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HOLY SHIT! Caitlin Comeskey Drags Robbi’s T*TS Into The Scandal Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 11 Oct, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 11 Oct, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 11 Oct, 2022

HOLY SHIT! Caitlin Comeskey Drags Robbi’s T*TS Into The Scandal

As if there weren’t enough fingers and face scratching involved in the Robbi Lew – Garrett Adelstein cheating scandal that Caitlin Comeskey dragged Lew’s tits into the situation. Was the case an easy yes or no? Of course not! The world wide web and Twitter universe got into the alleged Hustler Casino Live cheating saga to play judge, and jury. Many now claim the Lew – Garrett drama has become a witch-hunt and things particularly don’t look good for the female pro who is losing votes in the court of public opinion. 

Caitlin Comeskey drags Robbi Lew’s Tits

In a burlesque recreation of Joey Ingram’s live stream (which is flooded with folks claiming percentages of cheat vs innocent), Comeskey leaves no stone unturned when it comes to mocking the shit out of Ingram, Nick Vertucci, and Doug Polk. The Austin resident played various roles in her parody video including Lew which she nailed hook, line and sinker. Comeskey in her oversized sunglasses, bold lips and cleavage flaunting avatar said as Lew that she was dealing with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and what was the big deal if some of her stories post the J4o hand changed. Comeskey blew the head off (not literally) when she said, “sorry I can’t hide my perfect tits.” Alarm bells must surely be ringing in the ears of those who saw the video and expected only a comic take and nothing outrageous. 

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Caitlin Comeskey plays Doug Polk unabashedly 

The starring lady of the Joey Ingram investigation-pastiche took down Polk by playing him to the T and said how in a well-structured and concise video he will prove why he believes in Adelstein’s allegations and that Lew cheated at Hustler Casino with the help of her co-conspirators. Did Comeskey stop there? Uhhh no! Her Polk avatar also proclaimed that he will implicate no less than two people (hint at Lew and Sagbigsal) in an extra marital affair. 

The investigation to bring the cheating scandal to an end and declare either guilty or innocent now looks like a total travesty of justice. But those who watched Comeskey’s freshly brewed video gave her a big thumbs up. And one among those who loved the lady’s efforts was Lew herself. 

Robbi Lew sending love to Caitlin Comeskey

Caitlin Comeskey responds to Joey Ingram

Twitter love for Caitlin Comeskey

For many, Lew played the damsel in distress who couldn’t even read her hole cards correctly. But many even applauded Lew for holding her solid ground after she was bombarded with mean and ridiculing comments on social media. The Los Angeles resident made sure to respond to Comeskey’s video and oh boy she sent all kinds of mad love to the Texas girl. The female poker player who ranks 1,087th on the Texas All Time Money list is already cooking something sumptuous which will be scrupulous and seductive in equal parts. And we are waiting for it to drop.

Watch the INSANE J40 hand here

Video Credit: Caitlin Comeskey’s Twitter

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