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When Daniel Negreanu Ripped Doug Polk’s Bluff Apart Like A Boss Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 26 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 26 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 26 Aug, 2023

When Daniel Negreanu Ripped Doug Polk’s Bluff Apart Like A Boss

We all know how Daniel Negreanu beat Doug Polk’s ass in High Stakes Duel 4 Round 2. But back in the day when DNegs had locked horns with the Upswing Poker founder in High Stakes Feud, ‘KidPoker’ ripped Polk’s bluff apart to show the world who’s the better poker player. 

Do we need to prove that anymore? Obviously not, the results of the latest game of High Stakes Duel 4 Round 2 are out there for the universe to see and understand. 

Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk – High Stakes Feud

DNegs was playing with T6s and Polk had QJs. The Lodge Card Club partner bet $900. ‘KidPoker’ raised to $4,000 and Polk called to see a flop of 6s Kc 6h. 

DNegs bet $1,600 thanks to his three of a kind with sixes; Polk called. The turn brought 8d and that did not change much. Negreanu checks the turn but Polk bets $7,600. Negreanu called to see a river of 2 of hearts. 

The poker pro cum content creator went all-in which made DNegs think about him possibly raising on the turn and how Polk played the hand; finally Negreanu called and saw that he had the better hand and won the pot.

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After all this time, Polk doesn’t look like he’s prepared to beat Negreanu. As for the Canadian pro, he took down High Stakes Duel 4 Round 2 against Polk, hook, line and sinker.

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The GGPoker ambassador recently made headlines when he accepted an invitation from a group of boys heading to college. He shared an update on his Twitter handle whether to accept the invitation or not. DNegs got a little push from his wife Amanda Leatherman, and finally showed up with a bunch of gifts for the group. 

What else did he do? What he does best? Play poker. A video of Negreanu playing a home game was shared by him on Twitter which was heartwarming to see, and for the fans of the pro, they had one more reason to love him more. 

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