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Phil Hellmuth And Doug Polk Get Into Intense Twitter Feud Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 14 Jul, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 14 Jul, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 14 Jul, 2022

Phil Hellmuth And Doug Polk Get Into Intense Twitter Feud

A Twitter feud erupted between poker pro Doug Polk and 16-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth regarding their association with crypto businesses. The feud was unintentionally started by Nick Vertucci, co-founder of Hustler Casino Live.

Polk and Hellmuth have both been affiliated with cryptocurrency businesses, CoinFlex and Bitcoin Latinum, respectively. These affiliations have caused both the players to receive bad publicity and criticism from their followers.

Polk vs Hellmuth

In the past few months, Doug Polk has been critical of Phil Hellmuth wearing a hat with the branding of Bitcoin Latinum in public. Why? Well, the coin is currently facing serious allegations of security fraud and embezzlement of funds which were aimed at one of the executives. Despite this, the ‘Poker Brat’ took to social media to openly state that he only endorses the coin but isn’t giving any sort of financial advice.

Here is his Tweet:

However, even though Hellmuth has explained his decision, his continuation of wearing the Bitcoin Latinum hat has caused him to take heat from his followers. Polk, who was critical of Hellmuth, has now come under fire for a similar issue. The poker pro has been heavily promoting CoinFlex on his podcast despite the fact that the crypto platform has suspended withdrawals last month. This was after it found out that one individual’s account had gone into negative equity which affected CoinFlex’s customer balances. The person is allegedly believed to be crypto investor Roger Ver.

Currently, CoinFlex is trying to recover around $84 million in debt so that investors can begin to withdraw from the platform. While there is an effort to recover, the company’s reputation has taken a hit. Once the CoinFlex scandal was made public, Polk was quick to step down as its ambassador in a video he posted on his YouTube channel. However, his followers continued to give him flack for his association with CoinFlex in the past.

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The Twitter Feud

Polk took to the social media platform to defend his affiliation with the crypto platform and was quick to distinguish his action from Hellmuth.

It was here that Vertucci chimed in to defend Hellmuth while taking a dig on Polk. He then deleted his tweet and apologised for his hasty and aggressive response after Polk fired back. He told him, “Nick, for starters you are a complete tool. You hit me up over and over again for me to give you free s**t (newsflash, I don’t know you). Anyway, there is a huge difference between the people I’ve gone after for unethical decisions and my situation. Not surprised you can’t see the difference.”

Polk even challenged Vertucci for heads-up, but the match is not likely to happen. This was where things took a dirty turn as Hellmuth bit back.

Polk did not take kindly to Hellmuth’s tweet and responded by telling the 16-time bracelet winner that whenever there is coin with Bitcoin or Ethereum in its name, that coin is a scam.

The Upswing Poker founder, then claimed, “The difference here is when I realise a company is doing something wrong, I have the courage to quit. That makes one of us.”

Since then, the two have appeared to move on from the short but fiery Twitter war. Polk also informed that he had made up with Vertucci via a Tweet on Tuesday.

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