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Tag: Women Power

Women Power In The Esports Community   Women Power

30 Aug, 2021 Women Power In The Esports Community  

While the online gaming arena across the world is mostly dominated by men, that dynamic is already undergoing a change, thanks to the steady rise of women gamers in this space. Earlier, many girls stayed away from the gaming scene due to its ‘bro’ culture and the perception that gaming ...

Women Power - Smita Agarwalla Women Power

20 Apr, 2021 Women Power – Smita Agarwalla

When you think poker, you think Texas, Saturday boys night in. So, women in poker, is brand new right! Throw in an Indian woman who’s mother to a teenager is taking it too far! Well that’s me, my life as a poker player. I got introduced to poker by my husband played recreationally for y...

Women Power – Sonia Singh Women Power

19 Feb, 2021 Women Power – Sonia Singh

The poker community in India is full of enthusiastic young minds with a ceaseless love for the game. While a lot of the spotlight shines on players and the brands, today we wanted to focus on the people behind the scenes that truly make sure everything runs seamlessly. One among them is...

Women In Poker: The Indominable Sheena Sareen Women Power

17 Feb, 2021 Women Power – Sheena Sareen

While poker has a reputation for being a game dominated by men, in recent years, women are claiming the poker scene with vigour and style. Especially in India, where many Indian women are taking up the mind sport and acing their game at every turn. Popular female players like WSOP brace...

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