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Poker Strategy - Running It Twice Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 30 Jun, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 30 Jun, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 30 Jun, 2021

Poker Strategy – Running It Twice

The world of poker is much different from any other. You can randomly pick up a box of UNO cards and start playing but to start with poker, you need to be aware of poker terms apart from the rules of the game. You need to get yourself acquainted with these words so that the next time you play poker, your poker vocabulary must be super strong.

To make all the newbies out there aware of poker terms, Gutshot has an exclusive range of articles on poker terms, variations, strategies, methods and more. This time it is the strategy, ‘running it twice.’

Running it twice or run it twice occurs when a player decides to go all in before the river has been revealed. The players involved in the hand can agree to ‘run it twice.’ Let’s take an example of the same. Player A and B are dealt with A♣K♦ and Q♦Q♣ respectively. Player A goes all in, gets called by player B and both of them agree to run it twice. Players could choose this strategy to reduce variance. 

The community cards are dealt and the board is revealed as 2♦8♠K♥9♣8♠. Player A wins with his pair of Kings. In the second round, the board is revealed as follows, 9♥3♦3♣J♥7♦ and player B wins it this time with his queen pair. Player B wins both because of the two pairs that he has. The two players split the pot and each of them gets half of it.

Players must know that if there are any remaining cards in a hand of poker, flop, turn, or river, then they will be dealt by default. One must also know that running it twice only occurs when all the players who wish to go all in come to a consensus. 

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If one player wants to run it twice and the other does not, then the pot will only be run once. This means that running it twice is a strategy that two players opt for but when one player disagrees, then the pot is only run once. Players can also choose to run the pot more than twice, as long as they agree to do it. For instance, if players wish to run the pot thrice, it means that three separate turn and river cards will be dealt and each will be worth one-third of the pot.

Can you ‘run it twice’ as part of your poker strategy?

Yes, you can but players must remember that if the pot is run multiple times, then it reduces the variance aspect. So, when are you planning to run the pot?

This is just one poker strategy among the hundred others that poker players use everyday while grinding. Poker players, especially beginners, should be aware of these important poker terms in order to play their A-game and know exactly what is happening at the poker table.

For more interesting poker terms, methods, variations, keep reading  GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on our social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

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