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Donna Amo
Posted on 04 Mar, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 04 Mar, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 04 Mar, 2022

Harsh Dembla Is Ready For FTS, Are You?

The fourth edition of the Final Table Series is all set to kick-start today. Since its first run, the online poker series has become one of the most highly anticipated series in India. With so many poker players prepping for it, we caught up with Harsh Dembla, a recreational poker player with a grind streak as good as a pro. In the previous FTS, Dembla came quite close to shipping an FTS title but ended up in the runner-up position. So, we wanted to know how he plans to tackle FTS tournaments this time around.

To start things off, we first asked him if he was excited for the fourth edition of the series. “I’m really excited to play FTS. The guarantees are really good, and I can’t wait to play all of the tournaments,” said the Faridabad player.

When asked about his preparations for the series, he said, “There have been no special preparations for FTS but I am brushing up on my ICM knowledge by watching Run It Once.” With this, it’s safe to assume that Dembla will be taking on FTS just like he does any other poker tournament – with a cool head and a focused mind.

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This time, FTS will be giving away ₹30 Lakh in leaderboard prizes but with a twist. The catch is that only the final table finishers will compete in the leaderboard race. So naturally, we asked Dembla if he would be contending for the leaderboard. “I am not aiming for the leaderboard as I only play in the evenings. I have a business to look after in the mornings which is why I don’t chase leaderboards and only play featured events,” came his honest reply.


Harsh Dembla

With 10 FTS feature event titles ready to be won, we asked Dembla which one he was looking forward to shipping. He then replied, “I’m not sure about shipping a tournament but I am looking forward to all the big feature events. If I do run deep, I will be really thrilled but there are no such plans to ship any, if it happens it happens.”

In October 2021, BLITZPOKER also named Dembla as the ‘Player of the Month.’ In the previous FTS, he finished in the runner-up position on the FTS 3.0 Challenger event. We were curious as to what he would do differently if he found himself in a similar position. He said, “If I do make it to any final table in the upcoming FTS, I would like to play more aggressively. It would be great if I can clinch a title and will be happy if I walk away with a gold medallion.”

Well, with that we bring this brief but insightful interaction to a close and wish Harsh Dembla, and all the other FTS grinders, all the best! The first FTS tournament will begin shortly at 5 PM, so make sure you’ve SIGNED UP on Spartan Poker, PokerHigh, or BLITZPOKER to play!

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