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Doug Polk Nods Head In Disbelief After His Cowboys Lose Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 08 Sep, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 08 Sep, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 08 Sep, 2022

Doug Polk Nods Head In Disbelief After His Cowboys Lose

It is not a rare occurrence when a well-known poker pro loses a hand which was almost in his kitty. This phenomenon was witnessed by many in a game of poker at the Lodge Poker Card Club, where Doug Polk lost a hand to his rival Yoochan Kim. Polk had Cowboys at his disposal while Kim had Td 9d. The Upswing Poker founder looked rather relaxed with his pocket kings when four other players on the table folded preflop and the hand boiled down between Polk and Kim.

The three-time World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner 3-bet $800 from the cutoff and Kim makes the call from the small blind position. The dealer presents the community cards of 2d 2s 3d. Here, Polk bets $750 and his rival almost immediately calls given that he just hit a flush draw. Taking the intensity of the game even further is the turn of 3c which did not help Kim but kept Polk in the lead. The South Korean player checks while the American pro whips out a bet of $3,300. The heat went through the roof when Kim raised to $8,000 giving Polk a moment to think about. 

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After a few seconds passed, Polk threw in the $4,700 needed to match Kim’s raise and the river was then revealed. With 6d on the river, the South Korean went all-in with $7,100 and Polk looked at his rival in disbelief and then turned to his hole cards. It did not look like a move Kim would make, thought Polk for whom it was too late to chicken out and hence made the call. Things had gone terribly wrong for Polk when the 6d showed up on the last street, improving his opponent’s flush draw to the ultimate winning hand.  

Doug Polk’s post on Twitter

How followers reacted to Doug Polk’s tweet

Lodge Poker Card Club posted a video which captured this hand on their official Twitter handle. The American pro who ranks 2nd in Texas All Time Money List, shared the same video with a funny caption (keeping in line with the game commentary) on his Twitter account which depicted that he took the loss sportingly.

Well, in poker there are hits and misses and in some cases when players just hit it out of the park (on days when grinders make jaw-dropping hero calls). Polk’s reaction to his loss at the hands of Kim found a funny way out on the micro-blogging site which made for some good social media content.

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