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Ryan Fee Supports Doug Polk In The Charlie Carrel ‘Empathise With Pedophiles’ Saga? Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 03 May, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 03 May, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 03 May, 2023

Ryan Fee Supports Doug Polk In The Charlie Carrel ‘Empathise With Pedophiles’ Saga?

How far would you go to rip someone’s past apart in the name of creating content and getting hits on that hot off the press material? Let us tell you how far Doug Polk went to dig up dirt on one of his interviewees, Charlie Carrel. As per media reports, Carrel has publicly admitted to be a victim of pedophilia. And this looked like a damn good angle to Polk to dig into and then meticulously rub salt on old wounds. 

How the hell does a human being do that to someone who has had a traumatising past? No reason can be justifiable for what Polk did to Carrel when the latter was being grilled in Polk’s interview which was then published on his YouTube channel. 

Doug Polk-Charlie Carrel Empathise With Pedophiles Saga

As per news reports, Carrel posted a rather unpopular tweet wherein he mentioned that child molesters should be shown empathy whilst being a victim of pedophilia. This (now-deleted) awkward tweet by Carrel raked up a storm on Twitter (understandably so) and many raised questions on Carrel’s tweet and the basis of his opinion, which many felt was twisted. 

The three-time WSOP bracelet winner from Austin, Texas was the loudest when it came to countering Carrel’s tweet and made a tweet in reply to the ‘empathise with child molesters’ post. Polk wrote in his tweet, “Child molesters are just right up there at the top of the scum of the earth, fuck those people, and no I will not have any love or empathy for committing such horrid crimes to peoples children (I mean FFS how is this even a debate). 

Ryan Fee Supports Doug Polk In The Charlie Carrel ‘Empathise With Pedophiles’ Saga?

Yes Polk, we have the same question, how and why for fucks sake (FFS) would want to rip every single shred apart of a person who has been a victim of pedophilia? Just because he made a tweet that did not sit well with folks including you? Well, you could have graciously begged to differ instead of stooping so low that there was no returning from that new found low. 

The current status on the drama is that Polk posted a short video on his Twitter handle apologising to Carrel. But this public apology was seen as a public relations stunt by poker Twitter and one person was particularly not impressed! Who? Matt Berkey. Polk may want to look like the good, kind, self-righteous person in the eye of Twitterati but Berkey was not buying Polk’s change of heart crap. 

The Solve For Why founder, shared a tweet stating, “Will you be discussing @RyanFeePoker stating publicly that your apology was just a PR move & that Charlie deserves no grace despite his past history of being sexually abused? Just wondering.”

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Just a few hours ago, an audio of Ryan Fee siding with Polk has further shocked the poker community. Fee is heard saying that Carrel’s approach to the matter was dishonest and inappropriate. What was even more terrifying was that Fee sided with Polk and sounded all too cool about Polk making a video ripping through Carrel’s past to hit a certain number of views on YouTube whilst throwing caution to the wind. Why? What good came out of this? Twisting narratives seems like the current mood in Polk camp which now officially includes Ryan Fee (nevermind what Fee said about Polk’s PR stunt, there has to be some balancing act from Fee too). 

Ryan Fee’s Audio On Charlie Carrel

Charlie Carrel on Doug Polk’s apology

Carrel had his own thoughts on Polk’s apology which was only on his Twitter handle for some reason and not on YouTube where he posted his interaction with Carrel on alleged empathising with child molesters. The English poker player wrote, “@DougPolkVids I forgive you. I forgave you a long time ago. And, as strange as it sounds to you, I love you. You are a complex human being with a lot of very incredible qualities. However, emotions are separate to actions:

Your apology doesn’t amend what you did to me. You have made a 1 minute, scripted apology, and posted it to your Twitter. It’s a great start, and thank you for acknowledging my pain.

But I have spent the last four years having thousands of people call me a pedophile and child molester because of the videos that you made. There are still hundreds of thousands of people that have seen your original video of me, and not your apology. Here’s what you should do, in my opinion:

Post an apology to Youtube. Spell out exactly what you feel you did wrong. Be very specific. Be vocal about how you will be changing moving forward (if you want to change).

Then, come on a podcast with me, and let me interview you about more of your past actions. Let me ask you about how, in my opinion, you lied about @JNandezPoker, @AlecTorelli, and @berkey11. By the way, not reaching out to me privately says a lot, in my opinion.”

Once again, we would like to ask what good came out of Polk trying to take the moral high ground? Could have just stopped by making it known on Twitter that he disagrees with Carrel’s point of view and ended the matter. Yes, the one good that came out from this horrible drama is that Polk won a spot on Hustler Casino Live’s $1 Million buy-in game which is scheduled to run four nights starting 26th May. Congratulations Polk, you made it. All this by letting the world know that you will stop at nothing to get what you want even if that comes at a cost of humiliating a victim of child abuse.

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Image Credit: PGT.com

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