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Deepak Bothra Poker
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 12 Oct, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 12 Oct, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 12 Oct, 2023

Deepak Bothra Finishes 11th In WPT Vietnam Survivor Bounty


Deepak Bothra fails to make it to the final table and finishes 11th for a payday of VND 214,500,000 (~₹7,29,995).

Deepak Bothra has fared well at the Crown Poker Club Hanoi, where the Pune-based poker pro is grinding it out on Day 5 of the WPT Vietnam Survivor Bounty event. Playing the World Poker Tour (WPT)  Vietnam Passport to the World Championship 2023 at Crown Poker Club. This poker player has turned chip lead ahead of Day 2 of the Survivor Bounty 8-Max event.

With the biggest chip stack to his credit at the end of Day 1B, Bothra will prove to be a tough competitor on Day 2. With just 67 survivors left in the event, the first place is guaranteed to walk away with VND 3 Billion alongside the WPT Prime Championship Package worth $2,850.

Bothra managed to get the better of Top Joy Poker Korea (TJPK) Main Event champion Hyeon Ho Shin to bag 154 big blinds (BB) to his chip tally, This resulted in the poker player entering Day 2 as the overall chip leader. Let’s have a look at the overall chip counts ahead of Day 2 of Survivor Bounty 8-Max.

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Name  Country  Chip Counts
Deepak Bothra India 772,000
TiếN Sáng Vietnam 692,000
Leonard Yannick France 531,000
Klay Chen China 489,000
Dexter Santos Philippines 410,000
BộT Vietnam 404,000
Baby Tuchu Vietnam 401,500
Li Chao China 395,500
Klay Chen China 389,000
Seroor Othman Fadhil Iraq 387,000
Do Quang Linh Viet Nam 385,000
Zheng Tian Hao China 379,000
Nishant Sharma India 364,000
Thomas Liffick USA 352,500
Yao Yadi China 335,000
Huynh Ngoc Cuong Vietnam 319,500
Hà Mâu ThủY Vietnam 311,000
John Jay Magadan Philippines 307,000
Lin Hua Wei Taiwan 302,000
Maxwell Philippe Rosete Philippines 284,500
Lê Như An (Apt) Vietnam 281,000
TrầN ĐứC Chính Vietnam 279,500
Liu Yin China 262,000
Ngô TrầN Minh NhậT Vietnam 257,500
Tô BảO Tuân Vietnam 255,000
Ou Tai Ming China 243,500
Nguyen Hoang Long (Animal) Vietnam 241,500
TrầN ĐứC Kiên (Ksy) Vietnam 231,000
Lê Văn ĐứC (Ksd) Vietnam 229,500
Ha Van Thien Vietnam 228,000
Phan Hùng CườNg (Shalala) Vietnam 226,000
Vu Van Lich Vietnam 215,500
John Tech Philippines 213,000
NguyễN Vũ Lâm (Sigma) France 205,000
Nguyen Tuan Hoang Vietnam 194,500
TốNg Xuân HiềN ( Mr Hi) Vietnam 194,500
Pham Duy Anh Vietnam 193,000
Hoang Trung Hieu Vietnam 192,500
Avneesh Munjal India 191,000
Lawford Edward Australia 185,500
NguyễN HồNg Quân Viet Nam 179,500
Hasagi Vietnam 177,500
Huu Dung Nguyen Vietnam 165,000
Double D Vietnam 164,000
Yan Feng Wang China 158,000
Nguyen Hoang Duy Vietnam 150,000
Lin Hao Hong Kong 144,000
Cho Miyoung South Korea 140,000
Pham Tien Dung Vietnam 135,500
Aladin Reskallah France 130,000
Wang Shui China 129,000
TrầN Minh Dũng Vietnam 127,000
Nguyen Nam Long Vietnam 118,500
Đinh Văn TiếN (Ntt) Viet Nam 115,000
Yixuan Dong China 112,500
Jehanne Jererg Cambodia 109,500
Marc Rivera Philippines 103,000
NguyễN TuấN Hùng (Hùng Bob) Vietnam 97,000
Chen Peng China 96,000
Quang Vũ Vietnam 86,500
NguyễN Quang Hà Vietnam 76,500
Sumit Sapra India 58,500
Wittawas Charassang Thailand 55,000
Bazerli France 52,000
PhạM Quang Văn (Candy) Vietnam 49,500
Anthony Cierco France 45,500
Tan Xiaohui China 18,000

Take a look at the prize money up for grabs for the final table contenders at the WPT Vietnam Survivor Bounty 8-Max. 

Rank Payouts
1  VND 824,700,000 + $2,850 WPT Prime Championship Package
2 VND 550,000,000
3 VND 404,000,000
4 VND 300,500,000
5 VND 226,000,000
6 VND 172,000,000
7 VND 132,000,000
8  VND 103,000,000


The ongoing World Poker Tour (WPT) Vietnam Passport to World Championship 2023 has been a very promising event for Indians players. While Bothra sits at the top of the chip count ahead of WPT Vietnam Survivor Bounty Day 2, he could join the list of Indian players who have already shipped the titles like Sriharsha Doddapaneni and Sameer Agarwal. 

The WPT Vietnam Passport to World Championship 2023 saw Doddapaneni ship the Megastack High Roller event. The Indian high stakes pro pocketed a payday of VND 824,500,000 (~₹28,10,344) for his performance in the event.  

Similarly, Agarwal won the Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) Turbo event to win VND 87,000,000 (~₹2,96,543) alongside his first-ever WPT title.

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