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Approaching PLO 5- A Beginner’s Guide By Aditya Sarkar Poker
Aditya Sarkar
Posted on 03 Jun, 2021
By Aditya Sarkar
On 03 Jun, 2021
By Aditya Sarkar
On 03 Jun, 2021

Approaching PLO 5- A Beginner’s Guide By Aditya Sarkar

If you’re new to the game of PLO 5, there are certain things or strategies you should definitely keep in mind. In this blog, I will be touching upon a few concepts that you can use while you take your game to the next level or play more profitably.

Tight Aggressive Style of play (TAG)

Since you are fairly new to PLO, it might be a good idea to stick to the top quartile hands and play them aggressively. Tight aggressive strategy is a lot about preflop discipline.

What are top quartile hands to play with?

Double suited aces and kings.

Broadway connectors.

8 and above connectors, preferably suited for additional (albeit non-nut) equity.

Some other decent hands below the upper tier will be broadway connector cards maybe with a one gapper, high connected / suited pairs and so forth.

DO NOT LIMP CALL too many hands. In fact avoid it. Even if you are getting good odds. Playing weak hands is profitable in certain situations (only like deep stacked poker, where hands seldom go to showdown, against tight players and more but we will talk more about this in a separate post) but here with the TAG strategy, we might not be able to make this profitable. So for now, avoid.

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Post flop – TAG. While obviously having a 100 pc cbet or barreling stat might make you vulnerable to floats and weak calls, you can still consider betting pretty often to most boards. Remember the more players in the hand call your preflop open, the less likely is it for you to have the best holding. Exercise caution while betting multiway.

However, if you are heads or 3 way, you can cbet more and play against the range of your players. Like any broadway card / cards, can be a good prospect for an in position stab provided you’re having the TAG image and can successfully get the respect to your cbet given that you have a high preflop fold rate. Remember every hand you fold, gives you an unsaid point of respect that you can use while bluffing in a future hand. The more you fold, there respect you get hence making the TAG strategy more likely to succeed.

The second tip I have for most beginners in PLO 5 multiway is to:

Focus on nut equity or nut outs computation

Ask yourself the question. In how many hand combinations roughly, can you make the nuts? Pre-flop. On the flop. Am I blocking any nut possibilities with my holdings. If so, add that to your computation too. Especially deep stacked.


Certain holdings are MORE likely to draw to the NUTS.

  • Like broadway connectors mostly draw to nut straights
  • Suited aces draw to nut flushes.
  • High pair holdings (like aces / kings / queens) in your hands can lead to top sets and overfulls.

Post flop

Compute number of nut outs on the flop to your holding. If you have non nut holdings too you can bet them too but with certain caution points.

  • Your position on the table (The closer to the button the better to make plays)
  • Opposition’s image (Tighter the player, more steals are possible)
  • Opposition stack size (Deeper the stack, more moves you can make)
  • Hands gong to showdown on the table (more hands go to showdown, lesser the frequency of your bluffing should be)
  • Your image (Tighter the image, more the chance of you to get away with)


While you start playing PLO 5, it might be a good idea to start with the TAG and to use the tips that we’ve presented through this write up. Hope you liked the read! Stay tuned for the next one!

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