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Hustler Casino Controversy: Sashimi Flashes Her Bo*bs For Real? Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 08 Dec, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 08 Dec, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 08 Dec, 2022

Sashimi Poker Player Flashes Her Boobs At Hustler Casino?

Flashing boobs on a live stream may have been a distant thought for many but this shocking phenomenon came true on Hustler Casino’s live stream. Yes, this is the same Hustler Casino where Garrett Adelstein cried out loud about Robbi Lew cheating him (nevermind the fact that Adelstein got his 135K back from Lew). Now, in a mind-boggling incident, an asian poker player called Sashimi Poker flashed her boobs in broad daylight for all to see. But wait there’s a twist too and it’s a big one.

Sashimi Poker: Are those boob’s real or fake?

Folks who saw Hustler Casino’s live stream took to Twitter to make the world know what happened. Poker Twitter spared no time in blowing this thing high up. Twitterati were on their toes when it came to taking screenshots of Sashimi’s boobs and sharing it on the micro-blogging site. But the million dollar question is— are those boobs real or fake? And by fake, we mean, is that a bodysuit for Sashimi’s chest? Well, for those who got high and mighty excited to see Sashimi’s boobs popping out for all to see, that was actually a bodysuit which was intentionally worn by the female player. Poker Twitter went nuts and others who saw the live stream.

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Hustler Casino Live’s commentator Kyle Ravreby reportedly giggled as the camera zoomed on Sashimi’s fake boobs. PokerNews reported Ravreby saying, “I’m looking away from the screen right now. Sashimi, come on, please.” Poker player and businessman Bill Perkins took to Twitter to say that he was folding (clearly hinting at where his attention was). This post looked like it did not go down well with Matt Berkey who gave it back to Perkins by saying that he misspelled ‘fapping.’ 

Sashimi Poker Player on Max Pain Monday 

Such was their banter on Twitter. Max Pain Monday was the title given to the episode when Sashimi was grinding. Obviously, while many saw the humour in this, a whole bunch was feeling pained. Chad Holloway also took to Twitter and shared a similar sentiment about the incident. He shared a censored picture of Sashimi (with the fake boobs) which blocked her boobs from being visible. After this flummoxing incident one can only imagine what’s more in store at Hustler. This poker room is only gaining notoriety for being the go-to spot for mind-fucking controversies.

Sashimi Poker Girl: Twitter reactions on FAKE BOOBS

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