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WSOP Rules You Surely Did Not Know About Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 28 Apr, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 28 Apr, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 28 Apr, 2022

WSOP Rules You Surely Did Not Know About

The global poker industry is frantically waiting for the 2022 World Series Of Poker (WSOP). The schedule is out, and the anticipation for this series is already very intense. Presenting a lowdown on the 8 WSOP rules that every poker enthusiast and ardent follower of the event must know. 

What Happens When You Break A Rule? 

Most people know that if they break the rules at any WSOP event, they could be kicked out of the event altogether. Some of us do not know that WSOP has actually laid out five specific sanctions that can be imposed on a player who compromises the ‘competitive integrity of WSOP. 

  • Forfeiture of chips
  • Forfeiture of prize money
  • Ejection from an Event or the entire WSOP tournament altogether
  • Loss of privilege to participate in any future WSOP Events
  • Exclusion from entering the premises of the casino 

Betting for the pot in No-Limit Hold’em Games

If you are a Pot-Limit Omaha player, you would know that betting the pot means that you wish to bet the amount of money or chips already in the middle. However, if players who announced the ‘pot’ in a NLH game means that they will have to make at least a minimum bet. 

Stacking 20s? Not In WSOP!

 While it is believed that stacking in the 20s is the ideal way, according to WSOP rules this is not mandatory but only ‘recommended as standard.’ 

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Handed Out A Joker? Here’s what you can do

This is highly unlikely to happen as at the 2022 WSOP; there are no games that involve the joker card. However, if you are handed out a hole card, or a joker, your hand will be declared dead. You must immediately inform the dealer about the same. 

Table Talk Allowed? Hell Yes!

Table talk is something that no poker player can avoid. While being discreet about your cards is expected of you, WSOP rules allow you to let out a curious quirk about your cards. Yes, you can tell one another what you have but without repercussions. If you wish to participate in table talks like this, you must know that it is only permitted for two players who need to be in the final two, which means it must be a heads-up tournament. As per the rules, you can speak freely regarding the hand you possess.” 

Cryptocurrency? Banned! Marijuana Company Patches? Banned On TV!

Many players wear patches of poker brands/magazines/stables on their clothes. However, as per WSOP, they have the right to ban any apparel which is ‘deemed objectionable.’ As per WSOP rules, this includes any apparel that have images or logos associated with cryptocurrencies, and marijuana products.

Excessive chatting Is A Punishable Offense.

Yes, as per Section IV of the Participant conduct and tournament integrity, WSOP has the right to punish you if found chatting excessively. Participants’ cards or chips, body, or clothing, which result in the delay of the game and excessive chatter, will result in penalties. Excessive chatter includes, but is not limited to, talking or conversation that disrupts the participants who are in a particular hand.

WSOP maybeSuspended If There’s Bad Weather

Remember the 2019 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino during Day 1c of the WSOP Main Event. As per WSOP rules, they make an allowance for severe weather that might affect the gameplay. The reasons include weather issues, other problems such as computer issues, technical frauds or failures etc. 

Folks, these are some of the WSOP rules that are not known to many people. We are only weeks away from the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP). So, etch these rules in your heart and get ready to play your best hands! 

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