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Never Ask Daniel Negreanu THIS Question! Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 23 Sep, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 23 Sep, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 23 Sep, 2022

Never Ask Daniel Negreanu THIS Question!

Daniel Negreanu has a lot of opinions about many things, and sometimes, those opinions have landed him in controversies and trouble. Despite this, DNegs is not shy when it comes to expressing his beliefs and, in some admirable way, sticks to what he says. On Wednesday, the poker legend took to Twitter to share another opinion of his. This time it was aimed at interviewers who ask ‘lazy questions.’

Negreanu stated, “IMO (in my opinion) one of the worst and laziest interview questions you can ask is, ‘How you feeling?” ‘KidPoker’ then proceeded to explain what he meant, saying “Don’t ask questions that can be answered in one word.” After which, he lists the various one-word answers that he can give to the question asked. Topping it off with a little advice, “Look for a more specific question and get a better answer.” Ouch!

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Well, we don’t know who triggered the poker pro, but some of Negreanu’s followers had a couple of ideas. Poker player Collin Capone asked Negreanu, “Were you thinking of a particular person when you smashed the tripod?” With this question, Capone is referring to the time when the six-time WSOP bracelet winner smashed his tripod out of rage at the WSOP 2022. This was after Negreanu exited the $250K Super High Roller after a runner-runner flush got him eliminated.

Negreanu took the slight jab at his ‘rage moment’ in good light and responded with the following:

Daniel Negreanu’s Tweet:

Other Replies On Twitter

His tweet got people asking him which questions would be welcomed. One user @J_O_E_L asked him, “What question can’t be answered with one word?” to which ‘Kid Poker’ replied, “What were you thinking when you decided to do x?” The user pulled a fast one on him and just replied with ‘Nothing.’ Hilarious.

Here are some users DNegs interacted with regarding the topic:

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