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Upswing Poker Review Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 05 Aug, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Aug, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Aug, 2022

Upswing Poker – Review

Globally the poker industry is thriving as more and more operators join the industry. But it is not just the operators, even the number of players joining the fold is inflating with each passing year. As new players aspire to become professional poker players, there’s a solid demand for poker coaching. 

There are many brands in the poker training space and we will be reviewing one such brand called Upswing Poker. This poker coaching platform was founded by Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, and Matt Colletta in 2015. In this Upswing Poker review article we will look into the poker coaching brand’s pros, cons and features of this poker coaching site.


  • Wide variety of study material is available. Be it hand reviews, hands ranges, instructional lessons or betting strategies Upswing Poker has covered a vast range of topics.
  • Advanced courses on Pot-Limit Omaha available. 
  • In depth lessons for live and online poker play are available
  • Poker Lab course enables fast and easy learning for players of different knowledge levels and skill sets. 
  • Get lessons from world-class poker pros who have many prominent poker titles to their credit.


  • Learning via online mode may not suit all learners.
  • A hefty cost could prove to be a negative for those on a budget.

Who can sign up

Tournament players who are new in the circuit who want to dive deep into the game can definitely sign up with Upswing Poker. If you are a pro who’s looking at bumping up the profit numbers can sign up too. Others who are looking at grinding in poker games and wish to learn poker math and its theories can surely look at Upswing Poker to get the job done.

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Upswing Poker is an impressive poker coaching platform if you are looking to play some serious poker. The quality and quantity of study material on poker theory available on Upswing Poker is incredible. The poker coaching brand is a training site that requires a hefty sum as investment since the course cost is on the higher side. But if money is not an issue and you are ready to make this investment then Upswing Poker is an easy pick among other coaching platforms in the market. 

For those who love reading about poker strategy and are fond of quizzes will be delighted to know what Upswing Poker has them in abundance. If you are a newbie and are not well-versed with the poker terminology, this poker coaching platform has a solution for that too. You can learn about poker terms, table positions and many other basics which will prove to be highly beneficial to a new player. 

Courses offered by Upswing Poker

  • Post Flop Game Plan – Doug Polk and Ryan Fee – $7
  • PLO Launch Pad – Dylan Wiesman – $99
  • Upswing Lab – Doug Polk, Gary Blackwood, Daniel Mc Aulay, David Yan, Hristivoje Pavlovic, Ryan Fee, Mike Finstein, Dan Merrilees, Jason McConnon, Mo Dietrich, and Fried Meulders – $99/per month
  • Elite Exploits – Uri Peleg – $999

Advanced courses

  • Winning poker tournaments – Nick Petrangelo – $999
  • Advanced cash game strategy – Alex Miller – $999
  • Advanced PLO mastery – Dylan Weisman and Chris Wehner – $999
  • Advanced heads-up mastery – Doug Polk – $999
  • Mixed games – Jake Abdalla – $999
  • High stakes MTT session – Nick Petrangelo – $999
  • Short Deck course – Kane Kalas – $999
  • PLO matrix – Doug Polk – $49/per month

Upswing Poker Review

Upswing Poker Review

Upswing Poker Review

Specialized offering

Those looking at learning only specific topics can take a look into Upswing Poker’s specialized courses. These cover subjects like.

  •     Learning tournament strategy
  •     Winning big in cash games
  •     Mixed games
  •     Rules of Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO)
  •     Learning high stakes poker
  •     Game review – pro level

 The specialized courses are listed below.

  • Redline Rocketship – Uri Peleg – $499
  • Live PLO Dominance – Dylan Weisman and Chris Wehner – $499
  • Play Like Llinus – Alex Miller – $299
  • ICM Unmasked – Nick Petrangelo – $299
  • Brain vs AI – Doug Polk – $499
  • How Tom Dwan plays Short Deck – Kane Kalas – $299

Upswing Poker Review 

Upswing Poker Review

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Free learning resources 

For those players who are looking for cost-free learning resources, Upswing Poker offers free coaching material too. The free learning material includes things like preflop charts, rules of live poker, preflop guide for PLO, crushing 3-bet pots, a guide for Short Deck Hold’em and poker hand converter. 


It would be safe to say that players who have the money to invest in a worthy poker coaching platform can surely join Upswing Poker without any doubts. Those who have a budget in place will have to pick another training site. But looking at the courses offered, one can say that Upswing Poker has dived pretty deep into creating courses which prove to be a bang for your buck. To browse through all the courses offered by Upswing Poker click HERE.

Upswing Poker

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