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Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 15 Apr, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 15 Apr, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 15 Apr, 2024

VIPT Hanoi 2024: Get Ready For VND 40 Billion GTD Series

Vietnam International Poker Tour (VIPT) Hanoi 2024 comes from the hood of Royal Poker Club, the renowned poker brand known for hosting some of the most sought-after live poker events in the land of the Ascending Dragon. 

Royal Poker Club has played host to some popular live series as well with VIPT Hanoi 2024 being an attempt to cement its position on a global stage. With the Vietnam International Poker Tour Hanoi 2024, the brand aims to attract top talent from across the globe and create a mark in the international poker circuit.

VIPT Hanoi 2024 Series

VIPT Hanoi 2024 will run from 19th to 29th April 2024 at the Bolton Poker Room with a total of 37 tournaments across No-Limit Hold’em (NLH) as the series also includes Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), Short Deck and All-In or Fold tourneys. 

The highly anticipated live poker series comes with VND 40 Billion in guaranteed prize pool. Like any other series, the Main Event is the one which brings the most star power to the series and VIPT did one good when it put VND 10 Billion GTD on the table for the Main Event. This marquee tournament comes with a buy-in of VND 22 Million (RCoin). 

The upcoming Vietnam International Poker Tour Hanoi 2024 event offers multiple high rollers which makes this event all the more attractive for established poker players in the Asian circuit. But hold on there are tournaments across buy-in levels. This means players with varied bankroll strengths can participate and stand a chance to win exciting prize money. 

High Rollers In Town

VIPT Hanoi 2024 is looking to paint the town red with the list of high rollers it has in store. Yes folks, during VIPT April 2024, you can grind in eight different high roller tournaments. The guarantees for these high rollers start at VND 1.2 Billion and scale up to VND 2.5 Billion. Thinking of intense poker action on the live felts? Just head to Hanoi for VIPT and you won’t be disappointed. For the full schedule of VIPT Hanoi 2024, check below.

Vietnam International Poker Tour

Vietnam International Poker Tour

Vietnam International Poker Tour

VIPT Hanoi 2024 – Early Bird Packages And Satellites

Like we mentioned above, there are tourneys for all buy-in levels. Players who wish to participate in heavy-duty events on a budget can do so via the satellites listed in the schedule. You can grind in satellites for tournaments like VIPT Kick Off, Vietnam Open, Double Stack, Megastack, Mini Main Event, and Main Event among others. 

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The Vietnamese live poker brand also released early bird packages for those looking to save some bucks on their trip to VIPT, with an option to create custom packages based on the player’s preference. Players can buy early bird packages for the High Roller and Main Event. 

These are divided in two categories—Premium (VND 55,500,000/11 nights) and Basic (VND 31,000,000/5 nights). Grinders can customise their early bird packages on the basis of the tournaments they wish to play and the number of nights they need accommodation. These packages will enable players to get airport pick up, daily breakfast, bubble protection, and a dedicated VIP line for buy-ins. 

VIPT Hanoi 2024 Players Guide

VIPT has created a comprehensive players guide which has details about tournament structures, starting stacks, blinds levels, seat draws, payout structures, tournament rules, full schedule of the event, satellites and more. Grinders who have further queries can reach out to Royal Poker Club on the number or mail address shared in the player’s guide. For more on VIPT player’s guide, click here.

Medals Galore At VIPT 2024

Throughout the VIPT 2024 series, top three players across all tournaments will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals. That’s not all, VIPT has kept aside many amazing prizes for notable players.

VIPT Hanoi 2024: Get Ready For VND 40 Billion GTD Series


Like what we’ve written so far? If yes, then get packing and head to VIPT Jan 2024. If you are in Vietnam and love poker, then forget to stop by and be a part of something special. Remember, VIPT Hanoi 2024 comes with the largest total guarantee ever offered for a domestic tournament in Vietnam. The venue currently is also hosting the Asian Poker Festival series which runs between 8th-17th April. Hurry up folks, get going.

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