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Online Poker Etiquette: What You Should Know To Have The Best Experience Possible Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 10 May, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 10 May, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 10 May, 2023

Online Poker Etiquette: What You Should Know To Have The Best Experience Possible

With the proliferation of technology, poker is now accessible from the comfort of your home through your computer or smart device. Nowadays, online casinos offer poker rooms, where it is possible to get a place at the table and play with other users. As their name suggests, there are also live dealer games that involve an actual person dealing with the cards in front of a camera. And those who enjoy competition can join poker tournaments and compete against other players for a prize pool.

To get the most out of online poker, not only do you need to be familiar with the game’s rules, but you should also follow a few basic etiquette principles, which we’ll break down below.

Make sure your internet connection is stable

Having a fast and stable internet connection helps you make the most of your online gaming experience and benefits other players as well. Online poker players don’t like to waste their time, especially because most of them tend to play several tables at once. So waiting for your connection to re-establish can disrupt other players’ flow, which is frustrating, to say the least. Before playing, it’s in your best interest to test your internet connection. If you find that your current service is inadequate, consider investing in a stronger and more reliable option.

Keep it cordial and clean in the chat box

Chat boxes are excellent tools to socialise with others while playing poker and other casino games online. A chat box shouldn’t be used to pick up fights with other players, boast about your skills, or provide unsolicited coaching on the decisions your peers or rivals have made. Oftentimes, being in a virtual environment lowers our inhibitions and makes it easy to forget that we’re interacting with fellow human beings. Yet, making rude or annoying remarks benefits none and makes the poker experience unpleasant for everyone involved, which should definitely not be the case.

Keep an eye on the table

At most online casinos, you’re given a certain amount of time to make your moves. Platforms are generous with the amount of time allocated to each player. While you shouldn’t rush and act on impulse, you should strive to act promptly and make your move before the clock runs out. This is especially important if you’re playing multiple tables.

Try not to distract other players

If you’ve already folded, avoid disrupting the hand being played. For example, don’t engage in conversation with the person who is still involved in the hand or with other players. You shouldn’t provide live commentary on the game either. If you feel the urge to share that you folded the ace of spades when the fourth spade hit the river, keep that information to yourself. Influencing the game by disclosing information that other players shouldn’t know is extremely frowned upon in both live and virtual play.

Don’t be a sore loser

This is common sense, but some players cannot help it. And, as previously mentioned, it’s common to lower our inhibitions online and behave in a rude or over-the-top manner. If you lose, simply say, ‘nice hand,’ and move on. Similarly, if you win, keep it calm and collected.

Getting started in online poker

If you are new to online poker and would like to get started playing poker online in Australia, the first step is choosing a licensed and reputable casino platform. Ideally, you should be looking at online casinos that offer fair bonuses and welcome deals, a wide variety of games and tournaments, robust security and 24/7 customer support should you need live assistance. Once you’re on board, the key etiquette rules of online poker.

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