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Tag: Triple Bubble

Srihari Bang Triple Bubble

29 Sep, 2018 Srihari Bang wins another Spartan title in Triple Bubble

One of the most popular tournaments introduced in recent times is the Triple Bubble at The Spartan Poker. Featuring a unique concept where not one but three bubbles are paid out. The first bubble as everyone knows is the payout bubble where normally the player falls just short of the mo...

Triple Bubble

22 Sep, 2018 ‘Bikini Babe’ is Spartan Triple Bubble winner

The most exciting thing about winning a poker tournament is being able to outlast a big field of players and of course the juicy prize money that’s available up top for the winner. On the flip side, one of the heartbreaking moments in a tournament is when you bust out on the bubbl...

Water234 Triple Bubble

15 Sep, 2018 ‘Water234’ ships Spartan’s SSS Triple Bubble tourney

The unique Triple Bubble tournament was added to The Spartan Poker’s featured tournaments not too long ago, and since then, it has been quite a hit on their platform, hosted every Friday at 9pm. Yesterday’s Triple Bubble was a part of the ongoing Spartan Super Series (SSS) a...

Arjanveer Chadha wins Spartan's Triple Bubble Triple Bubble

08 Sep, 2018 Arjanveer Chadha wins Spartan’s Triple Bubble

The Triple Bubble is a recently launched tournament on The Spartan Poker, with an extremely unique concept. Just like the name suggests, it has three prize bubbles, rewarding the money bubble player with his entry fee refund, rewarding the final table bubble player with a ticket to the ...

'U_R_MY_BANK' wins Triple Bubble title on Spartan Triple Bubble

01 Sep, 2018 ‘U_R_MY_BANK’ wins Triple Bubble title on Spartan

Featured tournaments take place daily on The Spartan Poker, but Fridays are one of the best days on their platform, with a couple of big tournaments being hosted. One such tournament is The Elite, which was shipped by ‘biglooser007’ last night, while another Friday night tou...

'Tiger10' wins Triple Bubble Tournament on Spartan Triple Bubble

11 Aug, 2018 ‘Tiger10’ wins Triple Bubble Tournament on Spartan

Less than a couple of weeks back, The Spartan Poker launched three new tournament offerings for their loyal poker players and one of those tournaments is the Triple Bubble tournament, where there are not one or two, but three prize bubbles. It is also one of Spartan’s featured tou...

'Nisha123' wins Spartan's first Triple Bubble event Triple Bubble

04 Aug, 2018 ‘Nisha123’ wins Spartan’s first Triple Bubble event

Less than a week back, The Spartan Poker announced the launch of three new tournament offerings for their loyal poker players. Of the three, the most popular one was set to be the Triple Bubble tournament, where there would not be one or two, but three prize bubble pay-outs during the t...

Spartan introduces three new tourneys Triple Bubble

31 Jul, 2018 Spartan introduces three new tourneys

Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition and that’s why The Spartan Poker is always bringing out new products and tournament offerings for its loyal poker players. Now, they have launched three new poker tournaments on their platform, effective from 1st August 201...

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