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Poker Dictionary – Action Only Poker

31 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Action Only

Poker games are never devoid of any action. Whether it’s in the form of betting, calling, or raising, an action is required for the game to progress. But did you know that there are also different kinds of action in a poker game? So, in this article, we’ll be looking at another kind of ...

Poker Dictionary – Action

30 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Action

Even though poker is played sitting down or in front of a screen, it continues to be an enjoyable game for many. Aptly called a mind sport, poker players use their knowledge of the game and their skills to perform well in the game. While there may not be a lot of physical activity, ther...

Poker Dictionary – Aces Full Poker

28 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Aces Full

Poker is an interesting game and so are the terms associated with it. There are terms and phrases which are simply mind-boggling and may leave you to play the guessing game. But we are here with a simple solution. With Gutshot’s poker glossary you get to learn new terms associated with ...

Poker Dictionary - Dead Collection Blind Poker-Dictionary

27 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Dead Collection Blind

The poker industry has several terms and phrases that are used on an everyday basis. Such unique terms make it difficult for laymen to understand what is being spoken about. If you are one among those who want to learn all the fancy terms that people from the poker industry use, then yo...

Poker Dictionary - Dead Card Poker-Dictionary

27 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Dead Card

Dead or alive? If you thought this was applicable only for human beings then you’re wrong as it applies for cards also. Several cards can be used for playing in a deck, but there is one card that dealers will never deal to you. Yes, it’s the dead card.  What is a dead card? A [&he...


26 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Implied Odds

Poker players are well known for using jargon that is not common knowledge. Among the hundreds of terms used every day, ‘implied-odds’ are directly related to your bankroll. Today, we will look at the poker term ‘implied odds.’  What are implied odds? Implied odds are the amount of mone...

Poker Dictionary – House Rules Poker-Dictionary

25 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – House Rules

Every poker room has its own specific set of poker rules referred to as ‘house rules.’ Poker rooms usually print their rules and hang them near the entrance or have it on their website for the players to read. Why are these house rules needed? House rules are needed because every poker ...

Poker Dictionary - Backdoor Straight Poker

25 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Backdoor Straight

Whether you’ve been playing poker for years or have started playing recently, you will always come across some poker terms that you haven’t heard before. The poker universe is vast and so is the vocabulary of the game. To equip you with the common and uncommon poker terms, we have a pok...

Poker Term - Action Button Poker

22 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Action Button

There are several variants of poker that have evolved over the years. Not just the game, even the vocabulary has evolved with new terms getting added to the list. Not knowing poker terms and phrases may leave you confused in a conversation about the poker game. To equip you with all the...

Poker Dictionary - Age Poker

21 Dec, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Age

If you have ever played poker or had a poker conversation with anyone about poker, you will know how vast the game of poker is. Also, if you are unaware of these terms, you will find yourself completely baffled and lost. To save you from such situations, we at Gutshot, look forward to e...

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