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Tips On How To Make Online Gaming Into A Career Gaming
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 08 Feb, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 08 Feb, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 08 Feb, 2021

Tips On How To Make Online Gaming Into A Career

Are you planning to convert your passion for gaming into a full-time profession? If yes, then we have some great tips for you. The gaming craze has reached every nook and corner of this country as factors such as internet penetration, and increased smartphone users are boosting the growth of the gaming industry.

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 To make online gaming into a career, one must follow a set of prerequisites. 

Building yourself an online portfolio

As a gamer, an online portfolio will get you recognition in the industry. Gamers can create their individual identity among game developers, programmers, gaming companies, sponsors, and other affiliate platforms too.

One can create an online presence by streaming their game, promoting their work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc and build better connections on LinkedIn. Create a portfolio that you could use in the long run too.

Marketing the game

One must know that marketing your progress in the game via social media channels is very crucial. Gamers must know how to promote their game in the market. When a player chooses to make online gaming a full-time career, they need to be well versed with ways in which they can promote their game. This is on the same lines of creating an online presence, but it requires you to be a master at social media.

Exploring programming, animations, sound designing etc

Just like the industry of gaming has bloomed, so has the requirement for people who develop the game seen a steady demand. Programming or coding is the language that helps computers function and in the same manner it forms the base for any game. So, if you are in the industry of gaming, programming is the road you could take.

Animation is a very important factor in gaming. When shapes change while playing a game, it is because of animation. For e.g. When a gun fires a bullet, it is because of advanced motion capture and blending that the animator has used. Animators are in demand as the gaming industry is experiencing a boom.

Assisting gaming brands

Professional gamers can use their expertise to assist gaming brands in developing their games. As a gamer who also streams, you will come across comments and suggestions from your users about the game. You could use this feedback to help the brand you are associated with to devise better go-to market strategies.

Gameplay and growth in the industry

Lastly, we spoke with PUBG streamer Indrajit Singh aka ‘Bandookbaaz.’ He is a gamer who streams PUBG for a living. He chose gaming as a career and he mentions that one needs to be extremely dedicated and punctual in this industry. He further emphasized that one may not get success immediately and it is a long way before gaming starts paying off.

Even though the career path is different, one would still have the same work life as others but it is just that you will be entirely responsible for all that happens to your career.

A career in gaming is a choice many youngsters are opting for in the current time. There is no easy way into the industry but if one is already into gaming and is looking for career options, professional gaming could be the perfect choice. This is a good time for a gamer to grow in India.  

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