

Keeping in mind her undying love for poker, we nudged Singh to reveal who her favourite poker players were. “There are tons of players I like but my favourite ones are Raghav Bansal, Rubin Labroo. Their poker journey and experiences are just so inspiring. On the international end, I also like Faraz Jaka and Igor Kurkanov, these guys kill everyone on the tables!”

The recent Doug vs Negreanu Heads-up challenge got us wondering who Singh would choose if she had to pick any celebrity to play a heads-up match with. “Dwayne Johnson, because I play great against ‘rocks’,” she replies without hesitation. “I’ve always looked up at ‘The Rock’ in WWE and Hollywood. I love his hard-working attitude and his will to win. I am very inspired by him,” she adds.

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With the poker scene in India welcoming more women into its fold, a powerhouse like Sonia Singh is truly scaling great heights in the industry. Keep an eye out for this woman in poker because she is not done with her slaying yet. 

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