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Amanda Leatherman Shows Off Daniel Negreanu’s SHRB Ring Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 08 Oct, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 08 Oct, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 08 Oct, 2022

Amanda Leatherman Shows Off Daniel Negreanu’s SHRB Ring

One look at the latest poker news will tell you that Daniel Negreanu grabbed the Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB) title for $3.3 million. Oh yes! $3.3 fu*king M.I.L.L.I.O.N. For those who keep solid tabs on how popular pros perform or drown, this one draws a lot of eyeballs. DNegs ended his two-year miserable run with this spectacular win (Negreanu had lost $1.1 million at the end of WSOP 2022). The six-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner beat some heavy-duty asses before grabbing the title and boatloads of money. ‘KidPoker’ beat Nick Petrangelo in heads-up to prove why he’s the blue-eyed boy of poker.

Amanda Leatherman Shows Off Daniel Negreanu’s SHRB Ring

Daniel Negreanu vs Bryn Kenney

Negreanu hitting that HOLY one-outer against Bryn Kenney brought us tears of joy. Poker gods blessed Mr. 3rd in All Time Money list with the magical card that he needed to crack Kenney’s Aces. Hell yes! Our boy thrashed Kenney who was riding high on his American Airlines with his Treys when he hit that one-outer on the river (runner-runner). DNegs shoved when he saw the fifth street gift he received from the heavens and Kenney hopelessly called that all-in bet. Every Negreanu fan on this planet must have praised the lord for that three of clubs on the river! Kenney gave a fist bump to Negreanu before leaving the table but we know he cried a RIVER within.

Amanda Leatherman Shows Off Daniel Negreanu’s SHRB Ring

Justin Bonomo vs Daniel Negreanu

How on earth could we miss adding that Mr. ‘I Hate Daniel Negreanu’ also made it to the final table. Oh yes, onlookers and people watching the live stream expected fireworks and grenades flying off the hook if it was Bonomo going against Negreanu. But ‘KidPoker’ showed some cold, calculated, composed and classy (ignore the alliteration) moves on the FT and never let Mr. 1st on All Time Money list get in his way. Atta-boy! Bonomo (that pink hair though!) finished fourth and left without blaming Negreanu (what a relief indeed).

Amanda Leatherman Shows Off Daniel Negreanu’s SHRB Ring

Final Hand: Negreanu vs Petrangelo

Honestly, Negreanu couldn’t have killed it more smoothly as he did at the Super High Roller Bowl. He entered FT with a chip lead (a lead that could easily give his opponents a heartburn). The pro whose poker career spans across 30 years took down the event hook, line and sinker when his heads-up rival drew dead on the turn and river holding Ks 5h (BB position). 

Amanda Leatherman Shows Off Daniel Negreanu’s SHRB Ring

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The GGPoker ambassador (button position) raised 470K preflop and his rival made the all-in call with 420K. Negreanu sat comfortably with 6.2 million and Qc 7c on his side when the flop revealed 2c 7s 3c. This gave DNegs 7-pair and a flush draw. The turn (2s) and river (4s) threw cold water on Nick Petrangelo’s hope to turn his all-in call around. The American pro from Massachusetts finished runner-up when his heads-up rival scored two pairs. Negreanu’s play at the SHRB reminds us of a lethal assassin from one of those Hollywood flicks that keep you on the edge. Not that we are complaining but this win proves why the Canadian pro is the LEGIT JAMES BOND of poker.

Daniel Negreanu’s wife Amanda Leatherman tweets

Amanda Leatherman shared an adorable post on Twitter where she’s seen flaunting her husband’s newly won SHRB diamond-studded ring (all hearts).

Negreanu who looked ecstatic also thanked his wife in a tweet post his heart-warming win. He was quoted saying, “I hate whining about bad luck. It’s the worst. Nobody wants to hear it. My wife, when I come home she feels what it’s like. It’s so frustrating to feel like you’re playing well and the results aren’t there. And you hear the internet, ‘Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, we gotta play you’re way.’ You know what? I just did play my way and it felt really, really good.” (sic) All we can say is—sleep soundly DNegs, you’ve WON.

Photo Credit: PokerGo

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