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Poker Dictionary – Card Sharp Poker

04 Apr, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Card Sharp

While playing poker if you’ve ever heard someone whisper the words ‘card sharp,’ and thought it was a compliment, you just might be wrong. The term itself while also used outside of the poker context, is not something you want to be called by your peers. Why? Well, because it is general...

Poker Dictionary – John Juanda Poker

30 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – John Juanda

The poker community is full of well-known professional players and consists of some top-notch players in the world. In every sport there are certain players that stand out, poker too has many figures that have earned their spot in the game’s hall of fame. Today’s we’re going to learn ab...

Poker Dictionary – Turkish Pocket Aces Poker

28 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Turkish Pocket Aces

Players, it is time to get a few poker lessons. Let’s read about a poker hand called Turkish Pocket Aces. A pair of eights is known as Turkish Pocket Aces. Just like a pair of eights, there are other hands as well, namely pocket kings, pocket queens, pocket jacks and ace-king. Turkish p...

Poker Dictionary - Shaka Zulu Poker

27 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Shaka Zulu

 There are some bizarre poker terms that we have become familiar with. While it is common to associate poker with various famous figures or things, there are also some terms that seem to be out of place. You may have heard of the term ‘Shaka Zulu’ in poker but have no idea what it means...

Poker Dictionary - Belly Buster Poker

22 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Belly Buster

The poker industry uses a diverse set of terms to describe every move and every hand on the poker table. Even celebrity names such as Dolly Parton, Barbara Hutton, and several others are used to describe poker moves or hands. This Monday, we’re going to look at yet another poker t...

Poker Dictionary - One-Way Straight Poker

18 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – One-Way Straight

The learning never stops in poker, so today we’re back with another poker term that players should be aware of. And that term is the ‘One Way Straight.’ Like all sports and games, this mind sport too has terms that are often used by its players to better describe moves or understand the...

Anna Kournikova Graced Poker? REALLY? Poker

17 Mar, 2021 Gutshot Poker Dictionary – Anna Kournikova

With all the poker terms we’re learning, it looks like many of these terms have often been named after some interesting figures in history. Learning poker terms that are very much a part of the game is an excellent way to build a connection to it. Today we’ll be exploring the term, ‘Ann...


17 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Nut Flush

Hello poker players, let us take a moment to learn a new poker term today. If you are new to this industry you will probably feel overwhelmed by the number of terms used. It is important for newbies to get a hang of these terms so that you know what exactly is going on. Today […]

Gutshot Poker Dictionary - Behind a Log Poker

16 Mar, 2021 Gutshot Poker Dictionary – Behind a Log

Poker can be a fun game to play with just anyone. While the game has evolved and grown to form its own community in various parts of the world, it has also developed a language of sorts. Terms and words that only avid players will be accustomed to hearing. Sometimes these words are thro...

Poker Dictionary - Blind Robber Poker

16 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Blind Robber

Poker is a very popular card game played in several countries around the world. A big part of learning is to first understand its nuances. Vocabularies used while grinding plays a very important role as it will help players dive deep into the game.   Were you looking at learning some qu...

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