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Want To Be An Influencer For Poker Brands? Reach Out To Gutshot Gaming
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 15 Feb, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 15 Feb, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 15 Feb, 2024

Want To Be A Gaming Influencer? Reach Out To Gutshot

We all know of Gutshot Magazine as the leading publication in the real money gaming space in India. With our extensive coverage of verticals like poker, rummy, fantasy, and other industry related updates, we are now offering multiple opportunities to everyone through influencer marketing. Gaming brands, social media personalities, players, prominent figures and others who wish to collaborate on innovative projects, here’s a starting point for you!

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Why influencer marketing?

Brands are now seeing an effective $5.2 ROI on every $1 spent in influencer marketing, with the numbers being even higher for top-performing businesses. It’s further reported that 83% of marketers believe there’s been a positive impact ever since they added influencers to their marketing strategies. Influencers resonate with their audiences because of their genuine voice and relatability too.

As a specialist in the gaming space, we will conduct the necessary research, content planning, and coordination between gaming brands and potential influencers. Be it sponsored content, brand ambassadorship, identifying high-performing influencers, negotiating deals, spotting and crafting tailored opportunities, or nurturing long-term goals, everything will be taken care of in a way that offers best value to both brands and influencers. If you are someone who is into digital content creation with a robust follower base and high engagement rate, reach out and we will help monetise your digital presence!

How Brands Can Benefit with Gutshot?

When it comes to brands benefitting from influencer marketing, Gutshot can help you with things like content strategy, getting high quality influencers for promotions, enhanced brand visibility, building credibility, increased conversions, and more. All this will be done in the most cost effective and efficient way. Reach out if you’re looking for any of the below:

  1. Brand ambassadors
  2. Team Pro / sponsored players
  3. App reviews and tutorial videos
  4. One-time endorsements for launches, new promotions, etc

How Potential Influencers Can Benefit?

When it comes to influencers, with our expertise they can expand their list of brand deals, build and refine content strategy, improve their business network and fetch maximum value for their work.

Gutshot will now take the necessary steps to connect upcoming and well known influencers, players, personalities and brands to build content, campaigns and projects resulting in tremendous success. If becoming the next social media sensation or the most followed brand in the real money gaming space is your goal, get in touch with us at contact@gutshotmagazine.com. Alternately, fill in the forms above to let us know your goals. 

And for more news and updates from the Indian gaming industry, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com.

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