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Game Of Gold Ep 11: Nikita Luther Eliminated Ahead of FT Poker
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 06 Dec, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 06 Dec, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 06 Dec, 2023

Game Of Gold Ep 11: Nikita Luther Eliminated Ahead of FT

Every passing episode of Poker After Dark’s Game of Gold is getting intense as we enter the business end of the ongoing series. This poker reality show airs thrice a week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and can be viewed on GGPoker’s YouTube channel at 12 PM UTC (5:30 PM IST). It sees multiple international circuit pros battle it out across multiple rounds, looking for glory.

GGPoker’s YouTube channel dropped the 11th episode, named Squid Game, on Monday, 4th December 2023. It started off with a shocker as Indian poker pro-Nikita Luther‘s journey on Game of Gold ended here. The episode starts off with the Delhi-based Indian poker pro clashing against Andy Stacks. 

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Entering the hand with a shorter stack of 940K compared to her opponent, who had 3 Million in chips, she decided to shove it all-in with Ac 2s while Andy (Ad Kc) decides to call. The board of Qh 8d Kh propelled Stack’s chances of winning, while the 2d on the turn and 5d on the river didn’t do her any favour, and she was eliminated from the ongoing season of Game Of Gold. 

The 2nd round of the show ended with Luther’s elimination, with just nine players left. Maria Ho, Josh Arieh and Fedor Holz were the top 3 players with the most coins and qualified directly to round four. 

The third round of the show saw the six players remaining battle it out by playing Indian poker to make it to the final round of Poker After Dark. After being asked to pair up, Kyna England squared off against David Williams and got the better of him with ease. 

Charlie Carrel squared off against Daniel Cates in what seemed to be a one-sided contest, with Cates continuing to get the better of Carrel. Carrel, with a Qd, went all-in and managed to scare off Cates, who folded and lost half of his chips, as mentioned in the rules. 

However, Carrel fell for the same trick and ended up losing half of his stack in the very next hand. Learning from their mistakes is not a skill Carrel has mastery over as he folded an Ace again to cut down his stack for the third time. It just took Cates one more hand to eliminate his opponent. 

The final match saw YoH ViraL and Andy Stacks go head-to-head. ViraL started off well, registering multiple small wins and folding well when necessary. One of his best plays in the hand saw him raise the bid to 1.2 Million and make Stacks fold his Ace. Two hands later, Stacks was eliminated as the winners marched into the final round. 


With the final table determined, it remains interesting to see who manages to come out on top in the fourth and final round of Poker After Dark’s Game Of Gold.

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